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Writing A TV Drama Script (TV Drama) Pamela Douglas (Screenwriter) gives expert video advice on: How do I know if my idea will make a great TV drama?; How many pages is a TV drama script?; What do I do if my script is running long? and more... What are the stages when writing a TV drama? Writers, whether they are working speculatively, or on a show, go through known stages. What is a 'spec script'? A spec script is a speculative piece of writing which you have done without a commission and without being paid, in order to demonstrate your skill. What is 'breaking a story'? Breaking a story is finding the turning points in the story by defining the structure of how the tale will spin out. What is an 'outline' for TV drama? An outline is a list of the scenes that exist in the final script and it will probably be that way on screen as well. What is a 'polish'? How many pages is a TV drama script? Drama scripts used to be, and some still are, around 60 pages, even though they don't really film to a full 60 minutes. What is a 'pitch'?

Drawing tool - DrawIsland bomomo Free Software Directory How to learn Blender 3D in under 24 hours | Blender Until the day when desktop holography becomes a reality, 3D will remain the wholly grail of the graphics world. But 3D can be a very technical craft. And each 3D program has its own idiosyncrasies, making it all a bit daunting. I cut my 3D chops on many programs that are now long dead and forgotten. Why choose Blender? Blender has many qualities that include years of steady development, a prized commodity in either commercial or open source projects. For example, Blender has video editing, camera tracking, compositing, and even game creation tools all built right in. Naysayers may complain it lacks centralized support, since there is no commercial publisher with a help staff. The other knock is Blender's much smaller market share, which means there are perhaps fewer companies looking to hire Blender artists. None of this is even an issue if you run your own shop or are just doing your own thing. My first hour with Blender: installing and learning the interface Hour 15 and beyond…

Générateur d'anagrammes Annonces sponsorisées : Générateur d'anagrammes Exemple : les anagrammes de CHIEN sont NICHE, CHINE, et CHENI. Anagrammes de plusieurs mots Quelques anagrammes de "JE SUIS DCODEUR" : "DISCOURS DE JEU" ou "JEUDIS DE COURS" ou "CD DE JOUISSEUR". Anagrammer les mots d'une phrase Un ou Une anagramme ? UNE anagramme, car anagramme est féminin. Des jeux d'anagrammes Ce logiciel d'anagrammes pourra servir pour un jeu anagramme comme les anacroisés. Anagrammes de célébrités Faites vos propositions ! Code source dCodeur se réserve la propriété du code source du script Générateur d'Anagrammes. Commentaires © 2014 — Le site indispensable pour résoudre les énigmes, les jeux et les chasses au trésor. dCode

Rajacenna Draws Celebrity Portraits Rajacenna is an 18-year-old self-taught artist from the Netherlands who draws the most realistic portraits I have ever seen, using only pencils. I’m a big fan of realistic drawings, and I’ve previously featured amazing works like the pencil drawings of Paul Lung, the ballpoint pen portraits of Juan Francisco Casas, or Cristina Penescu’s detailed scratchboard masterpieces, but at only 18 years of age Rajacenna is in a league of her own. Born in 1993, she started modelling for various Dutch companies when she was only 4, and at 5 years old she made her first appearance on television. She only took up drawing in 2009, and although she had never taken any art classes she produced some stunning pieces. When she first started drawing, Rajacenna would complete one of her pieces in about 20 minutes, but the more her skills improved the longer it took her to finish her increasingly detailed masterpieces. Reddit Stumble

The 25 Largest Facebook Games As 2010 Begins - Flock The 25 Largest Facebook Games As 2010 Begins While 2009 was the year social games exploded into the mainstream consciousness, developers aren’t slowing down as 2010 begins. Instead, they’re only speeding up – hiring more coders and artists, spending more intelligently on customer acquisition, and in some cases, releasing new games every 4 weeks. Here’s a look at the top 25 Facebook games as we enter what will surely be the biggest year for social gaming yet, from Inside Social Games: Interestingly, December was a mixed end to the year, as traffic stayed level or fell for most of the biggest Facebook games during December, according to AppData. 10 of the top 25 games saw decreases from December 1, 2009 to January 1, 2010. Another 5 games saw gains of less than 1 million. How did the leading developers fare in December? Zynga had a mixed month. Stay tuned for all the latest details as more data comes in. 2010 is going to be a very interesting year! Sponsored Post

Wiki on a Stick Official Website What is the Best Animation Software? As you may know, Wyzowl is made up of a team of creatives that specialise in making bespoke animated explainer videos. Creating an animated video is such a fun process, so we totally get it when people want to go down the DIY route. That's why we've researched six of the most popular animation softwares out there, to give you the knowledge to create your own video. GoAnimatePowToonBiteableRawShortsMoovlyMuvizu GoAnimate GoAnimate is a web-based animation software that allows anyone to quickly create professional animated videos. 'Make your first video in less than 5 minutes'. For those of us that have previous experience with animation software, we know that's a pretty bold statement. GoAnimate has a simple drag and drop platform. Then, you simply type in your text and choose a voiceover, or record your own voiceover. Of course, the main worry with this drag and drop functionality is that your video will look generic. GoAnimate has three plans: GoPublish, GoPremium, and GoTeam. 1. PowToon

Anagramme Expert : générateur d'anagrammes. Trouvez tous les anagrammes d'un mot, d'un nom propre ou d'une phrase. The Doodle Art of Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyv Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyv are two twin brothers with an extraordinary talent for doodling. They uses colored pens and pencils to draw what seem like endless circular doodles and create incredibly detailed portraits of world famous icons. Sergei and Vyacheslav Savelyv have so far displayed their wonderful artworks only in their home town of Petrozavodsk, in Russia’s Karelia region, but I think you’ll agree their talent deserves worldwide recognition. The creative duo who works under the name “SaveL” have an impressive doodle portrait portfolio of famous celebrities like Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro or Antonio Banderas, all created with ordinary pens of pencils. Their technique looks a lot like what many of us used to do on the back of our notebooks in school to check is a pen still worked, only their loops form very detailed images. I was able to find their official site (, but it was down at the time this article was written. Reddit Stumble

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