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1Solutions is an ISO certified website designing, development and Internet marketing company based in New Delhi, India. The core expertise areas are custom development, open source development, ecommerce store development and online marketing including search engine optimization and social media marketing. Website :

Ecommerce Web Development Services. Custom WordPress Development Services. Wordpress Development Company Delhi. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system.

Wordpress Development Company Delhi

It is currently the largest blogging and website-building platform in the world. Currently nearly one third of the websites in the web are powered by WordPress CMS. These includes blogs, small and medium scale websites, media sites to Fortune 500 companies websites like Sony, Time, Reuters, The New York Post and more. The benefits of using a wordpress are many. There are many WordPress themes available for free and minimum cost. Apart from being a robust and flexible CMS system, WordPress supports SEO. If you are building a WordPress site, hire 1Solutions- the best wordpress development company with over 9 years of experience in WordPress web development. 5 of the Best E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Sales. 5 of the best e commerce marketing strategies to explode your sales. 1Solutions — Get PSD to HTML Conversion Services Company in... Difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO. Difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO.

The boost in SEO over the past few years have been laid down due to the evolving internet market.

Difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO

One of the most common misconceptions that people have is that most of the small businesses get their customers from direct search. Nonetheless, it is necessary to understand that SEO is an ever-evolving process and that there is a huge difference between local and organic SEO. Local SEO has a geographical aspect to it while this is not necessary in organic SEO.

Organic SEO is solely dependant upon the practice around the website marketing. Irrespective of the business location, there can be a significant impact of SEO on businesses. What are local citations and why are they important for local SEO? Local Citations have always played an important role in improving the local SEO ranking.

What are local citations and why are they important for local SEO?

Moreover, they help to boost the visibility of the business. As a result it is necessary to keep a check with the citations to enhance the business. What are local citations? Local citations require to enhance the name, address and phone number for local businesses. Citations work with local business directories for websites, apps, and social platforms. What is HSTS and Why I should implement in my Business? The Internet has taken over the world and so most of the businesses have gone online.

What is HSTS and Why I should implement in my Business?

With the coming in of online businesses, it is necessary for each business to have a website. If the website is insecure it will eventually increase the risk of being hacked which will further prove to be bad for your business. As a result, to avoid this impact, everyday efforts are being made to enhance website security. Since security is important, different certificates are introduced by the companies to make your website secure and prevent the risk of any external hacking. Is SEO Marketing Important for Your Business?

With the internet taking over the market, customers have resorted to the internet for all the major functions.

Is SEO Marketing Important for Your Business?

It would be needless to say that we are living in a digital world. The dominance of the internet is very much prominent in the B2B and B2C sector. Moreover, it also has a regularly impact on the local sector. Most of the consumers these days use the internet for shopping. Professional & Trusted SEO Services Company India. Best Website Support & Maintenance Services Company India. Link Building Myths: Why It Won’t Help Your Business. 5 of the Best E-commerce Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Sales.

Content Copywriting Services (1) 1solutions - Profile - TES. 1Solutions. 1Solutions. What is Mobile first indexing? Recently all the webmasters are receiving a notification from the Google search console saying ‘Mobile-first indexing enabled for website’.

What is Mobile first indexing?

So what is this mobile indexing and how it is going to impact your website. Mobile first indexing means that now Google crawling, indexing and ranking systems are looking for mobile versions of your content to generate snippets in Google search results. It will analyze the mobile and desktop versions of your websites together for comparison of traffic in your logs. What is Mobile first indexing? Why Redirecting All Your URLs To Your Home Page Is A Bad Practice. URL redirection, also called URL forwarding, is a World Wide Web technique for making a web page available under more than one URL address.

Why Redirecting All Your URLs To Your Home Page Is A Bad Practice

When a web browser tries to open a URL that has been redirected, a page with a different URL is opened. Similarly, domain redirection or domain forwarding means when all pages in a URL domain are redirected to a different domain. The Best Time To Post On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn. Today is the world of social media.

The Best Time To Post On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn

There is no person in the world today who do not have their social media profiles. Talking about the brands, social media has become one of the popular and effective media for the promotions. Here we will list down as what is the best time to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Google’s Dynamic Search Ads Get New Targeting Options, More Reporting Data.

Google’s New Featured Snippets Displaying Expanded Subtopics. Google has introduced a new set of featured snippets to cover more useful aspects around the search.

Google’s New Featured Snippets Displaying Expanded Subtopics

With recent amendments which were rolled out in February 2018, a list of expanded subtopics also appears on your desktop. With such featured snippets, Google is bolstering the searchers with more in depth detailing of any topic. To understand this in a better way let’s take an example that when you are in search of the content for comparison of quartz and graphite, Google is now displaying the featured snippets along with the additional information about their cost,weight,benefits and durability.

Similarly, when you type for emergency fund then the panel of information regarding size, importance, saving account and purpose also comes up. How to Evaluate & Improve Your SEO Strategy. What you learned about SEO years ago probably won’t help you much today.

How to Evaluate & Improve Your SEO Strategy

Google and other search engines are constantly making adjustments to their ranking algorithms in an effort to improve the quality of the results they serve to their users. Because traffic is the key to growth for any online business, ranking on the first page is critical to success… and that number one spot has long been the Holy Grail of SEO. No matter whether your website has been up for months or years, there’s always room for some kind of improvement to your SEO approach. Before you can identify areas for improvement, you must first evaluate your current status.

6 Tips to Understand Your Social Media Audience. Have you decided to research your audience more deeply using social media? That’s a great idea. Statistics show that 14 percent of Americans change their mind about an issue because of something they saw on social media. Want to achieve similar results? Internal Linking & Mobile First: Large Site Crawl Paths in 2018 & Beyond. By now, you’ve probably heard as much as you can bear about mobile first indexing.

For me, there’s been one topic that’s been conspicuously missing from all this discussion, though, and that’s the impact on internal linking and previous internal linking best practices. In the past, there have been a few popular methods for providing crawl paths for search engines — bulky main navigations, HTML sitemap-style pages that exist purely for internal linking, or blocks of links at the bottom of indexed pages. Larger sites have typically used at least two or often three of these methods. I’ll explain in this post why all of these are now looking pretty shaky, and what I suggest you do about it. Internal linking is and always has been a vital component of SEO — it’s easy to forget in all the noise about external link building that some of our most powerful tools to affect the link graph are right under our noses. This top-level Whiteboard Friday from RandThis 30-minute audit guide from me. Internal Linking & Mobile First: Large Site Crawl Paths in 2018 & Beyond.

How to Use Local Keywords to Rank Higher on Google. Many strategies can help you rank better for competitive keywords related to your product and industry. However, one often overlooked factor is local SEO. Consumers find businesses by conducting local searches. While local searches may yield lower search volumes, it’s more about intent and driving traffic that is ready to convert. In fact, 76 percent of people who look for a nearby business on their smartphones, visit them within a day’s time and 28 percent of these searches end in a purchase. Secret To A Beneficial E Commerce Website Creation. Why a Enterpreneurs Need Best Content Copywriting Services. PSD To HTML Conversion In A Nutshell. Advantages of Using WordPress to Power Your Company's Website. Best Social Media Services Delhi-Social Media Marketing Company India. Top Ten Tips For Running Your Magento ECommerce Store Perfectly. Link Building Company Delhi- Professional Link Building Services India. Professionals Content Copywriting Services In Delhi.

Google Expands Featured Snippet. Find The Best Content Copywriting Services. Best Social Media Services Delhi-Social Media Marketing Company India. The Power Of Link Building. Do You Need Content Writing Services For Your Business. Do You Really Need SEO Services, 1Solutions is the Top SEO Services Company  Affordable Link Building Packages India-Monthly Link Building Plans Delhi. The Best social media marketing Providers for Startups in Delhi. Wordpress development pixxelznet. Increase Your Website Traffic in Affordable Seo Packages in 1Solutions.

Increase your Website Traffic in Affordable SEO Packages in 1Solutions. The Power Of Link Building. Best Social Media Services Delhi-Social Media Marketing Company India. Important Factors For Building A Successful Ecommerce Website. 7 Best WordPress SEO Practices for Beginners. WordPress Website Development Services. Top SEO rankings for your website. Find Best Codeigniter Development Company In India. Wordpress development. Top SEO rankings for your website. Social media marketing agency. Make Your Organization on Top in Google with affordable SEO Packages. 5 On Page SEO Techniques that will Boost Your Rankings. Social media marketing agency. How to Choose the most excellent Android Application developers.

How to SEO Ecommerce Category Pages

Google AdWords Has New Features to Help Drive Sales and Measure Results. SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design. Traffic Dropped But Rankings Unchanged How to Fix. How to Monetize your Website Effectively. How to Reduce Bounce Rate in WordPress. Five Tips to Increase Website Conversions. 7 Basic Tips for On-Page SEO. 10 Awesome WordPress SEO Plugins To Optimize Your Website. Gmail App Developers' Employees Might Be Reading Your Email. What Is The H1 Tag And Why It Is Important For SEO. What is the H1 Tag and Why it is Important for SEO kuzyip. How to Measure the Performance of Your Social Media Posts. Social media marketing is bread and butter of today’s business and the companies need to earn it to generate revenues. This is a digital era and in this highly competitive digital age, it is very important to market your product on social media.

This gives you an instant traction and better customer attention. But, once you are done marketing your post, how would you know that how a particular post is performing on social media? How will you measure the performance of your social media posts? Let’s have a look. Well, there are a lot of ways to do this. Smart Goals Nobody can achieve anything without having a clear goal and same is the case with the social media marketing. Track Page’s Individual Performance Each social media page has a section named ‘insights.’ What is Link Reclamation and How to Regain Lost Link Value?

Google Clears Up Confusion Around Mobile-First Indexing. As Google started to roll out mobile first indexing, there occurred a lot of confusions around it. Now, the search giant decided to clarify a few points regarding the mobile-first indexing and posted on Twitter. Before we tell you about what Google posted, let us remind you about what the Mobile-First Indexing is. What is Mobile-First Indexing? Google’s crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have used the desktop versions of a page’s content which caused a lot of issues for mobile searches. To make mobile searches easy for the users, Google came up with Mobile-First Indexing. Collection Of Inspirational Blog Designs. Blogs have become one of the main resources for latest information floating around the web and are a very practical way of providing clean details with the ability to update and modify the content or news conveniently.

Weblogs have become one of the main resources for everyday latest details around the web, even popular magazines and newspapers sustain blogs to link with their audience consistently publishing useful content. For personal or professional blog, appropriate web design always impacts the number of everyday visitors also. Instagram To Launch Hour Long Videos Feature Soon In Competition With YouTube & Snapchat. Instagram will soon allow users to post long-form clips of up to an hour. According to the Wall Street Journal, the users will soon be able to post long length videos on Instagram.The new feature “will focus on vertical video” which means all of the videos will in the vertical orientation and UHD 4K resolution. According to social media sources, the videos on the author’s profile on Instagram will display from the Stories Highlights bubbles which will make it easy for users to find content.

How To Generate Sitemap For Your WordPress With Jetpack WordPress Plugin. How To Fix Ghost Traffic / Spam Traffic In Google Analytics? Best Email Verification Services For Email Validation. Codeigniter Development Company India. Best Laravel Development Company India. Laravel is an open source PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Laravel stands among the most popular PHP frameworks like Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii2. Laravel offers scalable agile software application interface for developing high functionality websites and applications. How To Secure Your WordPress Website ? Find & Fix Broken URL/ Links In The Website. Broken links are dead links leads to those pages which does not exist. When clicking on a broken link, the page you land on is called a 404 error page, a standard HTTP response that indicates that the requested URL doesn’t exist.

Most websites contain broken links which occur due to many reasons and are unavoidable. 10 Best Twitter Tools For Business & Marketing. Best Backlink Check Tools For Website. In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a word “backlink” is very famous. How to optimize Magento ecommerce store for SEO - Today each and every small or big E-retailers, whose bread and butter comes from E-commerce websites, expect their sites to rank higher on all search engines. When E-retailers operate their E-commerce sites, they face many problems to maintain the ranking of their sites on search at the expected level. Rapidly changing SEO tactics and the status of product pages make E-commerce SEO a hard nut to crack. Best Link Building Services in Delhi. Best Affordable Link Building and SEO Packages India. WordPress Development Company, Wordpress Theme & Plugin Development.

eCommerce Application Development Company India. WordPress Website and Theme Development Services. Ecommerce Website Development and Design Company in India. Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses. Social Media Company in Delhi. WordPress Design Development & Customization Services India.