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Since 1986 Gryffin has led the high-security fencing market with 1st to market innovative design, manufacture and installation of high-security fencing and gate solutions.

358 Welded Mesh for Steel Fence & Safety Barrier Cladding. Gryffin 358 Welded Mesh makes the ideal high-security steel fence and safety barrier cladding, and is widely adopted across: high security fencing and gate applications; equipment protection; safety barriers.

358 Welded Mesh for Steel Fence & Safety Barrier Cladding

The narrow high tensile strength wire with high weld strength make it cut and climb resistant. The narrow apertures also offer high see-through visibility so offenders can’t hide behind it. This makes it perfect for high security guard and or video surveillance. It is also non-obtrusive and blends in to the architectural and landscaped surrounds, has high air flow, and makes a great anti-throw or safety barrier. It is Australian Made and made from our exclusive source of Bezinal 2000 wire which is a new and improved 90% Zinc and 10% Aluminum coated wire, which offers significantly longer life over all other 95% Zinc and 5% Aluminum wire offered in other Australian made products. Steel Gates in Australia - Gryffin. Benefits Of Installing Security Fencing To Protect Your Business. Tigertape or Razorwire Barbed Tape from Gryffin. Gryffin Tigertape™ is the original and only Australian designed and made barbed tape, generically referred to as razor wire.

Tigertape or Razorwire Barbed Tape from Gryffin

Our Tigertape™ products offer high security for all types of facilities: Short Barb for commercial applications, and Long Barb for correctional applications. Tigertape™ Short Barb is made of continuous galvanized strip with four barbs cold clenched around a high tensile galvanized spring steel core wire. Options include Tigertape™ Single (a continuous helical coil), Tigertape™ Concertina (loops of single coil clipped together), and Tigertape™ Flat (individual clipped loops). Tigertape™ Long Barb is manufactured from 301 austenitic stainless steel strip which is hardened to withstand the harshest climatic conditions. The strip is cold clenched around a high tensile galvanized spring steel core wire. The Main Benefits Of Security Fencing In Schools. High schools, primary schools, universities and colleges are the most important institutions within every community.

The Main Benefits Of Security Fencing In Schools

Because of this, they must be fully protected with strong, durable and effective security fencing. This is why many principals, state governments and security fencing contractors work with each other to keep both students and their teachers safe and secure within school grounds. The Top Advantages Of Installing Galvanised Security Fencing. There are many different options when it comes to searching for a high-security fence to protect your business and infrastructure with a secure fence perimeter.

The Top Advantages Of Installing Galvanised Security Fencing

This is why the material of the high-security fencing you choose is extremely important. For security fencing that offers a durable and strong structural performance, ensuring that it has a galvanised finish provides a variety of benefits. It will last longer A high-security fence made from galvanised steel can last a lot longer than most other types of security fences due to its high resistance to corrosion. Although, this does depend on the type of installation. When it begins to start raining, this protective barrier stops the oxygen and water in the air from reacting with the iron concentration of the steel, which will lead to corrosion issues such as rust. It is great for the environment As one of the most recycled materials in the world, steel is incredibly environmentally-friendly.

5 Important Reasons Why Schools Require High-Security Fencing. When it comes to the most important institutions within a community, schools are high at the top.

5 Important Reasons Why Schools Require High-Security Fencing

This means that schools, whether they are primary schools, high schools, colleges or universities, must be protected by strong and effective high-security fencing. Many security fencing contractors, state governments and principals in Australia work together in order to ensure that both teachers and their students are kept secure within the school grounds. So, why exactly is having security fencing so important for schools and what benefits can installing a high-security fence provide? Decreases the risk of vandalism on the premises One of the biggest advantages of installing a high-security fence is drastically reducing the risk of vandalism occurring within the school premises. Before school security fencing was taken much more seriously in Australia, it was common to have schools protected with small fences no more than a metre high. Tigertape or Razorwire Barbed Tape from Gryffin. For A Superior Security Fence, Turn To The Fencing Specialists At Gryffin.

What Makes A Great High-Security Fence? Have you been considering purchasing a high-security fence to protect your critical infrastructure?

What Makes A Great High-Security Fence?

If so, then you’ll be wanting to purchase the best type of security fencing – but which type of security fencing is the best choice? Well, look no further than Palisade and Maxiguard security fencing. It has been well-known throughout the world for its unique shape and impenetrable design. Palisade high-security fencing will offer maximum protection with its robust horizontal cross rail and vertical steel pale design. Its design has also been used throughout history and even dates all the way back to more than 3,000 years ago, when the Ancient Greeks were defending their fortifications with pointed wooden spikes! For A Superior Security Fence, Turn To The Fencing Specialists At Gryffin.

Main Benefits Of Having Galvanised Security Fencing. There is a wide variety of different security fences available on the market that are designed to create a secure fence perimeter.

Main Benefits Of Having Galvanised Security Fencing

The material of the security fence you choose can make all the difference depending on its application. Discover A High-Security Fence That Meets Your Needs At Gryffin – With a personalised service, a range of high-quality security fence solutions and in-house custom designs and manufacturing, Gryffin are one of the leading security fencing specialists in Australia.

Discover A High-Security Fence That Meets Your Needs At Gryffin –

Ensure your critical infrastructure is kept safe within a secure perimeter with a high-security fence from Gryffin. 358 Welded Mesh Providing a superior lifespan over all 5% Aluminium and 95% Zinc wire found in Australian-made products, Gryffin’s 358 Welded Mesh is made from their exclusive and unique source of Bezinal 2000 wire containing 10% Aluminium and 90% Zinc. Featuring an 8-gauge wire diameter that has 3” x 0.5” mesh openings, it provides high see-through visibility, high airflow and blends into the surrounding landscape. Is Your High-Security Fence Keeping Your Business Safe? Posted by gryffin on January 20th, 2020 Is your current security fencing adequately protecting your business from outside threats such as intruders, theft and vandals?

Is Your High-Security Fence Keeping Your Business Safe?

There has been research conducted which indicates that would-be criminals and trespassers view a business or property with a badly designed high-security fence as an indication of overall weak perimeter security. This can even increase the chances of a break-in. What Kind of Security Fencing is Best for You? When it comes to protecting their critical infrastructure and valuable inventory, businesses require strong and protective high security fencing – and a simple chain-link fence simply isn’t up to the task.

What Kind of Security Fencing is Best for You?

This type of security fence can be easily scaled over by intruders, and even if barbed wire is attached to the top, the fence itself can still be cut through by intruders. Since 1986, Gryffin has been supplying businesses across Australia with strong and durable high security fencing. But what kind of high security fence is best for installing a security perimeter around your business? Designed and manufactured with Gryffin’s exclusive source of Benzil 2000 wire, their 358 Welded Mesh security fence is distinguished by its unique 72.2 x 8.7mm opening sizes and 8-gauge wire diameter.

Featuring an exclusive 90% Zinc and 10% Aluminium coating, their 358 Welded Mesh security fencing provides maximum visibility while creating a secure and protective barrier. Like this: Like Loading... Protect Your Perimeter with a Superior Security Fence. When you are searching for a high-quality security fence, security gate or full fencing systems to protect your perimeter and keep your critical infrastructure safe and secure, turn to the security fencing specialists at Gryffin.

With in-house custom designs and manufacturing, they offer a range of security fencing options combined with a personalised service to meet your specific needs. Protect Your Perimeter with a Superior Security Fence. The Importance of Gryffin Palisade Security Fencing for Warehouses. Warehouses and depots require effective security fencing for a variety of reasons. As they are typically situated in industrial areas, they are at a higher risk of vandalism and theft when compared to commercial areas due to the higher crime rate of industrial areas.

How Your Critical Infrastructure Benefits From Security Fencing. Security is incredibly important for ensuring that your critical infrastructure is fully protected and kept secure from outside threats. At Gryffin, they have years of experience in supplying strong, durable and robust security fencing for a vast range of industries including transport, utilities, detention and more. Here are the main benefits of installing their superior security fencing to protect your critical infrastructure. Powerful Deterrent Apart from their Palisade, Maxiguard & Gryffin 358 Welded Mesh fencing, Gryffin also can provide high-security steel gates which can be customised so they can fit any application such as vehicle, pedestrian, automated, manual, ram resistant, single, double and more. When cladded with their security fencing such as their Palisade, Gryffin 358 Welded Mesh or any other preferred cladding, it creates a visually powerful deterrent for any would-be intruder.

Longer Lasting Increased Control. Tigertape or Razorwire Security Fence from Gryffin. Palisade & MaxiGuard Steel Fencing - Gryffin. Fence Pale Form Cold roll formed to “W” section design. Finished width 71mm. W-Pale heads are press formed and splayed to a “triple point”. A finished pale is straight with no visible twist or warp. Pales are generally fence height less 50mm for ground clearance. Fence Pale Material HA300 for BS1722-12:2006 SP HA250 for BS1722-12:2006 GP HA3, Brightform or SPHC for CG Fence Post Form Cut to length to allow appropriate footing depth. Fence Post Material Tapered Flange Beam (TFB) 100 x 45 mm x 7.20 kg/m up to 2.4 m in height Grade 300 plus; I: Moment of inertia Y Axis (90 deg to fence line) – 0.0795×106 mm4, X Axis (along the fence line) – 1.46×106 mm4.

Fence Pale Spacing 152.56 mm center to center (general). The Best In High Security Fencing – Detention Facilities. When it comes to security and protection it is hard to go past Palisade fencing when ensuring that unwanted intruders are kept out, and stay out. Commonly found in places such as airports, utility sites, embassies, swimming pools, council depots and railway facilities, Palisade fencing provides maximum security and durability to ensure a secure perimeter. Whether combined with the latest security cameras and alarm systems or just installed by itself, Palisade fencing offers secure protection through its strong impenetrable design. Gryffin produces their fencing system with the combination of the straight pale Palisade structure and the Maxiguard curved top for maximum scaling difficulty.

It Is Strong And Durable Palisade fencing is known for being strong and durable due to the materials that are used during the manufacturing. For extra strength, Gryffin has an Enclosure® system and a cable ram-resistant system designed to provide extra strengthening for added protection as well. Looking For Security Fencing? Tigertape or Razorwire Security Fence from Gryffin. Palisade & Maxiguard Security Fencing from Gryffin. Palisade and Maxiguard Security Fencing from Gryffin. Fence Design, Manufacture amd Installation Services. Welded Mesh Fence - Gryffin Pty Ltd. Where To Find The Best Welded Mesh Fence. Where To Find High-Quality Palisade Fencing. Fence Design, Manufacture & Installation Services. 358 Welded Mesh Fence & Safety Barrier. Gryffin Fencing – Local Government Security Support. Gryffin Pty Ltd Products and Solutions Provided to The Detention industry.

DETENTION. Gryffin, for Decades, Has Specialised in Working Within the Educat.. EDUCATION PRE-SCHOOL PRIMARY SECONDARY UNIVERSITIES TAFE’S PUBLIC AND PRIVATE FACILITIES Safety, Protecting Assets, Duty Of Care and Mitigating Risk are all paramount within Education facilities, and is where high security fencing and gates play an essential role. GRYFFIN APPLICATIONS Gryffin, for decades, has specialised in working within the Education sector to address all these major issues.

EDUCATIONAL PROPERTIES in general, need demarcation and intruder deterrence. CHILDREN, YOUNG ADULTS AND STAFF ALIKE all need protecting in this uncertain world where the few social extremists threaten life safety. VANDALS IN GENERAL are a real threat and financial burden to Education facilities. GRAFFITI BREAK AND ENTRIES THEFT RIGHT UP TO ARSON are major financial concerns and cost for the Education industry.

GRYFFIN SOLUTIONS Gryffin is the ‘go to’ company for providing solutions to all these applications. ELECTRIC FENCE. High Security Gates for Airports, Playground Fencing and More - Gryffin Pty Ltd. High security gates for airports, playground fencing and more gryffin pty ltd by Gryffin Pty Ltd - Issuu. StumbleUpon. Gryffin Fencing For Education. In this post, we have listed the key elements to why you need high-security fencing and gates for the safety of yourself and others. • EDUCATIONAL PROPERTIES: It is essential that our educational properties are protected in case of any unfortunate situations that may occur.

We want to ensure that no harm can be done and that everyone is safe. It is crucial that you have demarcation and intruder deterrence for the protection of all. • CHILDREN, YOUNG ADULTS AND STAFF: Everyone needs protection considering the uncertain world we live in. You can never be too sure when a dangerous situation will occur, whether its caused by an individual purposely or not. •VANDALS: Knowing that vandals exist in the world is quite frightening. . • GRAFFITI BREAK AND ENTRIES THEFT: These actions will leave your business with significant financial concerns and will be costly due to the work that has to be done to fix it. . • CAR PARKS: Car parks should have fencing to protect student and staff vehicles.

Like this: Gryffin Fencing Styles. Security Products By Gryffin. Gryffin Provides The Best Heavy Duty Gate Hinges. Untitled — Gryffin Solutions – Detention. High-Security Detention Fencing From Gryffin. The detention of those who have broken the law, immigrants awaiting process or mental health patients is an unfortunate but necessary process to undertake. Not only must we protect society from these individuals, but we must also protect them from each other. Gryffin Provides The Best High Security Gates. GRYFFIN HIGH SECURITY STEEL FENCING AND SECURITY GATES FOR DEFENCE FORCE PROTECTION. Welded Mesh Security Fencing By Gryffin. Best and Guaranteed Perimeter Security Fencing By Gryffin.