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Tutorial conillet de pasqua

Tutorial conillet de pasqua
Nibble nibble, hop hop Posted on Updated on If you are a regular follower you will immediately notice that these bunnies are very closely related to some particularly cute owls made recently. You see a distant aunt on their mother’s side fell in love with a completely unsuitable (if you are an owl) rabbit… the rest, so they say, is history. Rabbits, as you well know, breed like, well, rabbits and before we knew it there were not one, but four new members to the family. Right, on with the tutorial. Various scraps of yarn and a corresponding hook – I used 8ply and a 4mm hook.2 x 9mm safety eyes (or beads or buttons)A very small amount of black crochet cotton or embroidery flossA needle to sew your creation together with. Round 1: Make a Magic Circle and chain 3, then crochet 13 DC into the circle and pull tight, join with a SS to complete the round (14 DC). Round 2. Round 3. Round 4. Round 5. Round 6. You need to make two of these (they are the bunny front and back!). Ears. Muzzle. Tail.

Tuto des perles au crochet Vous le vouliez ce tuto des perles au crochet, hé bien le voilà. 2 tutos en 2 jours, je fais fort… c’est cool les RTT ! Cet été, sur la plage, au lieu de faire la crêpe, vous pourrez fabriquer votre propre sautoir de perles au crochet. Il suffit d’imprimer le tuto (ou de s’entraîner avant pour mémoriser la manière de procéder), d’acheter une pelote de fil à crocheter et le crochet correspondant. Ca ne prend pas de place dans la valise et vous serez fière de votre collier « beach made ». J’ai utilisé du fil Licorne de Phildar couleur anis avec un crochet n°3. Si vous êtes débutantes, avant de vous lancer dans les perles ou les fleurs, je vous conseille de vous entraîner à faire des chaînettes régulières. N'hésitez pas à cliquer sur les photos pour les agrandir. Enrouler le fil autour de l’index exactement comme sur la photo. Passer le crochet sous la boucle qui se trouve sur l’index pour attraper le fil de derrière (celui qui va à la pelote). Repasser le crochet sous la boucle.

Crochet Cat Id like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family, Caity Cat… She’s a pretty little cat who loves to hang out in the garden… hiding amongst the flowers. Caity Cat Tutorial To make Caity Cat you will need: A small amount of coloured yarn and a corresponding hook. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Eyes: Sc 5 times and join to form a ring. Because Caity loves flowers she is decorated with crochet flowers- and there is even one on her tail!!! Small crochet flowers: Chain 4 and join to form a ring. Large crochet flower (for the end of Caity’s tail): Chain 4 and join to form a ring. Thats it all done! And the back view… Caity loves to get outside… …with her special friend Maia. Last I saw they were playing a game of hide and seek in the flowers, with Caity’s cousins Kitty Cat and Carrow the Sparrow… Hope you are having a fun weekend! Love Janette xxx Like this: Like Loading... Related Rainbow mitts for Maia In "Creating" Princess Poppy In "Crochet" Crochet hat for a man My husband recently requested a hat.

How to Crochet 5: Seaming Your Work In this how-to series we could move right on from single crochet to the other stitches (double crochet, half double crochet and triple crochet) but I'm pausing to talk about "seaming" because if you want to make anything other than washcloths or rectangular scarves or afghans (which are all good) you're going to need to seam some pieces together. Seaming is a good skill to have and it can be the difference between a cute sweater looking handmade instead of homemade. I am going to share two different methods. The first is the invisible mattress stitch, which works equally well for knitting or crochet by the way, and the second seaming method uses a single crochet stitch. Click to view the full tutorial. SEAMING WITH THE MATTRESS STITCH: You will need a tapestry needle to do the seaming, which is a large blunt needle and a big eye for threading the yarn. The mattress stitch is so fabulous because it's virtually invisible if you line up the stitches correctly. That is the mattress stitch!

DIY : Tutoriel Hibou au crochet Tutoriels Pattes vertes & co DIY : Tutoriel manchette noeud au tricot DIY : Tutoriel Hibou au crochet Ça y est je l’ai enfin fait !! Le tutoriel du hibou doudou. Télécharger le tutoriel Pin It Articles similaires DIY : Tutoriel manchette noeud au tricot Deux maxi-hiboux adoptés ! Octobre rose 2013 - Concours Si vous aimez cet article, partagez-le ! Une Réponse pour DIY : Tutoriel Hibou au crochet lula dit : 26 juillet 2012 à 17 h 41 min couCou Et voici mon hibou! Ma boutique Dawanda Ma boutique Alittlemarket Catégories

Crochet Chick As promised, a new friend for your bunnies! Here’s a cute easy chick for you to crochet: This chick is super easy, I promise you will be able to whip 1 or 3 up in no time at all – I know Easter is almost here… but these guys are a breeze to make! If you would like to make some chicks in time for Easter you will need: Various scraps of yarn and a corresponding hook – I used 8ply and a 4mm hook.2 x 9mm safety eyes (or beads or buttons)A needle to sew your creation together with. 1. Round 1: Make a Magic Circle and chain 3, then crochet 13 DC into the circle and pull tight, join with a SS to complete the round (14 DC). Round 2. Round 3. Round 4. Round 5. Round 6. 2. Round 1: Magic circle (see notes above), CH 1 and 6 SC into the circle, do not join this or any round, continue working in a circle without joining. Round 2: *SC in the next stitch, 2 SC in the next stitch*, repeat between * and * around (9). Round 4: SC in each stitch around. 3. Round 5:SC in each stitch around (15). Like this:

What is Knooking? What is knooking? Think crochet hook + fabric that has been knitted. Knooking has been said to be the new style of knitting, using a specially designed crochet hook. Why Use a Knook? The knook is a special crochet hook that helps you to create knitted fabric, without the worry of dropping stitches, as can be encountered with regular knitting. With a knook (hook), you create actual knitted stitches. Kooking is said to have originated in Japan. Names for Nook Hooks Super Miracle Needle (Japanese)Amazing Needle (American)Magic Needle Knooks are crochet hooks with the usual hook on one end but with a hole at the other end, that is threaded with a cord. If you've always wanted to knit, but like the ease of crochet, now you can do so, using a knook--a handy crochet hook that replaces knitting needles and creates knitted fabric.

Birdie Decoration This is my pattern/tutorial for a hanging Birdie Decoration. A completely useless object of course, but very cute all the same. It's an easy project to make, great for using up odds and ends of yarn and can be used in all sorts of ways to bring a little good cheer. This little birdie is made in four pieces :: a round flat circle for the body, a small triangle for the beak and 2 leafy shapes for the wings. First a little summary of the basic crochet stitches :: sl st :: insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook. dc :: insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (two loops on hook), yarn over and pull through both loops on hook (note :: this is equivalent to the US sc stitch) htr :: yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook (note :: this is equivalent to the US hdc stitch) Now you need to make a TRIANGLE BEAK.

Easy Crochet Owl Tutorial Hello Lovelies, Wooo Hooo , or should that be To-Whit to Wooo Hooo :0) It's a Happy Happy tutorial day! I simply LOVE these cute fellas and as you can see I've got rather carried away making them in lots of different colours.They are very easy to make and so jolly . I've seen a few similar cute crochet owls out there in blogland and on Etsy but they looked quite complicated to me. So for my version I've tried to keep things as simple as possible. If you are proficient at crochet you will be able to make one of these sweet little owls in no time at all. This item is designed for decorative use and is not suitable for use as a toy for a small child. The pattern is written in my usual format.....U.S. terms. Here is a list of the abbreviations used and a handy conversion guide for U.K. terms.......... sc= single crochet................................U.K. double crochet hdc = half double crochet..................U.K. half treble crochet To begin chain 4 Work 13 dc into ring and here's the back.

Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog: Starflower Mandala: Row by Row Two or so weeks back I posted my STARFLOWER MANDALA PATTERN The original plan was to provide photos of each row - but there was such a high demand for the pattern (long weekend = lots of crochet time) - so I decided to go ahead and publish with just the few photos of the first four rows!Hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people have by now made the Starflower Mandala (the pattern has been viewed some 65 000 times! - and counting!) YAY! My original STARFLOWER MANDALAS were crocheted with Stylecraft Special DK and a 3.50mm hook, giving a finished Mandala of 33 cm in diameter. The Starflower Mandala in this post was made with Raeesah Cotton Soft DK and a 4.00mm hook, giving me a finished Mandala of 45cm in diameter. The photo above is a little bit out of focus (I was precariously perched on a wall when taking this photo!)

Tuto bracelet au crochet , Challenge 12 mois, 12 projets* Alors voici mon mini tuto pour confectionner ce bracelet au crochet vous aurez besoin de : - Du fils de coton - Un crochet. J'ai utiliser un crochet de grosseur 1.6mm - Une attache à bracelet - De la petite chaîne en métal - De la colle à tissus ( assez liquide et transparente) Commencer par faire 3 cercles au crochet comme ceci: Faire un anneau de 8 ml 1er tour: 12ms ds l'anneau, 1mc ds la 1ère ms. 2ème tour: 1ml, 1ms dans la ml, 2ms ds chq ms suiv, 1mc ds la 1ère ms. 3ème tour: 4ml,[1br,1ml] 23 fois, 1mc ds 3ème ml. 4ème tour: 2ml, sauter 1ml, 1ms ds ms suiv, [1ml,sauter 1ml,1ms ds ms suiv] 22 fois, 1ml, sauter 1ml 1mc ds 1ère ml. 5ème tour: 3ml, sauter 1ms, 1mc ds la ms suiv, [3ml, sauter 1m, 1mc ds la m suiv] 22fois, 3ml sauter 1m, 1mc au pied ds 3ml du début du tour. Une fois mes 3 cercles fait, je les ai assembler ensemble en me servant du bout de fils que j'avais laisser à la fin de mon ouvrage à l'aide d'une petite aiguille J'espère que cela vous à plu A+

Who's in Your Closet Mystery Crochet Along Who’s in Your Closet? Join us for a mystery crochet along beginning July 1st to July 29th, 2014. We have teamed up with Stacey Trock to bring an incredible creature straight to you. You will be so excited once you clue in to what it is. I bet most of you make more than 1. You can get involved at any time but you need to be done your complete project and have a photograph to us by the cut off date. How This Will Work This time, I am going to be updating this article each week with more clues. Video Introduction Meet the Designer We were approached by a designer, who I admire personally, Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches. I have met Stacey in a live show at TNNA in Columbus Ohio a couple years ago. Stacey has three books on the market that are dedicated to super cute amigurmi ideas. Materials Required Using Super Saver by Red Heart, choose 1 main colour for the body of the creature. Pattern Clues – July 1st, 2014 It’s time for another mystery crochet adventure with Mikey of The Crochet Crowd. Yarn

Crochet : blogs Etrangers - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog de " La… - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog crochet de… - Le blog crochet de… - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog Crochet de… - Le blog de Vendredi 28 septembre 2012 5 28 /09 /Sep /2012 09:47 Pour toutes celles qui sont à la recherche de modèles gratuits , voici un nouveau blog Etranger , celui de Dorota (Polonaise) " Dolce Vita " , qui nous offre de nombreuses catégories comme les tuniques , les boléros , les châles , les bonnets , les sacs , les gants , les robes , ect ... " Cliques sur les images ou les liens en vert " Pour obtenir une grille claire : clique sur la grille + clique bouton droit de la souris + afficher l'image + clique de nouveau dessus pour l'agrandir et l'imprimer Accessoires , déco maison ( 92 articles ) Boléros ( 39 articles ) Bonnets , casquettes ( 33 articles ) Capelines ( 37 articles ) Châles ( 30 articles ) Chaussons adultes ( 11 articles ) Chaussons bébés ( 10 articles ) Cols dentelle ( 17 articles ) Echarpes et tours de cou ( 54 articles ) Enfants , bébés ( 67 articles ) Gants , moufles Gilets ( 12 articles ) Gilets ++ ( 28 articles ) Jupes ( 34 articles ) Modèles Japonais ( 136 articles ) Pochettes ( 13 articles ) Robes Sacs Sacs ++