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Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives

Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives
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8 Google Reader alternatives In a surprise shakeup, Google has announced that it will be shutting down Google Reader on July 1, 2013. This move comes as Google tries to consolidate its services — to put more wood behind fewer arrows, as its CEO says. This consolidation first resulted in numerous services being rolled up under Google+ (including Reader and Picasa) in 2011, then a bunch of shutdowns throughout 2012, and now the shutdown of Reader and iGoogle in 2013. As Google attempts to reduce its reliance on Search, which still accounts for 90% of the company’s income, we can expect more consolidation behind a few key products: Android, Chrome, and Google+. It is time, then, to find a new RSS reader. Fortunately, Reader has always had the ability to export your RSS subscriptions and feed groups in the widely-accepted OPML format, which not only includes your feeds, but also your shared items, friends, likes, and starred items. Netvibes iGoogle Feedly NewsBlur Leave the browser, I dare you

Note-Taking in a Digital Age - Online College Note-taking has evolved way beyond pencil and paper – but it’s still an effective study method whether you are learning online or on campus. How do you take notes during your classes? An image posted by Edudemic recently showed a classroom of students all snapping pictures of a projected computer screen with their smartphones. I remember the first time I saw someone do this. Help or Hinderance? But the use of this technique in an academic setting may not be as straightforward. Britz mentioned the flipped classroom possibilities and the benefits of a blended strategy in which these materials would be provided online for students to access and review before meeting to discuss. But what about materials created during a class session? Context is important to keep in mind with this kind of note-taking. More Tools to Try Taking a picture, taking any notes at all, won’t be enough though. Here are a few alternatives to explore: What kind of material will you use?

10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics People love to learn by examining visual representations of data. That’s been proven time and time again by the popularity of both infographics and Pinterest. So what if you could make your own infographics ? What would you make it of? It’s actually easier than you think… even if you have zero design skills whatsoever. Below are my two favorite infographic-making web 2.0 tools that I highly recommend. Click the name of each tool to learn more! One of the more popular ways to discover infographics, actually just launched a design overhaul of their website. Dipity Want to get a beautifully simply visualization of data over time? I absolutely love Venngage Venngage (likely named for Venn diagrams) is a double threat. One of the most simple tools, lets you actually import data right into the site and then translate it all into useful visualizations. Tableau Public Photo Stats This one’s an iPhone app that’s worth trying out. What About Me?

AMPS/CBRI | Classroom Activities Go Back Akim Faisal , MS (1st. year) Mechanical Engineering Summary: In this activity students will gain a better understanding of different units of measurements. | Click here for Complete Activity | Click here for Worksheet | Pre Evaluation | Post Evaluation || Ursula Koniges, Ph.D.(2nd. year) Chemical & Biological Engineering Summary: Students will solidify their understanding of different types of lines, as well as line features, specifically: parallel lines, non-parallel lines, and points of line intersection. | Click here for Complete Activity | Pre Evaluation | Post Evaluation | | Ursula Koniges , Ph.D. (2nd. year) Chemical & Biological Engineering Summary: Students will solidify their understanding of the geometry term ? | Click here for Complete Activity | Pre Evaluation | Post Evaluation | | Carole Chen , M.S. (1st year)Chemical and Biological Engineering | Click here for Complete Activity | Click here for Worksheet |

Understanding Presentation Graphics In an average presentation, more than 75 percent of the slides are text slides. Avoid the temptation to depend too much on text slides. A presentation made up entirely of them will be boring. Always mix illustrations, charts, and graphs in with your text slides to relieve the visual monotony. Several types of text slides are useful for presentations. Understanding the Parts of a Text Slide Although there are several different types of text slides, they all share some common features. Figure 9.1: Components of a text slide The Title The title states the basic message of the slide. The positioning of the title, which should be consistent throughout the presentation, is dictated by your format design. The length of your titles will affect the appearance of your slides. Insert Art 9.1 ( Wordy title) However, if you trim a title too much, it says nothing to the audience, and leaves your information open to misinterpretation. Insert Art 9.2 (short title) Insert Art 9.3 Better Title) The Subtitle

sourcesmouth - home Office 365 for education now available at no cost! - Microsoft in Education blog Today, I’m excited to announce the launch Office 356 for education. It’s here, it’s powerful, and it’s free for schools! Prestigious universities like Cornell University, Dartmouth College and Gonzaga University, and top K-12 school districts in Fresno, San Diego, and Nashville are moving to Office 365 for education. Tennessee’s Department of Education is even setting up the service for all 137 districts and 1,677 schools across the state to opt-in to. Now educators can use the best productivity tools they know to better engage students in learning. And teachers and students can author, collaborate and share in real-time with instant messaging, voice over IP, email, calendaring, and video across multiple devices (including non-Windows operating systems). Enterprise capabilities at no cost. Kurt Madden, the CIO of Fresno Unified School District, said it best when he noted that his district "wanted a platform that was more secure, that wasn't used for advertising. • Dartmouth College.

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I agree, why does RSS still feel so janky after so long? It's about due for a shift to better usability - including better sharing to apps like evernote and onenote, and some intuitive way of tagging wouldn't hurt. by joshwanderingoff Apr 18

There has to come more powerfull applications. by schenz Mar 21