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Santa Claws - Simon's Cat

Santa Claws - Simon's Cat

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ELT Calendar Holiday Season ELT Calendar It is my favourite time of the year! Christmas and New Year's is right around the corner, so time to start planning for the Holiday season. In this blog post you will find an ELT Christmas calendar. Why so early? Well, some of these tasks need a bit of preparation.I have suggested different types of activities which can be used with your students. Cat Flats: Designing human apartments for feline friends His owner recently overhauled their 484 square foot (45 sqm) home in the Taiwanese capital to make Ge Ge and his sibling, Mei Mei -- or Little Sister -- feel more comfortable. Far from unusual, this is just one of many so-called "cat flats" springing up across Asia. In such properties, cat flaps are passé.

Countdown to Christmas! – tekhnologic I had the luxury of some time, so I got a pencil and a piece of paper and sketched an image with some traditional Christmas themes. A Christmas tree, Santa, a holly wreath, tinsel and a snowman. Draw your image in pencil and then ink over the lines. Scan the image and use an image editor to color it in. The final result can be used for your advent calendar. I colored the image in with photo editing software and inserted it into PowerPoint so I could begin making the calendar. Bunny Island, Fox Village, Cat Island: A Look Into Japan's Paradises for Animal Lovers For animal lovers, heaven might just be a place in Japan. The country is home to a fox village, bunny island and cat island where you can find yourself delightfully swarmed by hundreds of these free-roaming, furry animals. Here's a look into the paradises for animal lovers: Okunoshima: Bunny Island Hundreds of friendly feral bunnies hop "all over" this small island and approach tourists to their delight," said Elliss Krauss, a professor of Japanese politics and policy-making at University of California San Diego.

GETTING INTO THE FESTIVE SPIRIT It’s that time of the year again. The time to decorate the Christmas tree, do Christmas quizzes, make Christmas dishes, browse through the history and traditions of Christmas, or do lots of other activities related to the ‘jingle bells’ time of the year has finally come, just as the time to share my favourite tried and tested activities to get students into the festive spirit. This year the party will start with a highly engaging oldie but goldie Draw your Wish or Chinese Whispers on paper. Materials needed: an A4 sheet of paper per player 1st lesson of the year: New Year’s Resolutions I’m thrilled to be back! All so full of energy and new ideas! What about you? This lesson is about keeping your 2017 new year’s resolutions through reading a Forbes article by Henna Inam (a contributor) and watching a video clip by Meghan Trainor “All about that change”. I would like to share my latest article about “Teaching Pronunciation” that has been published by Richmond share blog: And my first article “Motivating Adult students”

Merry Learning! 32 Activities and Resources for December Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. – Hamilton Wright Mabie December is an exciting time for our learners. Around the world families gather and are encouraged to spread cheer by enjoying special dishes, decorating, exchanging gifts, and singing songs. Our students celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other holidays. In our classes we can get students to use free web tools and apps to create digital gifts or share their traditions. A Christmas tree with a twist – Get creative December is here again and it´s time to create some new Christmas activities for our students to enjoy! I hope you will find the following idea as useful and fun to teach as I have! Levels: B1/B2 Aimed at: Young learners/young adults/adults Aims: To encourage reading, speaking and writing in the context of Christmas/ Revision of basic tenses Time: +/- 60 minutes

Christmas Quiz 2017 It’s early December and for the past three years, I have produced a Christmas quiz template that can be used for the holiday season. This year is no different. What’s new Internet Catalogue Each year we send out a holiday letter of the important events in our family. Without realizing it we have preserved family memories and it has become a great way to see what happened each year. Our children have looked back and fondly recalled all of their past experiences. Our grandchildren now enjoy learning family history.