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What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough

What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough
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‪YouTube - How Ant_s Subterrain Structures Looks Like...mp4_2.flv‬‏ Games, Activities for ESL Classroom Teaching Actions, Colors, Numbers Practice Vocabulary Related to Action Verbs, Colors, Numbers, with this ESL War Game. Animals, Colors, Clothes, Numbers Review Animals, Colors, Numbers and more with this ESL Vocabulary Dino Game Actions, Present Progressive Game Practice Action Verbs with the Present Progressive with this ESL Fun Game. Bathroom Vocabulary Game Practice Bathroom vocabulary with this ESL Fun Game. Bedroom Vocabulary Game Practice Bedroom vocabulary with this ESL Fun Game. Body Parts, Actions, Stationery, Zoo Practice Body , Actions, Stationery, Zoo Vocabulary with this ESL War Game Body Parts Vocabulary Game Body Parts Vocabulary ESL Game to review words related to the human body. Countries and Capitals Game Countries and Capitals ESL Jeopardy Vocabulary Game – Practice Geography Clothes and Color Zombie Game Practice Clothes and Colors in this Vocabulary Zombie Game Colors(Colours) Vocabulary Game Practice Colors (Colours) with this ESL Vocabulary Game, Catapult Castle Game Higher Level Games

LyricFind Classroom Games for Intermediate & Advanced English Learning, Teaching a, an, & Articles, Singular/Plural Practice A an the spin using this ESL fun Game. Adjectives vs. Adverbs with -ly Practice Adjectives adverbs ly using this ESL fun Game. Adjectives & Adverbs Fun Game Practice Adjectives adverbs using this ESL fun Game. Adjectives Ending with -ing & -ed Practice Adjectives ing ed using this ESL fun Game. Adverbs ly space classroom game Practice Adverbs ly using this ESL fun Game. already, yet & Present Perfect Tense Practice Already yet present perfect using this ESL Game. Articles & Nouns Fun Quiz game Practice Articles nouns using this ESL fun Game. Compound nouns game Practice Compound nouns using this ESL fun Game. if - Conditionals Sentences Game Practice Conditionals review using this ESL fun Game. Confusing Words A - D, Game 1 Practice Confusing words using this ESL fun Game. Confusing Words E - H, Game 2 Confusing Words I - O Game 3 Confusing Words P - Y Game 4 Countable / Uncountable Nouns & a, an Practice a an Countable uncountable using this Game. Low Level Games

She Was Called The World's Ugliest Woman, Now She's An Inspiration by Kase Wickman 3/17/2015 Imagine you’re 17 years old. You’re surfing the web, procrastinating. You’re just passing the time on YouTube, watching inane videos and knowingly letting yourself rappel down into the rabbit hole of the internet. Except, in all likelihood, when you click a video plainly titled “THE WORLD’S UGLIEST WOMAN,” you won’t see your own face looking back at you. This is what happened to Lizzie Velasquez, now 26 years old. While she’s been bullied by forces seen and unseen — cruel playground taunts, strangers sneering on the sidewalk, commenters on that YouTube video telling her to do unspeakable things and calling her unrepeatable names — instead of retreating into herself, Velasquez has taken full ownership of her own story and turned it into a force for good. Embedded from It’s an occurrence that’s becoming more common for Velasquez, who said of the standing ovation she received the day before, “I think I’m still speechless from it.” Be yourself.

» Celebrate Grammar Day with this fun quiz! To share this quiz with your readers, embed this in your blog post by pasting the following HTML snippet into your web editor: Please attribute this content to Get it free now Are you sick of making embarrassing grammar mistakes? The world's most advanced automated proofreader is now FREE for Chrome users! 11 svenskar som skolkade för mycket från engelska-lektionerna Ibland kan det vara svårt med engelskan. 1. Personen som satte upp den här skylten skolkade nog en del 2. Den här mannen 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11 Haha, brännboll låter helt sjukt om man beskriver det på dålig engelska

Ten ways talking in English baffles Swedes A Viking - sometimes pronounced 'Wiking', in Sweden. Photo: Shutterstock While Swedes were recently ranked the world's best non-native English speakers, there are a few common - and often charming - mistakes The Local's team has spotted while chatting to them in their second language. 1. We absolutely adore how ‘ch’ often becomes ‘sh’ in Swedish, but it sometimes baffles us. Sheep and children. 2. Those Swedish Vikings may have braved rough waters and conquered distant lands – but one thing their descendants haven't all managed to do is distinguish between the English letters ‘v’ and ‘w’. We cannot independently verify the authenticity of the Vikings in this photo. 3. The difference between letters 'y' and 'j' may not be as apparent to the native Swedish speaker as it is for those of us for whom English is our mother tongue. Yoolery, also known as jewelery. 4. As opposed to restaurant. What Swedes might refer to as a 'restaurang'. 5. No, not the planet. The planet, not the month. 6. 7.

Everyone Believes These 16 "Facts" But Unfortunately They're Complete Lies 1. Chameleons change their color to blend into their surroundings. The color changing skill that chameleons have is actually to express their mood and mating behavior. 2. Multiple studies have shown there is no increased risk for arthritis among people who constantly crack their knuckles compared to those who don't. 3. Actually, every part of your tongue can sense all types of flavors. 4. In reality, the fruit was named first, and then the color. 5. Yes, penguins will stay with one mate for a season, and usually be with that mate the following season. 6. Bulls are actually color blind, it's simply the movement of the cape that makes them so angry. 7. A recent study from Yale proves that the hyperactivity that comes from sugar is all in our heads. 8. While we may call them beans, coffee actually comes from the seeds of a berry. 9. 10. Napoleon was actually 5'7" which may sound short by today's standard, but at the time, he was taller than the average French male. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

The five strangest habits of the Swedes The Local's Oliver Gee has just left Sweden after four years, and reflects on what he found to be the five oddest habits of Swedish people. Swedes are an interesting bunch. They're efficient but they love a good coffee-break, they're humble but they hang flags on their front porches, and they can appear cold at a glance but are as warm as an Arctic sauna when you really, really get to know them. And to me, they're also quite odd. After my four years in the country, I've collected what I found to be their most unusual habits. I've touched on some of them before - click the links to read more. It is customary to stand at least one arm's length from another Swede at a bus stop. This is one of the first things I noticed about the Swedes. Photo: Shutterstock I like this obscure little obsession. 3. It is customary in Sweden to take at least four "fika" breaks each day. I'm a self-proclaimed word nerd but I always found this weird. But come on Swedes, you've got better unique words than that.

Getting The Least Motivated Students More Motivated By Working With The Most Motivated I’ve been doing an “extra” project with my English Language Learner students the past few weeks that has been going very well, and I thought readers might find it useful/interesting. As regular readers know, one of the classes I teach is a two hour combination English class for Beginning and Intermediate ELLs (actually, one of those two periods is a Geography class for the Intermediates — I teach two separate classes simultaneously in practically all of my periods). At the beginning of each of those two periods, students do independent reading for ten-to-fifteen minutes. A few weeks ago, I invited three Intermediate students to participate in a special group that would meet with me daily during that time during the second period to work on their reading and writing. After first having them do simple writing assignments (write a paragraph with a topic sentence about themselves; write an introductory paragraph to it; etc.), I decided that it was worth investing a book for each of them.

Drama Sites and Ideas for EFL, ESL Classrooms | A Journey in TEFL Drama in the ESL Classroom is a resource site for EFL, ESL teachers who are interested in using drama in their teaching. The site contains explanations on drama techniques and links to other sites. Classroom Lesson Plans a great sites full of links to very useful lesson plans. Drama.Ed.Net is another site that an EFL teacher would like to bookmark. Some more activities on Eslflow can be bookmarked or downloaded to be used in the class. EFL Theatre Club is a teacher’s haven. Don’t forget to visit Ken Wilson’s blog to find a script that you can use in the class. A few activities from this blog Just Improvise Fun with Present Continuous Dynamics of the New Classroom

16 Funny Swedish Insults 28Jun 2013 Swedes have a colorful way of insulting one another. And most of our insults hail from the pre-industrialization time, when most of the population were farmers or worked outside. This means, Swedes love insults relating to dumb geese, stupid donkeys, and gossiping sheep. And in a time when cities were distant, and the countryside was full of peasants, you cannot go far from the forest. I split the list of insults into phrases and words. Insulting Swedish PhrasesSkita i det blå skåpet – To shit in the blue cupboard. The phrase originates from the comedy film, Göta Kanal, when the actor Janne Loffe Carlsson says, “Nu har de skitit i det blå skåpet, nu är det krig!” Gå och dra något gammalt över dig – Go and hide yourself under something old – Not only you should get lost, but put an old blanket over your head. Dra åt skogen – Go to the forest – Sweden is full of trees and when you want someone to ‘get lost’ you tell them to ‘go to the forest.’ Dum som en gås

5 Games to Make Online Assessments Fun ExitTicket Student Response System 5 Games to Make Online Assessments Fun Back when I was still using clickers for my Do Nows, students would race to be the first one to buzz in their answers. While I was uncomfortable seeing them rush the assessment, I loved seeing the joy factor. 1) Wrong Answer Prediction Having students predict the percentage of the most popular wrong answer makes them think critically Pick which wrong answer will be the most popular. This simple game has phenomenal effects, and I urge you to try it to see if you get the same results. Not only does the Wrong Answer Prediction make online assessments fun, it makes remediation more engaging. I’ve never seen another teacher try to make online assessments fun in this way. 2) Class Averages Showing the classes in Projector Mode can build a competition between periods This is an instructional strategy we have already seen employed by many teachers. One of my greatest rivalries was between two of my electives, Programming and Web Design. 3) SuperStreak