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DecoArt - Mixed Media Blog - Project - Altered Domino Christmas Ornament. Do you love self made Christmas ornaments like I do? I have been making them since I was a child and some of the really old ones from my childhood days still make it to the tree after all those years and I still love doing them now. Looking at them takes you back to merry Christmas eves from the past – so in a way these ornaments are little time machines and keepsakes that hold your personal Christmas history.

Items needed : Instructions : First prime your domino with a thin layer of Matte Americana Decou-Page to provide some tooth for the acrylic paints to hold on to. Apply some dots of Titanium White directly from the bottle and spread with a brayer. Using a fine tip brush apply some dots of turquoise, green and teal while the white paint is still wet and spread with the brayer.

As long as the paints are still wet sprinkle on some turquoise and white Shimmer mister and lightly mist with water from the spray bottle. Sprinkle on some diluted Metallic Gold with a fine tip brush. Fun with air dry clay. So, this is the last weekend before Christmas!! Eek! If you are anything like me, you probably still have a ton of things to do and a few more Christmas gifts to get...ot maybe, make. Every year we try to make some little holiday craft to give to our family members. One year it was to be snow globes, but you heard how that went... Two different years we used Crayola Air Dry clay. One year was snowmen and last year, Christmas trees. These require no sewing and can be made with the help of little hands. Supplies for snowmen Crayola air dry clay Buttons Felt Toothpicks small sticks Sharpie Supplies for Christmas trees air dry clay stars Brads To make the snowmen Roll clay into a small ball about 1"-2". The year Brad and I made these I think we may have gotten a little carried away...they each got names that fit their personalities...and when they were all lined up together we had to take their picture so that they could remember each other after they were seperated.

(Ps. To make Christmas trees. Make a Christmas List Ornament! Dob dísz tutorial. A múltkor elkészítettem a dob forma karácsonyfadísz első példányát és akkor rájöttem, hogy egy végtelenségig variálható darabról van szó, ezért hasznos lenne egy alap elkészítési útmutató, amit aztán mindenki saját szája íze szerint változtathat, az otthon levő anyagok tükrében. Nos, ami mindenképpen kell: az egy alap, henger forma, ami vagy készen van, papírtörlő, wc papír vagy ragasztószalag henger, ezek hiányában készíteni kell egyet, az sem nagyon bonyolult.

Ezen kívül biztosan kelleni fog mindenféle karton, vékony zsinór, szalag, fogpiszkáló, üveggyöngy. A technikai részekhez ragasztó, jó, ha van ragasztópisztoly, de anélkül is megy, illetve én celluxot is használtam. Aztán az összeállításhoz szerelőkarikák, de ez is megoldható máshogyan. Ha megvan az alap, akkor veszek egy kartont, aminek azért van elég tartása, és abból készítem el az alap és fedőlapot, az alább látható módon: Amikor készen van az alap, a díszítés kezdődik és innen mindenki szabad kezet kap:) Vagy ahová szánjátok… Ugly Sweater Ornaments. What? An ugly sweater ornament? Of course! For the past decade or so, ugly sweater parties have become all the rage. In the 70s and 80s it was actually quite the fashion statement to wear gawdy sweaters covered with Christmas garb. The trend died down in the early 90’s, but at the beginning of the new century a fun trend began where people try to out-do each other and be the party guest wearing the ugliest sweater.

It’s funny how trends start isn’t it? I’m really happy with how mine turned out. I found my embellishments at the craft store. Note: some links below are affiliate links. As always, a full printable supply list and instructions are at the end of this post.For this project you will need the following supplies: Print the patterns and cut them out.Stack two pieces of same color felt and use the pattern to cut out two shirts. Use glue to attach the hanger to one of the felt shirts. . * I use Beacon 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue. Hope you enjoyed this project, have fun! More ornament ideas. Clay Pot Snowmen Ornaments. Clay Pot Snowmen Ornaments 3 – 2˝ Natural Clay Pot 1 Pkg. – 7 mm White Pom Poms (using leftover multicolor or handmade yarn pom-poms)1 Pkg. – White Sculpey III Clay (using some leftover orange clay)1 Skein – DMC Metallic Silver Floss (Using left over ribbons)?

Folk Art® Metallic Acrylic Paint: Aquamarine (using what I have on hand)1 Skein – DMC White Floss (using yarn from my stash)E-6000® Adhesive Fine Grit Sand PaperScraps of Knit Fabric (using fleece & felt I have on hand)Delta Ceramcoat® Acrylic Paint: Lt. Ivory, Blue Heaven, Ocean Reef Blue, Lime Sorbet, Tangerine, Georgia Clay, Tompte Red, Yellow, Spice Brown and Black (using what I have on hand) I love these cute Clay Pot Snowman ornies from Hobby Lobby! Since I am not a patient painter (LOL), I plan to decoupage some scrapbook paper scraps onto the bottom rims instead of the detailed painting. To use up things I have, I will also use ready made trims, fleece, ribbons and yarn from my stash. DIY GIFT BLOG by truebluemeandyou.

Scrabble Christmas ornaments | Christmas Ornaments. Printable Paint Stick Ornaments {Tutorial} Re you looking for fun and in-expensive Christmas tree ornaments or gift tags, to make for yourself, or maybe for a neighbor or teacher gift? If so, this might be just what you've been looking for! There is no need for vinyl on this craft, the sayings are all printed and copied onto scrapbook paper and then Mod Podged onto...get this... a paint stick!

The best part...they cost next to nothing! I've put a tutorial together with all of my tips and tricks. It was a light bulb sort of moment when it came to me to use 5 gallon size paint sticks to make these ornaments. Ready to get Started? Paint sticks: The paint sticks must be the large 5 gallon sticks (nearly 1 1/2" wide). Tip: If you ask the employee if you can buy some from them to make a craft, most often they will just give them to you for free. One paint stick will make 4-4" long ornaments and 1-snowman ornament No vinyl required... Template Example: Black Wire: You can buy it at JoAnn Fabrics for $1.49 per roll. 1.  2. 3. 5. 6. 7. Christmas Ornament Exchange. My grandmother is having a ornament exchange at this year's Christmas get-together, and this is the ornament that I made for the event.

It was really simple, and I love how it turned out. Time: 10 minutes Supplies: 1 clear ornament (mine came from Micheal's) Fake snow or confetti (glitter would be cute too) Natural berries and greenery Block letters (I got a whole bag of these at Wal-Mart for $3 in the necklace/bracelet making section) Ribbon Glue Tweezers Steps: 1. DIY Cookie Cutter Ornaments For Less Than $1 - I mentioned on my other blog Washi Tape Crafts that I had gone diving in the Target dollar bins recently.

Well, glitter tape wasn’t the only thing that I bought. A four-pack of plastic cookie cutters also caught my eye. And not because I wanted to make cookies (although now that sounds delicious) – I bought them to make ornaments! And what makes that fantastic is that I already had everything else on hand, so the ornaments were only $.25 a piece for me. Gather These Supplies Cookie cutters – mine were plastic, four for $1Christmas scrapbook paperCoordinating ribbonCraft glueScissorsPencilDrill or nail and hammer (something to create a hole) Here’s my four pack of cookie cutters.

Trace each cookie cutter onto the back of the scrapbook paper of your choice. Cut out your shapes. Next you are going to make sure that each of your shapes has a hole at the top. Add glue to the edge of the cookie cutter and press down onto the paper. What do you think? Dollar Store Snow Ball Christmas Ornament. I love making Christmas Ornaments. So much that sometimes I worry that one year I'm going to run out of room on my tree to hang them up! This ornament was super easy to make and used materials from the dollar store so it's super affordable, too!

Supplies Some of the links in my supply lists may be affiliate links. Directions Step 1: Write on the bucket I wrote "Let it Snow" in a dot style alphabet with the marker. Step 2: Cut the styrofoam ball in half Rub the two sides together to remove the crumbly edges. Step 3: Add snowballs Squeeze a generous amount of glue onto the styrofoam.

Step 4: Make a ribbon hanger Cut a length of the thin ribbon and tie it onto the handle to create a way to hang the ornament. That's it! Do you love Christmas ornaments, too? Mini Christmas Stockings - Simply Notable. Personalized Glitter Ornaments. Homemade Christmas ornaments are always an excellent gift, but when you take the time to personalize them by using the recipient's initial, the gift becomes that much more special. These monogram ornaments are made up in Christmasy glitz and sparkles, but also featuring colors that could easily hang on a doorknob or a package any time of year. I used aqua and silver with touches of gold and white because I was thinking about the movie Frozen when I made them (the recipients will appreciate the thought), but these would look great in just about any color under the rainbow.

Let's make some! Materials: Wood or Cardboard initials (purchase or make your own) Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. The magic happens when the glitter settles in the crevasses between the sequins. One of my favorite ways to use these ornaments is to tie them on another package. Pine Cone Elves | Sisters, What! I randomly came across pine cone elves a bit a go and loved them so much that I just had to make some.

Seriously, they were so easy and quick to make and just look at darn cute!!! DIY Pine Cone Elves Supplies: Felt - I got wool felt because I love the look. Wood craft beads Pine Cones Recycled cardboard Hot glue gun ||1|| Cut a triangle for the hat. ||2|| Roll the triangle into a hat and hot glue the seams. ||3|| Glue the wooden bead onto the pine cone. ||4|| Now carefully glue the cone hat to the head. ||5|| Now cut out that cute little scarf. ||6|| Now get your recycled cardboard (reduce, reuse : ) ), and cut a small circle and glue it to the bottom of the elf.

For the little gifts, I made a skeleton box out of cardboard and then wrapped it in brown paper. And there you have it, some cute little elf. This week my Pine Cone Elves are thethe first annual Home for the Holidays Blog Tour brought to you by Sondra Lyn at Home! Here is the line-up for the week: Monday - Gifts and Wrapping. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments. The ugly Christmas sweater party trend has been coming up a few years, and I hope it sticks around a few years more! But. As much as I love a good party uniform, I feel like there should be another occasion to show off some serious ugly sweater fabulousness.

In my most humble opinion, the “ugly” part is subjective. I’ve never met a rhinestone I didn’t love. And, you know what they say: You can’t polish a turd but you can always roll it in glitter. Not than an ugly sweater is a turd, but yeah. No. Materials: Felt Tacky Glue Sequins, rhinestones, buttons, glitter, fabric glue, fancy things from your craft stash you don’t get to use often enough Wire Sharp scissors After you have a sweater template in hand (here is mine, if you want it), lay the shoulders over the folded edge of a piece of felt, then cut around. After you cut out your shape (or make a whole bunch) you can decorate them, not unlike cookies. This would make a perfect party craft. Terra Cotta Christmas Bells! Use mini terracotta pots to make these adorable Christmas Bells!

You will need: Thick Hemp CordMini Terracotta PotsLarge BellsMiniature Bells (10 mm)FleeceWired GarlandFabric ScissorsWire CutterJewelry Pendant or Make Your Own Pendant out of Scrabble LettersJump RingsPaint (optional)White Paint Marker (optional)Scissors Paint your pots (optional step)! Use a paint + primer. Cut the thread off of a bell. Make a knot an inch above the bell. Pull both ends of the hemp through the hole on the bottom of the terracotta pot. Cut a piece of fleece approximately 10" x 3". Tie the fleece around the hemp cords. Cut three or four pieces of wire garland, four or five inches long. Twist the wire garland around the hemp (above the fleece). Put the pendant around ONE strand of hemp. Place two small bells on a jump ring.

Use as a door hanger, ornament or chair hanger! This post contains Affiliate Links! Hazel & Ruby Blog | DIY Paper Wreath >>> Hazel & Ruby Style. Hi everyone, Katie here! Today I’m sharing the tutorial for this Christmas wreath with you guys! My Sister was in town recently and we had a craft day, so we got out my Hazel and Ruby tissue papers and made this pretty wreath to put on the door. Supplies: Wreath FormHazel and Ruby Papers- Candy Apple/White Polka Dot, Mod Grey/White Polka Dot, Lace is the Place, Golden Doilies, Glassine and Gold ScissorsHot GlueChristmas BowChristmas Pinecone Embellishment 1.

Start by cutting your papers into 4″ squares. 2. Repeat with remaining paper squares. 3. 4. 5. 6. Now you have a pretty, yet simple wreath! Help [ME] Ronda: Spool Christmas Tree. When i saw these tiny spools i always knew i wanted to do a mini Christmas Tree. The season is upon us and i finally got a chance to put my ideas into creation. We are celebrating Christmas in Doha with Andy. Our decorations will be limited but i am bringing some small things to decorate his apartment like this tree. This cute little tree measuring 5 inches tall could be a simple decor to place around the house or use it as a place setting for Christmas dinner. I am going to give you step by step directions to create this adorable spool Christmas tree. Maya Road Supplies: Other: Book pages, Vintage Sheet Music, Baker's twine, Glitter Glue, Manilla Folder, Circle Punches, liquid glue, cream cardstock printed title. 1.

Peace & Love. Help [ME] Ronda: Poinsettia Wreath. DIY Christmas Decor: Jingle Bell Tree - Crafts Unleashed. A blog about pretty things: How to Create a Custom Shadowbox: Holiday Style (and GIVEAWAY) Not Your Typical Putz House. DIY Tutorial: Wreath Pendant | onelmon. Restyled Spool Christmas Tree. Pixels & Company » DIY Christmas Village and November Hybrid Roundup. DIY Holiday Spool Necklaces. Project: Sparkling Thread Spool Ornaments. Pretty paper baubles. Wishing Spool Christmas Ornament Craft « Holiday Crafts « iCraft Daily. Blackberry House blog formerly Make Mine Beautiful: Darling Thread Spool Christmas Ornaments - A Complete Tutorial. Ormolu: Santa List Ornaments. A Festival of Christmas Topiary Trees: Craft vintage Crepe Paper Topiary Trees. DIY Christmas ornament wreath. Christmas Stocking Fun. Christmas Stocking Fun Part 2. Coordinately Yours Entertaining & Design that Celebrates Life: DIY Ornament Swag. EDDIE ROSS: Crafts. DIY Mason Jar Lid Ornaments.