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Top Social News Mashup Sites Once, when I got stumbled for real I ended up on top of the Internet section of StumbleUpon. That meant more than 2000 visitors just from SU. Besides, I noticed that some people clicked on the SU link from somewhere else: Social news mashup sites like Popurls which collect all hot topics from around the net favoring social media in most cases. I use such mashups too as they allow you to quickly scan one day’s current news without clicking too much. So I took the mashups from the referers, the mashups I used before and did some research for more. Now I present to you: The top social news mashups: Great Niche Social News Sites for Bloggers, Designers and Internet Entrepreneurs Niche social news sites are one of the most important pillars of an SEO 2.0 strategy. Only by taking part in niche communities you are able to deeply connect with your peers who then support you elsewhere on the Web. I’ve done that on several niche social sites. These sites here are best for bloggers, designers and Internet entrepreneurs that don’t focus on SEO.

Top 10 Social Media Sites + Lists [Meta-List] The proliferation of social media sites has reached an incredible pace. This is great as now every niche has at least one social news outlet. It is almost impossible to keep track or even find the sites you are looking for. Thus several bloggers have devised lists that not only link the social sites mentioned but also categorize them. Today I want to share with you a meta-list of the 10 best lists of social media sites. 5min - Find the best how to, instructional and DIY videos – Life Videopedia Up next 0:26 0:38 0:41 2:41 0:56 0:46 1:01 1:14 0:56 Caption Languages English

125 Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October of 2016. Is social bookmarking still relevant in 2016? Read this updated post by Anna Crowe to learn more. 48 Social News Websites You Can Use I recently wrote a beginners guide to social news websites and this article follows up on that by offering a list of the social news websites you can use to get information and web traffic. There are a great deal of social news sites on the internet, sometimes too many. Most of them are dormant and are no longer active, largely because they were poorly marketed and hence, never had an active community of users in the first place. For instance, this webpage has a list of over 380 social news sites.

Images, photos and videos tagged with lol on we heart it / visual bookmark We Heart It Tagged with lol Add to favorite tags 5 Amazing Methods to Find Similar Websites Based On Your Preferences Ever wondered how many other great websites are on the Interwebs that you would like but you’ll never find out about? Well now you can finnaly fill up your RSS reader with lots of websites you will certainly enjoy, recommended to you by similarity algorithms. Smart, ha? Inspired Magazine made a research and presents five amazing services that do just one thing – get you similar websites based on your preferences! Web inSuggest * the Inspired pick

Explore ... Discover ... Play: Thing 66: Directory 2.0 The world of the new web can be daunting. Sometimes the information overload of the newest, shiniest sites can paralyze even the most veteran web user. There are two great sites out there that can help you navigate and organize your 2.0 and beyond journey. One of them preselects and organizes sites and one allows you to customize your 2.0 search portal experience. 10 Web Apps To Build The Next Big Thing Without Writing Any Code Ever wished that someone would overlay some data that fascinates you on a Google Map? Ever have an idea for a new desktop widget to take the computing world by storm? Well, no matter what your skill level is, there are tools out there in the world that will help you realize your dreams just by dragging-and-dropping what you need and in the order you want it. Take a look through these ten solutions — which range from common, everyday type of Google Maps mashups to heavy-hitting, enterprise-level applications — and be amazed at how very little work can bring big results.