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Animation tutorial - walk cycle part 1

Animation tutorial - walk cycle part 1
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How to Draw People" Learning how to draw can be fun! Believe it or not, it's actually a lot easier than you might expect. One of the secrets of drawing is that any object can be broken down into its smaller parts. To begin drawing people, you'll need a pencil, pencil sharpener, an eraser, a felt-tip pen, and paper. The instructions in the following pages will always start with a few basic shapes, such as ovals, rectangles, and triangles. After all the steps are complete, use a felt-tip pen to go over the pencil lines. ­­After you've finished a drawing, feel free to add color using crayons , colored pencils, or markers. After shading is complete, add lighter colors where more light would be (where the sunlight would naturally hit). Once you fill in all the colors and are pleased with the person you've drawn, you're finished. In this article you'll learn how to draw all kinds of people from a little girl in a fairy costume to a rock star. See all How to Draw articles .

How to Draw a Person Standing and Walking on Tiptoe I had a request about how to draw a figure standing on tiptoe. The drawing to the right shows the posture of a figure standing on tiptoe. Notice the tension of the figure's muscles. In order to get up on the tips of the toes the muscles of the calves and thighs have to be tensed. The drawings below also show the tension of the muscles in the leg. Left, standing on tiptoe, right walking on tiptoe. More photos of people walking here.