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Christmas 6-9

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Kul@lära: Charles Dickens & A Christmas Carol. Av en tillfällighet upptäckte jag att Dickens julberättelse A Christmas Carol finns tillgänglig digitalt i olika svårighetsnivåer, se länkar nedan.

Kul@lära: Charles Dickens & A Christmas Carol

Som lärare brottas man ju ständigt med att plocka fram utmaningar till alla elever och med detta digitala material ges eleverna möjlighet att välja nivå och de kan också växla mellan olika nivåer. Oavsett så behandlas ju samma berättelse och läraren kan leda diskussioner där innehållet tolkas samt kopplas till Dickens liv och den tid berättelsen tillkom och utspelas i. Som start för hela arbetet genomförs en så kallad "blind Kahoot", det vill säga man gör en genomgång av ett nytt arbetsområde med hjälp av flervalsfrågor i Kahoot. Läraren kan känna av vilka förkunskaper eleverna har och eleverna känner ingen press för de har ju inte arbetat med innehållet än.

Många frågor har mer än ett rätt svar och läraren resonerar om dessa alternativ och de rätta svaren efter varje fråga. Här är en länk med mina instruktioner till eleverna (på engelska). Christmas – – Dialoger på engelska. Dialog 1 – Christmas Day Ellie: – Mom, dad, wake up!

Christmas – – Dialoger på engelska

En julsaga (2009. Let's talk about Christmas-conversation cards. Gilbert O'Sullivan Christmas Song-Task 1: Listen&write down the lyrics. Gilbert O'Sullivan Christmas Song-Task 2:check the lyrics! The Twelve Memes of Christmas : a seasonal homework challenge. To keep your students busy over the holidays (if you have holidays in your teaching context, and if not you may just want to add a bit of seasonal fun to classes in December) and to practise some digital remix literacy, here's a little challenge.

The Twelve Memes of Christmas : a seasonal homework challenge

As you can see, it's based on the carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and to introduce the challenge and get into the remixing mood, there's nowhere better to start than the song itself and some Youtube parodies. For the original song there's a very kitsch karaoke version here (and lots of others to choose from if you want something a little less chocolate box). Once your students have got the hang of the original song (if they don't know it already), then you can move on to the parodies. There are so many out there, I've chosen a couple that appeal to me and my students. The first one is for Minecraft fans, remixed by two schoolboys, so great role models for younger teens.

Christmas Stories. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from American Literature!

Christmas Stories

Enjoy Christmas with your family! Here are some favorite Christmas stories for you and your family to enjoy this holiday season. The Little Match Girl - Hans Christian Andersen. A Christmas Carol. Christmas Stories. Christmas English Exercises, Vocabulary and Worksheets. Christmas quiz. A British Christmas. Best of Christmas. Christmas Quiz 2014. A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens' 1843 classic "A Christmas Carol" is quite possibly the most often told holiday story in the English-speaking world.

A Christmas Carol

The exceedingly wealthy Ebenezzer Scrooge is miserable, while his poor employee Bob Cratchit is a contented man with a virtuous disposition and family. Scrooge, a hardened, greedy man who undergoes a great emotional change one Christmas Eve through the assistance of three ghosts. Each ghost represents some form of loss. The Ghost of Christmas Past represents the lost innocence and kindness Scrooge endures in a difficult childhood and young manhood. Scrooge experiences a change of heart while he reviews Christmas memories and once again discovers what it is like to feel and live in the spirit of love, kindness, and giving..

Christmas Karaoke - Sing along to Christmas Carols and Songs! Christmas Music Quiz. Merry Christmas Mr Bean+interactive exercises. Teacher's note; The activities in the worksheet at the bottom of this post are based on the full episode available on DVD or on cannot be embedded here).

Merry Christmas Mr Bean+interactive exercises

This post contains some exercises based on the embeddable youtube clips. The answers are in the worksheet. DVD availablehere Mr Bean celebrates the traditional British Christmas: the baubles, the crackers, the nativity scene, the carols, the presents, the turkey and the mistletoe... they are all here. You are going to. Design Your Own Greeting Card. Gilbert O'Sullivan Christmas Song-Task 2:check the lyrics! Fun Quiz-What’s Your Santa Claus IQ?+others. The True Meaning of Christmas-EnglishCentral film+interactive exercises. Gilbert O'Sullivan Christmas Song-Task 1: Listen&write down the lyrics. Blackadder Special 01 - Blackadder’s Christmas Carol. How Many More Minutes Until Christmas (Charlie and Lola) Casper's First Christmas (1979) H.C. Andersen: Den lilla flickan med svavelstickorna.

1983 - Mickey's Christmas Carol. The Snowman Full Version HQ. Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983) eng sub .mp4. Tell Me about Christmas - Part 1. Mulled Wine So every Boxing Day, we hold a mulled wine party for friends and family in our house.

Tell Me about Christmas - Part 1

What we do – you go and buy these little sachets of spices you can get in supermarkets, and then in the morning, just get loads and loads of cheap cheap cheap red wine, the cheapest red wine that you can get; and put it in a massive massive sort of soup pot. Put some fruit juice in there, put some chopped-up fruits in there, and then add these spices and add some sugar, and just let it bubble away, let it simmer away over a few hours.

And so in the afternoon, when all the friends come round, we serve it up and it’s a lovely warm drink for a cold December afternoon - very spicy, very Christmasy, and very alcoholic. Mince Pie Hello! But now, well actually up from Victorian era, they were changed to be a dessert. Tell Me about Christmas - Part 2. Advent Calendar Hi, I’m gonna tell you about our advent calendar.

Tell Me about Christmas - Part 2

This has got all the days until Christmas Day on. And what happens is today’s the 14th of December, so we find the window with the 14th on. And then the lucky person whose turn it is, that’s me, can open the window, and then, ready, inside, there’s a picture of some kind of treat or toys. Christmas Around the World. In Australia, Christmas comes in the towards the beginning of the summer holidays!

Christmas Around the World

Children have their summer holidays from mid December to early February, so some people might even be camping at Christmas. Because it's so hot at Christmas time in Australia, there are quite often massive bush fires across the country. Many volunteer bush fire fighters are involved in saving people and property and travel from all over Australia to help in other states. Untitled. SANTA CLAUS and CHRISTMAS GAMES at SantaGames.Net. The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 Animation. Mr Bean 7 - Merry Christmas Mr Bean (Full Episode) 28 Extra English Christmas. Disneys Tigger And Pooh Super Sleuth Christmas Movie 2007. Rudolph's Shiny New Year. Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales. Best of Christmas, 1-6. Background.

Best of Christmas, 1-6

Advent Calendar 8-9.