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Getting theinfo: data sets (theinfo)

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based w GPS Tracks, GPS Trajets, GPS Convertisseur: Trekking - Randonnée - Jogging - Skating - Cross-Skating - Handbike - Vélo - Cyclisme-course - Mountainbike - Moto - enduro/quad - cabriolet - Auto - nordic Skiing - alpine skiing - randonnee skiing GPSies is my hobby website and is funded by advertising. Do you want to disable the advertisements and like to support the GPSies project ? FullscreenMore... 5 km 5 mi Leaflet | Tiles Courtesy of MapQuest Map data Open Street Map and contributors, CC-BY-SA Legende, HillShading Please enjoy this Tracks, and have fun browsing through the still vast amount of existing tracks in the whole world. GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds Free GPSies apps GPSies Software By foot [38,247,194 miles] By wheel [108,436,963 miles] With animals [924,777 miles] By motor [31,306,194 miles] On water [10,931,495 miles] At winter [939,638 miles] Others [13,741,477 miles] Tracks in Extended search © 2014 GPSies® 2793 visitors online

Public Data Sets on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Click here for the detailed list of available data sets. Here are some examples of popular Public Data Sets: NASA NEX: A collection of Earth science data sets maintained by NASA, including climate change projections and satellite images of the Earth's surfaceCommon Crawl Corpus: A corpus of web crawl data composed of over 5 billion web pages1000 Genomes Project: A detailed map of human genetic variation Google Books Ngrams: A data set containing Google Books n-gram corpusesUS Census Data: US demographic data from 1980, 1990, and 2000 US CensusesFreebase Data Dump: A data dump of all the current facts and assertions in the Freebase system, an open database covering millions of topics The data sets are hosted in two possible formats: Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots and/or Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets. If you have any questions or want to participate in our Public Data Sets community, please visit our Public Data Sets forum .

Visual SQL Builder [A tool for visually build SQL statments for postgreSQL database] Visual SQL Builder is a tool to allow visually build a complete SQL statment for postgreSQL database, without typing any clause. It can help to build complex SQL sentences to no trained people, reducing debugging, syntax and logic errors. Site under construction. Want to contribute, please send message to : xiul at SQuirreL SQL Client Home Page