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Kevin Chen Demos

Kevin Chen Demos

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Proko Full Access to Figure Drawing Videos - miss new tutorials, signup for my mailing list - Let's get into shading a drawing! We'll explore form, planes and light on form. Veshkau Art: Material Theory 101 Materials and how to represent them are something that really fascinates me. I tend to spend too much time trying to figure them out (emphasis on the trying bit). This is a quick and dirty summary of what I understand to be the way that light interacts with materials, so far. I'm really just learning this stuff myself so there's probably some of it which isn't totally correct.

Photoshop brushes of the pros for free, skills still required Editor’s Note (2/18/13): It’s been nearly two years since this article was published, so please be sure to check out Photoshop brushes from more amazing artists. Also if there are any broken links, please do let me know. Ah, Photoshop brushes, the enchanted tool that many young artists seek to level-up their talent. I’ve accumulated here a list of brushes used by some of the best concept artists in the industry. Some of these Photoshop brushes are provided by recognizable names such as Dan Luvisi (adonihs), Thierry Doizon (BARONTiERi), leventep, Goro Fujita, and the like — people who have worked with companies the like of Ubisoft, Eidos, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Wizards of the Coast, Marvel Comics, you get the idea. Whether you’re a seasoned digital art knight or a mere squire, hopefully you’ll find something here that may help you out in your adventure as an artist.

The Skeleton PA304 - Apply anatomy concepts in drawing.PA305 - Design from direct observation.PA305 - Design from direct observation.PA306 - Produce color illustrations using variousPA307 - Create valve with the use of layering. Assessment AnchorsFocus Anchor/Standard #1:9.1.12.B Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements and principles to produce, review and revise original works in the arts. •Dance: move, perform, read and notate dance, create and choreograph, improvise •Music: sing, play an instrument, read and notate music, compose and arrange, improvise •Theatre: stage, productions, read and write scripts, improvise, interpret a role, design sets, direct •Visual Arts: paint, draw, craft, sculpt, print, design for environment, communication, multi-media S11.A.3.3.2 Compare stationary physical patterns (e.g., crystals, layers of rocks, skeletal systems, tree rings, atomic structure) to the object's properties. Safety:

How To Draw Expressions Boy, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this. I've had requests for some sort of expressions tutorial dating back a while now, so I figured, "Sure! I can explain expression drawing...and it'll be way better than all those tutorials out there that are nothing but charts of generic expressions. Yeah! Just give me a day or two to whip something up..." Um. Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday At Epic, we have a fun monthly tradition known as Epic Friday, which gives employees a break from ongoing tasks and provides a platform for us to work on pet projects. One day each month, we’re encouraged to be creative and productive solely within the context of “making cool stuff” that benefits our games and technology development process. Epic Games Senior Environment Artist Warren Marshall recently set out to refine his manual drawing skills. While Warren is both highly technical and artistic, he felt the need to revisit the basics and learn more about perspective. “Gotta grind those fundamentals,” he said.

Artistic Anatomy Is learning to draw anatomy in a classroom more secure (since there is a teacher to check the work and possibly a book to study from) in practicing artistic anatomy drawing, or should artists focus on just practicing from images on websites/blogs like this tumblr? Asketh - pjmx24 Depending on the size of your class and where you are, your teacher can be a great guide to help you and show you what areas you need to focus on more to improve and give you good material to work from! Paint Draw Paint, Learn to Draw: Drawing Basics: Simplified Skeleton Drawing Here is something to help you practice setting up a figure drawing. The following exercise is a way to help simplify the process of drawing a human figure. Why would we simplify the human figure when drawing? There are many reasons to do this.

Head Drawing for Illustration Lecture Notes Home > Tutorials, Webinar > Head Drawing for Illustration Lecture Notes Tuesday evenings @ 6:30pm I will be presenting an informative series called ‘Head Drawing For Illustration’. These tutorials below are the notes from the presentation. If you want to watch live, click the link below to go our new Webinar page: For the archives of past shows, visit the livestream page: The Frank J. Reilly Papers - Pennsylvanian portraitist John Ennis has recently been made custodian of a collection of documents rightfully considered to be a national art treasure. The nine boxes currently in his charge contain the hand-written teaching notes of Frank J. Reilly , one of the most influential American art teachers of the twentieth century. Though several institutions have expressed interest in the papers, they indicated that the thousands of pages of notes, should they even be kept intact, would be archived and not readily available to the public. Ennis, as a member of the Reilly lineage, decided it would be better to freely share these lessons rather than have them officially preserved, but locked away from posterity.

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