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TISSUE PAPER BALLS. I visited Theresa and Iva while they were making these giant paper balls to decorate their day center ТУК-ТАМЕ – Къщата (Here&There – the House).


It will soon turn into one of the magic places in Sofia, a place where kids can study after school or, come summer, play in the front yard as much as they like. The balls can be made in a cinch – and they instantly transform any room. They are suitable for decorating kids’ parties. Similar balls (but made of cellophane) will be used to decorate the front yard of ТУК-ТАМЕ. Here’s how to make the balls: you need 8 sheets of tissue paper for each ball. When you’re done, tie the paper in the middle with a string. Spread the two parts like a fan and slowly separate each layer, supporting them with one hand while holding it with the other.

Raise the 4 layers very carefully (the paper is thin and breaks easily). You will now have half a ball. Valentine Day’s GARLAND. Easy NO-GLUE Red-and-White Garlands. This is a very pleasant activities for kids who are good at working with scissors.

Easy NO-GLUE Red-and-White Garlands

I guarantee at least an hour of peace and calm 🙂 Kids can both cut away the shapes and link them together. Just show them how to do it. We had the same type of Christmas garlands. Now we have prepared the red-and-white Baba Marta version. One A4 sheet of paper makes 4 elements. Three easy winter ideas from folded paper. Majowa łąka na 3 sposoby - Uwielbiam cudowny majowy czas, kiedy przyroda rozkwita zielenią i coraz to nowymi barwami.

Majowa łąka na 3 sposoby -

Najpiękniej wygląda teraz majowa łąka z kwitnącymi makami, jaskrami, stokrotkami, mniszkami lekarskimi oraz uwijającymi się kolorowymi owadami. Grandma’s portrait. Make a grandma’s portrait together with the kids from KREATIVNOST organisation.

Grandma’s portrait

This is a marvelous old lady with lipstick and rouge, pearl earrings and а ribbon in her white hair. You will need coloured sheets of paper, cotton for the grey hair, lace collar, made of border punch and glue for paper. Funny Pensils. Look at the merry pencils, made by the kids who took part in the Saturday workshop organized by the kid’s theater group Camel in Ruse/Bulgaria.

Funny Pensils

You need a pencil, polystyrene ball and various kinds of thread, cloth and dolls’ eyes. The hair (use thread) is attached to the ball with the help of a wooden stick. Best Autumn Hairstyles. Christmas CANDLEHOLDERS. H0w to make: Santa Watch video: Santa H0w to make REINDEER Watch video: REINDEER H0w to make STARS.


Winter Fairy Tale. Here is interesting project of KIDS ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOP in Sofia – Winter Fairy Tale.

Winter Fairy Tale

Аttached is a template file for the cardboard boxes: template -box: PAPER WINTER. To sweep the leaves. Christmas Decorations. Paper christmas ornaments. Snowflakes. 2 Minute Christmas Cards. DIY SPICE JARS. Kids from “Sinchetz” group in Slatze kindergarden in Kyustendil and their teach Elena Konzorova sent us this wonderful idea. printable templates ( PDF):


LADYBUG VALENTINES. FACE – MARTENITSA. MONSTERS. Balloon Faces. These faces have been made by children from The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel”.

Balloon Faces

The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” was established by a group of professionals who make performances with puppets and carry out projects to develop the imagination, creativity and art art skills for the kids between 7 and 90. BEAR CRAFT  TO SWEEP THE LEAVES. SANTA CLAUS. PAPER CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS. Christmas CANDLEHOLDERS. PAPER WINTER. Gwiazdka. Aniołki. Mikołaj. Świąteczne wycinanki. Świąteczna dekoracja. Bukiet z liści. The idea is not new (I couldn’t find the original source but I know that many people will help me), but that didn’t stop us from making those beautiful leaf roses and add to our collection of fall activities.

bukiet z liści

You have to choose leaves that are soft and pliable, not dry- we picked ours from the trees in the park. Fold each leaf as shown on the photo above. Start winding carefully at one end. After you wind the leaf into a roll, place the next leaf and roll it again, making sure it’s not too tight. When you make a beautiful rose, tie it with a strong piece of string. These are the roses made by Irina Stoyanova; they reminded us to post the instructions for this pretty autumn craft. Dynie - proste. Nawlekanie rurek na sznurówkę. You need 2 dollars – one for thin shoelaces and one for a package of drinking straws – engage in the ultimate fine motor skills activity, stringing. The good thing about shoelaces is the hard end which is so easy to thread through cut-up drinking straws.

It’s a good activity for kids over 2 years of age… but while my toddler was stringing, my much older kid also sat by our side with a shoelace in her hand… so the age thing is quite relative… Truskawka z papieru. Wiśnia z papieru. Maki. Rybki z papieru - układanka. Jesienne okno - ozdoba z liści. Watch video: A group of small kids from the Slancho group at kindergarten March 8, Tochilari village /Bulgaria/ have made these great autumn leaves applications and curtains for their study. They used stretch wrap and autumn leaves. This idea is great! Liście z papieru. It may be a little bit late to post these autumn leaves, but they are worth it. I saw the initial idea in my child’s creche. It took me some time to perfect the pattern and the instructions.

You will need: colored printer sheets, a pair of scissors, a pencil and some glue. Liściaki. These are the autumn leaves ideas of two authors that we love a lot - Ladybirds in my garden and The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” Kasztany, żołędzie i liście. Тhis is the result from our last walk in the Borissova Garden Here are a few easy and amusing projects for things you can make with chestnuts, acorns and plasticine. You don’t have to puncture the chestnuts or do anything that would be impossible for a child…

Fryzury. “I’m crazy in love with you” Pazury z origami. Animals of plastikowe kubeczki. The kids that took part in the regular Saturday workshop of the group for kid’s theater Camel in mall of Ruse show us their animals of paper cups. Field flowers. Paper flowers. Floral Collages. DIY Liny kwiatowe. DIY calla lilly. Kwiatki z temperowanych kredek. SAND ART. Here are some ideas for making pictures on the beach if it’s so full of beautiful pebbles as the one in Byala last week. You can also use seashells, seaweed, flowers… Help the kids with the basic shape and let them finish the pictures alone. DIY SUMMER BRACELET. You will need 4 different-colored strings of equal length.

Karmik. Karmik eko. Biżuteria- obierki. Ozdoby z obierek. Merry Penguins. Glove MONSTERS. Balerina. Balerina. DIY Alarm Clock. Papierowa lala. 9 pomysłów na świąteczne zabawki. DIY choinka paierowa. Choinka papierowa. Mikołajek z łyżki. Paper candles. Apples and walnuts. Paper Tree and Snowball GARLAND. PAPER PLATE Ideas. Patyczki higieniczne. Paper bag – heart. Wazon na kwiaty. 3D paper heart. Heart-shaped wreath. PomPon. Jedzenie. Paluszaki. DIY wachlarz. Let’s Cook! Simple Apple Craft. Rybka. Maski karnawałowe.

Recykling pojemniki. Wooden Spoon DOLLS. Seeds Pictures. Paper Umbrella. Shadow PUPPETS. Obrazy ze stopy. Obrazy z ręki. Monstersy. FACE PRINTABLES for Drawing Hair and Make-Up. DIY Sundial. Sidewalk PORTRAIT. Raw Egg EXPERIMENT.