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Gulp. The world's largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8.

Gulp. The world's largest stop-motion animation shot on a Nokia N8.

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A moment of silence for the Western Black Rhino Officially extinct Another beautiful species that we won't see again. The western black rhino, which is a sub-species of black rhino, was was once widespread in the savanna of sub-Saharan Africa, but no more. The last individual was spotted in 2006, and after years without any new sightings, it was officially declared extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), who maintains the famous Red List of Threatened Species. Wikimedia/Public Domain The IUCN warns that other rhinos could follow saying Africa's northern white rhino is "teetering on the brink of extinction" while Asia's Javan rhino is "making its last stand" due to continued poaching and lack of conservation."

Night work - 1.4 Paris-based Kendy Ty writes, shoots and edits short films in his spare time on zero budget. Take a look at his latest beautifully shot intrigue Did you shoot Veuve Noire outside of your day job? Yes during the day I’m community manager for a website so I shot everything in my free time in my usual DIY way with my small Canon 550d and the sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. I know how to edit and post produce so I it was a one-man band process. The Last Great Auk The black and white Great Auk was a beautiful bird of bizarre proportions. Its ribbed beak was huge and unwieldy, its legs were too short and its stubby wings were far too small to carry its big body into the air. In these regards, the Great Auk’s clumsy appearance rivals that of the Dodo.

This Eerily Beautiful Dystopian Short Film, Shot by Chris Doyle, Will Leave You Wanting More In the past two years, I have written about quite a few cinematographers. Of that hefty group, few have stolen my heart quite like Hong Kong-based DP Christopher Doyle, whose cinematographic work with legendary director Wong Kar Wai will go down as some of the best in history. A new Doyle-shot short film just so happens to be making its way around the web, and, as you might expect, it looks absolutely fantastic.

Sign into Flipboard — Flipboard No account? Sign up for a Flipboard account through the Flipboard app Sign up in the app Download the app for iOS Download the app for Android This Delectable Doc Series on Gourmet Sandwiches Reminds Us to Follow Our Passions You may remember Roberto Serrini from his stylish short doc about a motorcycle mechanic who hates motorcycles. However, Serrini is also a sandwich fiend on a quest to find and document the world's best sandwiches. In honor of National Sandwich Day -- yes, it's a real thing, look it up -- we're sharing the no-budget web series boldly titled Make Me a Sandwich, which was brought into existence by Serrini and producer/world-renowned chef Jeremy Spector.

Watch: Tarantino-esque 'Moto Borgotaro' Breaks the Biographical Short Doc Mold It turns out that not all biographical short docs these days are exactly alike. A few weeks back, we shared a hilarious parody of a documentary style that has become all too common in today's internet culture. The style consists of plentiful voiceover, often soft and contemplative, slow motion shots of a subject as they take on mundane tasks, copious amounts of silhouetting, backlighting, and shallow depth of field, all of which is topped off with an emotive, atmospheric soundtrack. Of course, these filmmaking techniques are fine in and of themselves, as they can all be effective. However, when they're all used together, and when seemingly everybody is doing it to some extent, our content all starts to look and sound the same.

People Who Achieve Their Goals Do These 5 Things When Angela Duckworth was 27, she left her high-pressure management-consulting job for an even tougher gig: teaching seventh-grade math at a New York City public school. Duckworth quickly learned it wasn’t smarts that determined whether her students accomplished their goals and got good grades—not by a long shot. “I was convinced every one of my students could learn the material if they worked long and hard enough,” she says in her popular TED talk. After a few years of teaching, Duckworth found herself asking the question, “What if doing well in school and in life depends on much more than your ability to learn quickly and easily?” She’s made a career of that question, becoming a psychologist who has studied how and why people set and—most importantly—achieve their goals. A key quality she’s found that separates the winners from the losers?

Adam Newport-Berra's 'Greenwood' Will Make Your Eyes & Ears Happy In the hustle and bustle of today's film world, it's rare to find a piece that so rigorously carves out space for quiet contemplation. This beautiful short Greenwood is a 20-minute favor to yourself. Filmmaker Adam Newport-Berra, (DP of Creative Control, First Winter) follows two men into the forest of upstate New York as we watch a slow, patient process unfold before our eyes. The World Factbook The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We read every letter, fax, or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate. However, with limited staff and resources, we simply cannot respond to all who write to us. Contact Information Submit questions or comments online By postal mail: Central Intelligence Agency Office of Public Affairs Washington, D.C. 20505

Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton Song Lyrics writers: BEN HAGGERTY, RYAN S LEWIS copyright: Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind Intelligent Life magazine In 1914 John G. Bartholomew, the scion of an Edinburgh mapmaking family and cartographer royal to King George V, published “An Atlas of Economic Geography”. It was a book intended for schoolboys and contained everything a thrusting young entrepreneur, imperialist, trader or traveller could need.

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