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Tricks + Treats: Little Birdie Plush by Viviana Agostinho

Tricks + Treats: Little Birdie Plush by Viviana Agostinho
Hi there! It's Viviana! Elsie asked me to share a cute plush DIY today for Tricks + Treats and I made this little bird just for you. Enjoy! A little birdie told me... Wanna know what this birdie is telling? The numbers in each birdie part correspond to the amount of pieces you will have to cut. To make your birdie you will need: - Felt and fabric of your choosing- 2 medium size buttons in any color- 2 small beads or buttons in black- Felt scraps in black and red- A handful of fiberfill- Thread, needles, pins... Place each part of the pattern on the wrong side of your fabric and felt and cut all the parts you will need. You will begin creating your birdie's front section. Sew front and back sections (wrong face up!) Fill body with fiberfill. Yay! Thanks so much, Viviana. Related:  Christmas Ideas

cashmere bunny tutorial We’ve got bunnies! Super lux cashmere bunnies…mmm! I’ve acquired a lot of scraps from making recycled cashmere scarves last holiday. I’ve been trying to come up with a project that is scrap worthy. These are the perfect snuggle bunnies for the job. Materials: Cashmere sweaterScrap of cotton print fabricFiberfillNeedle felting supplies (optional)Buttons, pompom, felt ball, etc. **PLEASE NOTE: for kids under 3 years old, do not attach buttons, felt balls, etc. I find second hand cashmere sweaters at Goodwill. 1) Cut a bunny shape out of scrap paper and pin to 2 layers of sweater. 2) Place ear and lining right sides together, pin. 3) Turn right side out and press. 4) Now it’s time for a little needle felting embellishment on the bunny body. 5) Once you get a nice little matted piece of felt, carefully remove from the mat. 6) Next place one side of the bunny, right side up, on the mat. 7) Carefully remove work from mat taking care not to stretch and distort the shape. So soft and sweet!

Sew a craft doll A cross between a Russian babushka doll, a Japanese anime-style superhero and a cushion, these decorative toys are delightfully unique by nature as well as by name. 1. Download, print, trace & cut Download the pattern and print at 100 per cent on A4 paper. Trace over pattern pieces with tracing or pattern paper. Cut out all fabric and felt pieces according to the pattern instructions. 2. Hand embroider the facial details on the felt face piece. 3. Sew together the body and head pieces, from point A to B. 4. Place the face on one of the head pieces using the pattern guide and pin. 5. Using the same setting on your sewing machine, but using thread that matches the felt hair, stitch hair into place, backstitching at start and finish points. 6. Pair up the four arm pieces, placing one on top of the other, right sides together. 7. Pair up the four leg pieces, placing one on top of the other, right sides together. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. More kids projects and ideas:

Make Your Own Birdie Fringe Purse I love statement pieces, especially accessories! I created this pretty bird fringe purse because I wanted something special to wear this Autumn. This pretty project only took me about two hours to create. I hope you enjoy it... This little birdie is my vintage inspiration. Here's how I made mine.... Step 1: Draft a quick pattern on paper for your bird shape. I made a strap with two long strips of leather, lots of punches and yarn. A few thoughts about working with leather: I have been working with leather (and faux leather) for many years. I hope you've enjoyed my little bird purse D.I.Y. Winter Art Journal DIY hi there! now that my new shop is open i'm looking forward to spending more time painting, sewing and making DIY projects. This tutorial is a cute new art journal to get you though the chilly winter months. snuggle up with some apple cider and start journaling..... enjoy! Supplies: You'll need a pretty new journal, some magazines or old books to cut (I used a vintage Better Homes and Gardens), photos, scissors and adhesive. I used a Recycled Art Journal by Corey Marie from the RV shop. I love the vintage book covers she chose! The inside pages are my favorite for art journaling because they are a collection of pretty vintage papers... all recycled I've been filling pages with magazine cut outs, instax photos and hand written journal entries and drawings! ps. if you like art journals, be sure to check out my Photo Journals E-Course.

Saturday Morning Sowing Remember my little video for making newspaper plant pots? On Saturday morning, The Boy and I actually put our pots to use by gum. We smooshed moist potting soil into them.. Wrote-up some labels using old cut up mini-blinds... Snuggled them up nice and cozy into a couple of deep foam meat trays... Sowed some seed... Sprinkled a little soil and water on them. Now for the hard part... Hrm. This is a true test of my patience. Edited to Add on 3 Apr 2012: Please note that I've used black and white newspaper to make the pots as black ink is made of soy and safe to use around edibles. You have a great day now.

Purl Frog We named these amiable amphibians Rosemarie and Hilaire, after the friendly neighbor who shared the pattern with us, and Hilaire Belloc, the author of the poem that accompanied the pattern: The Frog Be kind and tender to the Frog, And do not call him names, As "Slimy skin," or "Polly-wog," Or likewise "Ugly James," Or "Gap-a-grin," or "Toad-gone-wrong," Or "Bill Bandy-knees": The Frog is justly sensitive To epithets like these. No animal will more repay A treatment kind and fair, At least so lonely people say Who keep a frog (and by the way, they are extremely rare). FINISHED MEASUREMENTS The Purl Frog measures about 7 1/2 inches long. one 1/2 yard Liberty of London Tana Lawn fabric thread patchwork pins 3/4 cup of dried mung beans, lentils, or buckwheat two beads for the eyes Fill the frog about 85% full with dried beans.With needle and thread, hand sew the hole closed. You may choose to embroider the eyes. Enjoy your new frog friend!

Sewing Tutorial: Piggy Pillow | As promised, I have completed the tutorial and the pattern for the “Be My Valentine – Piggy Pillow”, which was published 3 weeks ago. This time I made a pair for my kids, they love it. You may not be able to do it in time for this valentine but as I said, if you have love in you, everyday is valentine. Hope you sew some for your loved ones no matter if it is Feb 14. Besides as a pillow, you can use this pattern to make into other things, for example, pin cushion, smaller softy as gift, or a piggy back pack for little children. Material you need:1. Print out the PDF pattern of the piggy pillow. Use a pencil and trace the pattern onto the cotton fabric. Sandwich the towels in between 2 fabrics. Sew it up on the sewing line, it can be from sewing machine or hand stitching. Turn body, ear and tail inside out. Tie a knot at the tip of the tail as shown, mark a length of 4″ from the tip. Turn the body outside in and position the tail on the top part of the body. Sew the nose onto the body.

How To Make Hair Bows: DIY (jr.) Hello! I'm excited to introduce you to a cute new weekly feature DIY jr. It's a quickie DIY that you can do in an hour or less! Hair bows are one of my favorite accessories and this tutorial has been requested a lot over the past year. I hope you enjoy... 1. Here's another fun idea. XOXO. A Beautiful Mess piñata Juste une envie de bonbons alors il nous fallait une piñata ! Pourquoi faire simple lorsque l ' on peut faire compliquer !Alors voici Lucas a l ' oeuvre : Une petite séance de séchage dehors entre deux couches . . . Voila , madame Monster ! Kika concentrée . . . . Ça n ' a pas été facile a casser mais on les a eu ces bonbons !

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