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DIY Paper Christmas Trees

DIY Paper Christmas Trees

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mikołajek z łyżki You need: plastic spoonred threadred felt tip pen, googley eyes and glue This is how to make Santa’s beard out of an eye make up remover pad. Glue the back of the spoon and start rolling the thread as shown. Roll to the middle of the bowl. Put the “bread” on the other half. Paper candles Our candles are easy to make. Cut two tapes from an A4 sheet of paper. You will make the candle from them. You need also two pieces of red and yellow paper to make the fire. We have already shown how to fold the tapes (the picture below):

Lesson 9 What time is it? Telling the time - ESL for KIDS Time for Lesson 9 What time is it? This lesson is the perfect way to practise telling the time in English. Apart from it, the lesson also teaches useful everyday expressions. The video lesson teaches the question What time is it? Apples and walnuts The season of the apples has come! Well, ours are not for eating, but they can be used as an easy and eco-friendly Christmas decoration. You need bigger walnuts, paper-clips and acrylic paint for the colouring. We used a plain paper-clip, which we opened and bended in the middle. Thus you can insert the paper-clip into the walnut (there is a small hole at the one end).

DIY Alarm Clock Learning the clock is not an easy process for small kids. They can properly understand the mechanism only when they must start using it and getting a better notion of time. This rarely happens before 1st grade. Here’s an easy version of an alarm clock, made from an old CD. You will need the printable template, a CD, thick cardboard and a thumbtack or pushpin. Three of the elements (indicated in the template) must be made from cardboard if your clock is to stand upright.

The Mathematics of Festive Crafts The run-up to the end of this term is usually a hectic event. In between the parties and performances, there’s lots going on. It also means that using the festive opportunities to recap and review work undertaken earlier can be one way of working a little smarter. So, with this in mind, I thought I would illustrate the possibilities of nature craft activities as a way of undertaking some practical maths. At this point I need to tell you that this idea was inspired by the wonderful photos in this post. They are not mine but the work of Lily Rowe-Horseman of Kindling.

Chair competition - ESL for KIDS Chair competition is a fun classroom activity and a very effective tool to revise loads of vocabulary and some previously learnt grammar. And the most important thing is that it’s super fun! Chair competition Ask all your students to come to the middle of the classroom and bring a chair with them. Put one chair aside and use the rest to create a small circle. Paper Tree and Snowball GARLAND Истинска зима е вече, бяла и студена. Our new winter garland is made of snowy trees and white snowballs. We have used only A4 sheets of white printer paper. They look wonderful even without any extra decoration. Classroom Commands On the first day of class students learn the vocabulary related to inside classroom actions. Make it easy for them to understand and respond to the commands. The ability to follow directions requires daily practice.

balerina We decided to follow up on the previous article with similar ballerinas that would be easy enough for children. They are just as beautiful as the others but much simpler to do. The basic shape is symmetrical, so you can fold the paper in two and only do half the cutting. Our house is already full of snowflake ballerinas… and I certainly didn’t cut any of them balerina This time KROKOTAK js only the photographer. The idea belongs to Natalia. Interior designer Tanya Ahmed ( was preparing the ballerinas for her daughter’s bedroom. Glove MONSTERS Make a jolly monster from a single glove (if you happen to have lost the other one). It takes about 30-40 minutes. Cut the fingers with a scissor as shown. Turn the glove inside out and sew the resulting appertures.