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16 Mom-Tested Time Management Tips - Organizing Moms Feel like you have no time at all? Looking for ways to better manage your time? You’ve come to the right place! Time management is a challenge for everyone – especially moms. Inner Alignment of Intelligences This is a pattern designed to use your seven kinds of smart. The first part is a sequential instruction set. The second part lays out the same instructions in a way that will enable you to print them and use them for the pattern easily. Here is how these Intelligences might be accessed and aligned within us for a particular purpose. Step 1 Label 7 cards with the 7 kinds of smart. (Or print and cut the summary of anchors list.)

Wild Mood Swings - Surf the web on a whim. (C) Sean McManus <p style="font-size:x-large;">Oh no! You don't have Javascript enabled. Please <a href=" Javascript now</a> or the only moods you'll experience will be boredom and frustration.</p><hr noshade> 20 more awesomely untranslatable words from around the world If only you could use these words in Scrabble. Photo: Jeremy Mates When linguists refer to “untranslatable” words, the idea is not that a word cannot somehow be explained in another language, but that part of the essence of the word is lost as it crosses from one language to another. This often is due to different social and cultural contexts that have shaped how the word is used. In the novel Shame, Salman Rushdie’s narrator suggests: “To unlock a society, look at its untranslatable words.”

Time management for new moms Editor's note: If you've got a new baby, chances are, you've got a constant struggle with time management. We asked an expert, parent consultant and author Beth Herrild, for the tips and tricks new moms need to help keep life under control. It was a beautiful time when everything else stopped - like I was wrapped in a soft cocoon and nothing else mattered except my baby and my body," says Lou Ann, thinking wistfully about when she was a new mom. "For once, I felt kind of off the hook for the daily activities of life." Social Media Marketing Packages, SMO Pricing & Plans India **New Likes cannot be guaranteed without any paid activity Few years back, working with social media for the purpose of selling products and services would’ve been laughable. But we were right there on the front lines, learning and studying how people utilized these brand new services to talk to each other about companies, products, customer experiences and more. With over 9+ years of industry experience, we know exactly how to build SMO Packages India or Social Media Marketing packages & pricing, plan that cut to the chase, and deliver quality traffic and clean leads straight from the world’s biggest social networks. Through our Social Media packages & pricing in India, you get:

Memory Improvement Techniques - Improve Your Memory with © VeerPRZEMYSLAW PRZYBYLSKI Use these techniques to improve your memory. The tools in this section help you to improve your memory. 100 Ways to Nurture Yourself & Demanding Joy - StumbleUpon Probably the most important component to demanding your joy is learning to take excellent care of yourself – mind, body, and spirit. Think of caring for yourself as if you were your own child – giving to yourself at least as much as you give to others. You are worth it! Like joy itself, self-nurturing comes in many little bits. Here are 100 of those bits for your consideration.

25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist In English Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language, in fact it's the 3rd most commonly spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese and Spanish). Interestingly enough it's the number 1 second language used worldwide - which is why the total number of people who speak English, outnumber those of any other. But whilst it's the most widely spoken language, there's still a few areas it falls down on (strange and bizarre punctuation rules aside).

How To Be Your Most Productive Self: Let Go Of Being Perfect We live in an era of overachievement, and in this era flaunting those achievements (we’re looking at you, social media) is totally the norm. Because pretty much everyone’s achievements are on full display at all times, it can be easy to get caught up in the idea that “perfect is the new black,” and if you want to be successful in today’s hyper-competitive culture, you need to be perfect, too. If you subscribe to this idea that perfection is a prerequisite for success, you’re not alone: Perfectionism is on the rise in a major way, with studies finding significant jumps in the prevalence of perfectionist tendencies over the last three decades. But just because society is placing a higher value on perfection doesn’t mean you’re actually getting more done. “Perfect” and “productive” aren’t the same thing—and while you might think perfectionism is the key to racking up more achievements and getting more done, the truth is, perfectionism is actually counterproductive.

How to Write a Winning Social Media Proposal (Free Template Included) A good social media proposal will help you win clients, and a great one will help you keep them. A cross between a pitch and a contract, proposals formalize plans with clients, establish expectations, and—let’s be honest—show off just how socially savvy you are. If you’re a freelance social media professional or social media manager at an agency, it’s likely that you have been (or will be) involved in creating a social media proposal at some point. Follow these steps to make sure your next proposal checks off all the right boxes. And then use our free template to create your own in minutes. Quickly create your own social media proposal with our free and easy-to-use template.

5 Hallmarks of Bad Parenting That Are Actually Good for Kids Anyone who grew up in the '80s knows that parenting used to be a whole other ball of wax. Allergies were rare, kids roamed the suburbs in roving bicycle gangs and unsupervised adventures were around every corner. Kids who grew up in the '90s couldn't leave the house without a speech on stranger danger and an extra dose of Flintstones vitamins, just in case. But it turns out there are some things that lazy/negligent parents kind of got right. Label Services Pavement Entertainment, Inc. is a diversified full service entertainment company specializing in consulting, radio promotion, publicity, retail marketing, online marketing, music publishing, merchandising, artist management, and physical & digital distribution. We currently have over 20 years in the industry and a great reputation. We have a rich list of contacts that will help our clients succeed. We are a company with a single focus: to empower people interested in the music industry to reach their goals as independently as possible.

Wabi-Sabi: Translating the Beauty in Imperfection Wabi-sabi. It’s a concept, an aesthetic, and a worldview. It’s also a phrase that doesn’t translate directly from Japanese into English, and the ideas behind it may not immediately translate in the minds of those who haven’t encountered it before.

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