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7 Christmas Social Media Campaigns that Rock. I’ve always said that when it comes to marketing the internet is an open book – and it’s even searchable.

7 Christmas Social Media Campaigns that Rock

Since it’s almost Christmas most retailers are running holiday campaigns with social media. Learn from watching what others do and then modify their ideas to fit your needs. Note the landing pages, the rules, design, and apps they use. Look at how they titled the contest. Try out contests just to see how easy (or not) they are to enter and share with others.

5 Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas for Christmas. Summer is unfortunately over.

5 Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas for Christmas

Boo Hoo. Here in the UK, it’s been one of the best we’ve had for a long time and whilst we soak up the last of the September sun, it’s also time to start thinking about your Christmas Social Media Campaigns! Here are our top 5 ideas for social media campaigns you can run in the lead up to Christmas. Each is a great way to increase your fan base, drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, build your email or mailing list, gather data and drive those Christmas sales!

1) Advent Calendar.

Landing page

Big Brand Christmas Landing Page Designs. The festive season is upon us, and we marketers are in the midst of a whirlwind of seasonal activity.

Big Brand Christmas Landing Page Designs

Campaigns have been planned, copy written, and artwork designed and prepared. Over the past week or so the fruits of this collective labour are finally being revealed, as retailers unveil this year's Christmas campaigns. I’m not going to lie, i’m a sucker for Christmas – what’s not to love about having a few glorious days off work to spend with friends and loved ones? In my case, this largely involves me lying slumped in front of the Xbox for hours on end and gorging myself on Chocolate Oranges (the ones filled with popping candy totally rock!)

, but I digress. Creative Social Media Campaigns for Christmas. Now that Halloween’s officially over there’s only one direction to go in for your businesses: towards the holiday season.

Creative Social Media Campaigns for Christmas

While years ago the ‘holiday’ season didn’t start until Black Friday, it seems like these days, the unofficial start to the madness begins November 1st. Creative Social Media Holiday Campaigns. Keeping seasonality in mind for your marketing campaigns and social media efforts is always a good idea – but with the inundation of holiday related marketing, advertisements and retailer push to get people in the door and spending money, it can be difficult to design a campaign that sticks out and gains attention this time of year.

Creative Social Media Holiday Campaigns

That being said, the holidays are all about connecting with people, sharing traditions, and building memories so it’s only natural that social media has become an integral part of the holiday season, and is even enhanced this time of year. As I wrote earlier this year, Thanksgiving recently became a record breaking event on Instagram, and the upcoming holiday season is sure to bust that previous set record. Here are a few examples of memorable holiday social media campaigns: Sephora Claus Sephora has long been among the leading brands willing to get creative with their digital and social campaigns. The beauty company then granted one wish per day for 30 days. Pinterest: New Feature Focuses on Travelers. On Wednesday 20th November, Pinterest launched a new expansion of their site’s features called Place Pins.

Pinterest: New Feature Focuses on Travelers

Justin Edmund, a product designer with Pinterest, is quoted as saying that this feature is “designed to combine the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map online”, but why take a turn towards the travel industry and what exactly are Place Pins? There is no denying that Pinterest is a popular social media site, particularly given the data from comScore. Their recent statistics focusing on the mobile share of time spent on the given site shows Pinterest with an impressive 88.1% – putting the site marginally behind Twitter, which has 88.4%, and Instagram (96.6%), and ahead of Facebook with its 64.6% – and the site is looking towards the travel industry as a means of protecting this status and advancing the brand.

Introducing Place Pins, for the explorer in all of us. About a year ago, we noticed Pinners creating more and more boards around the vacations they’re planning, special places near where they live and sites they want to see someday.

Introducing Place Pins, for the explorer in all of us

In fact, every day people Pin about 1.5 million places, and now there are more than 750 million Pins of these destinations on Pinterest. We asked ourselves, how can we help people turn their travel inspiration into reality? Today, we’re taking a first step toward that goal with Place Pins. Place Pins were designed to combine the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map online so you can share it with friends. You can access them from anywhere on your Android device or iPhone, too, which means you can find new places on the go and even get directions! Place Pins also include extra details like the address and phone number right on the Pin so you can easily pull up useful info on a weekend adventure or before a night out.