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Crochet Snowflakes

150+ Free Christmas Crochet Patterns. With Christmas right around the corner, a crocheters Christmas To-Do keeps growing.

150+ Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

But, before it starts growing, you gotta do your research and start gathering all your patterns and ideas. Whether your to-do list includes decor for the home or a gift for someone in the family, This round-up will surely have you covered. Gorgeous Frosty Pinecone Craft - Kids Craft Room. Crochet Galore: Crocheted Snow Swirls. Crochet bell tutorial - Knit & Crochet Christmas. I enjoy making these crochet bells as you learn the pattern quickly by heart.

Crochet bell tutorial - Knit & Crochet Christmas

These can be Christmas tree decorations or you can attach them to cards or use as gift tags. I’m sure there are many ideas for using the bells that I haven’t thought of, please tell me in the comments! The bells in the photos are made in sport weight cotton or bamboo yarn (50 g/150 m, 1.7 oz/164 yards) , using hook 3 mm. In that yarn they are about 10 cm (4 in) high. But you can make them in any yarn or thread and get different sizes. I have hardened these using a wood glue and water mix. Someone just commented that these bells could also be used as wedding decoration or in wedding cards. Here is first a close-up photo for those who like to crochet just from a picture. Pattern The video shows step by step how to make the bell. Here is the video about hardening with glue. Crochet bell tutorial - Knit & Crochet Christmas. Jingle Bells Garland. Jingle Bells Garland ~ FREE Crochet Pattern After crocheting this granny scrubby dishcloth I realized that Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle yarn had a nice holiday sparkle to it.

Jingle Bells Garland

As a result this cool jingle bells garland came about. It’s simple to crochet. And I want to say that it’s quick too, but I found it quite time-consuming to string the bells and keep sliding them down. Christmas Archives - Crochet Pattern Bonanza. Meremade: Salty Dough Ornaments. What you'll need:1 cup salt1 cup flour1/2 cup watercookie cutters1 chopstick (to make hole in dough)tempera paint in many colorsbrushes Mix everything together until the dough is formed.

meremade: Salty Dough Ornaments

You may need to keep adding flour little by little until it's no longer sticky. We used cookie cutters (both Christmas-themed and Star Wars-themed) to mold dough into shapes. Using the chopstick, place a hole at the top of the dough ornament. Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament. Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament is the 3rd in my "Ringing In Christmas" ornament series.

Christmas Wreath Ring Ornament

Each ornament is made by crocheting around a 2" plastic ring. Christmas Tree Pattern. Christmas Tree Learn to crochet a Christmas Tree that is assembled together by motifs stacking up on top of each other.

Christmas Tree Pattern

The pattern is very simple to follow and the are three sizes. You can do the 6.5″ Tall Version all the way to the 13.5″ version. There is a Styrofoam cone in the middle to keep the motifs perfectly aligned on each other as they sit effortlessly on top of each other. The video tutorial is a guide to how the pattern works as well as a quick run through with one of the motifs to show you more details about it. 27 Free Beautiful Christmas Decor and Ornament Crochet Patterns. Make It Joyful. Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern. View topic - CROCHET CHRISTMAS TREE PATTERN. Date Posted: 08:58:49 12/05/05 Mon Author: Joan(Utah) Subject: Crochet Tree Photo--Joanne Tree ... rochet.jpg This is from the lovely lady that sent me the directions and made the tree, I have not made it yet.


Joan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Date Posted: 12:00:41 12/08/05 Thu Author: Joan(Utah) Subject: Here are the complete instructions Crochet Christmas Tree grab it quick and then delete this message Apparantly all the emails I send left off the bottom of the pattern, hope this does not infringe on copyright but I just can not remail all those that requested the pattern and I feel bad I did not realize until today that it was not complete, so snag it and then hopefully the administrator will delete this message.

H- Hook 4-Ply Yarn, Green, White or color of choice 1 – 9” Styrofoam Cone, 1 – 6” round flat Styrofoam disk (Glue cone to disk before putting tree over the cone.) FOUNDATION: Starting at tip, Chain 4. Row 5: Loop Row. 800400_MantelSkirtEdgingThreadCrochet.pdf. That Crafty Girl From Ohio: Decorate Your Home With 15+ Free Christmas Crochet Patterns. It's just too much fun to find all of these amazing free crochet patterns.

That Crafty Girl From Ohio: Decorate Your Home With 15+ Free Christmas Crochet Patterns

My last round up was a collection of free crochet tree patterns but this collection is going to be a little bit of everything to bring your home some holiday cheer this season. All of these patterns are free at the time of posting but some of them are specials for the 2014 holiday season and some of these patterns may not be available for free in the future so make sure you download them all now!

Special Note -- I do not own any of the pictures on this post. Please do not use these images with out first contacting the original owner, Thanks and enjoy all of these wonderful patterns. The image credit links point to the designers Ravelry page or somewhere similar where you can see more of their amazing make sure you check those out too! This Christmas stocking is great for the whole family. X-mas Penguins The blog is in German but the pattern is in English and very easy to follow.

DIY: Snow Pinecone Ornament. Do It Yourself Divas Sisters Meg and Steph discovered that while living the life of poor, newlywed, college students, with fresh little babies in the middle of The Great Recession they could still have what they needed and wanted if they got to work and created things with their own hands.

DIY: Snow Pinecone Ornament

This mindset has saved them thousands of dollars in living expenses, and as they share their knowledge with others, the savings keeps growing.