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Santa Claws - Simon's Cat

Santa Claws - Simon's Cat

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christmas specials Communication 4 All Resources to Support Inclusion This has opened in a separate window - just exit to return to the Home page. Here is a selection of special Christmas resources for you! Click on the images to download the resources of your choice! Letter to Santa and Winter themed bordered paper: click the images to download Cat Flats: Designing human apartments for feline friends His owner recently overhauled their 484 square foot (45 sqm) home in the Taiwanese capital to make Ge Ge and his sibling, Mei Mei -- or Little Sister -- feel more comfortable. Far from unusual, this is just one of many so-called "cat flats" springing up across Asia. In such properties, cat flaps are passé.

The Surprising Realities Behind What Motivates Us in Illustrated Form @Blueluck: Very true - I've seen other countries where people leave their family in another country to go find work, and then to manual labor for extremely cheap just to be able to send it all home to their family. I guess that could be interpreted as their purpose, but the work is not purposeful in and of itself. I guess "pay enough to take money off the table" covers that, so we're only talking about how to motivate people after they're at the comfortable level most Americans that read this blog are at. papadeligames History Animated stories The Christmas story Comics Journey out of Darkness is a full size 24-page comic book, designed for a 10-14 year old Advent calendars :

Bunny Island, Fox Village, Cat Island: A Look Into Japan's Paradises for Animal Lovers For animal lovers, heaven might just be a place in Japan. The country is home to a fox village, bunny island and cat island where you can find yourself delightfully swarmed by hundreds of these free-roaming, furry animals. Here's a look into the paradises for animal lovers: Okunoshima: Bunny Island Hundreds of friendly feral bunnies hop "all over" this small island and approach tourists to their delight," said Elliss Krauss, a professor of Japanese politics and policy-making at University of California San Diego.

Christmas When did it start? Why do we have Christmas Trees? Who is Santa Claus? Learn about the history of this festive holiday. <A HREF=" Widgets</A> Genki English » Last Minute Party Game! Maria has just sent in this fantastic twist on the traditional Pass the Parcel game. I think you might like it - I know I used to do when I was at school! The Preparation: 1. Prepare a parcel by wrapping a small toy in wrapping paper (or newspaper!) 2. Christmas worksheets, Christmas flashcards, printable Christmas games, Christmas cards, Christmas party supplies and lesson plans materials to print Santa Claus, a reindeer, a sleigh, a snowman, Christmas lights, a bell, an angel, an elf, a bow, mistletoe Christmas flash cards, small game cards, Christmas bingo cards, a handout Christmas PowerPoint flashcards Got time? Try the Christmas vocabulary game for the same set with sound!

Genki English » New Christmas Spot the Difference Quizzes Over on the forum Margit was saying how she has used Spot the Difference quizzes to generate lots of conversation in both her kids & adult classes. Margit also also asked for a few more games. So always wanting oblige, here are two new Spot the Difference quizzes, first a really easy one to go with the Let’s make a snowman lesson, where you can say things like “His hat is green” or “The scarf is blue etc.

ICE ICE, BABY: WRITING A CINQUAIN Now, when we are all getting into the festive mood, probably makes an ideal time to discuss some holiday hotspots (or ‘cold’spots). This activity is built around an extremely ‘cold’spot – Ice Hotel – to spark your students’ imagination, discuss unusual ways of holidaymaking and get them to try their hand at writing a cinquain. (A cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, or thing and has a distinct structure: noun, two adjectives, three verbs, a four-word phrase and a noun). Step 1. Show the following image to your students and say that everything in the place is made up of snow and sculpted blocks of ice. Ask them to think of what this place could be for.