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Realism vs construction(a guide to choosing the right art education) This will be an attempt to outline and describe the basic renaissance system of construction, as it was taught by the russian master Boris B. Kazakov.I thought this thread could be a good way of students of different schools to share their ideas and perhaps outline aspects of their system. I spent one year in a school that only had this basic renaissance system.

Carlos Baena Home News About Contact ZBrush 4R7 Certification This is a program for those who really want to know how ZBrush works and how to make it work for them. Ryan Kingslien is going to teach you everything he learned as part of the development team at Pixologic as well as the tips, tricks, and techniques he’s learned from the amazing artists in residence at ZBrushWorkshops. The 5 most important lessons: Understanding each feature of ZBrush, what it does, and why Pixologic designed it that way.The best way to use those tools and how to use ZBrush more intuitively.How to string features together to create highly effective workflows and get work done faster than ever before.Ryan Kingslien's personal sculpting methods and how to put your knowledge of ZBrush to work with a study of the human faceHow to tap into your creativity with ZBrush, and use the features to unlock your inner sculptor and reach your full potential as an artist!

Comic Strip Tutorial, Best Inking Methods, Inking Tools, Pens, Brushes, Paper The Best Inking Methods, Tools, Pens, Brushes, and Paper -or- So, How Do You Create These Cartoons? Note: I used this method from 1993 to 1999. Check below for my new method. Top 5 Online Art Courses That Are Worth Paying For Self teaching is a completely viable route for learning to draw and paint. There are so many great courses you can watch from your home computer that it’d be foolish to ignore this potential. But there are way too many video courses online that promise to make you a great artist. The truth is that you need to make yourself a great artist; these videos can only act as guides. And with so many options to choose it can be tough knowing where to start. This post specifically covers the best paid courses that can be streamed online or downloaded to your computer.

My Learning Log Project 3 Tone and form Research 3 Odilon Redon Technical Investigation of Odilon Redon’s noirs and pastels Noirs (note early use of oiled charcoal and resin based fixatives that yellow the ground) During this period Redon worked exclusively in black using a combination of chalk, conte, inks and charcoal to achieve the depth of his blacks Landscape, 1868. The Artist, The Realist, and The Critic One of the things I love about Creature Design is that it gives us license to play... Play, play, play and just create monsters like we used to... back when times were simplier and we sketched in our journals and watched star trek marathons. Why did things ever get so complicated?

e5074208blog While there are many ‘tutorials’ on the internet claiming to teach you how to paint like Ashley Wood, none of them are by the artist himself and are very inaccurate. Alot of the people posting these tutorials are under the impression that all of his work are digital matt paintings. They couldn’t be further from the truth, he is a fine artist who embraces all methods for creating images, as shown in the below interview with ‘ComicBookResources’. Image: An example of Ashley Wood's oil on canvas paintings An Interview in 2001 with ‘ComicBookResources’ where Ashley Wood discusses his technique.

Muddy Colors: Figure Drawing Resources Redux -By Arnie Fenner Back in 2014—and again in 2016—I did a post about a free resource for nude models on YouTube. As I said before, since there are always new visitors to MC and blogger doesn't make searching the archives the easiest, I thought it would be helpful to remind everyone again of these invaluable videos. If you don't have access to live models or figure drawing classes (or the moola for one or the other) the Croquis Cafe: The Artist Model Resource is a lifesaver. There are several hundred videos with new additions posted fairly regularly. Poses are held from 1 to 5 minutes, you can fill your screen and freeze frames for as long as you might need, and the various videos feature men and women of all ethnicities and body types. Materials Guide Pens For those starting out with their sketching, pens are a good way to getb etter faster. Using a pen makes you commit to the lines you are throwing down. To become a great athlete it requires practice and training…don’t fool yourself, its the same thing here. There is no such thing as a “magic pen,” there is only the designer who has worked it out so much that he/she produces their own magic.

PBR Theory By Jeff Russell Physically-based rendering (PBR) is an exciting, if loosely defined, trend in real time rendering lately. The term is bandied about a lot, often generating confusion as to what exactly it means.

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