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Save Loomis!

Save Loomis!

Welcome to Aviary 7 Tutorials 39 Comments | July 1, 2008 Here are 7 tutorials I’ve found on the net, some better than others. If you know if any other good ones, please share in the comments! “Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth” by Andrew Loomis (PDF, 24MB) One of the quintessential books by Hogarth on drawing the human figure: a must have! Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Cedarseed on deviantArt Character Drawing by Tracy Butler The Human Body by J. Human Proportions by Don Jusko Many more Youtube videos by Riven Phoenix Human Anatomy by Rey Bustos

Illustration TOM SHEEHAN PHOTOGRAPHER Focused Practice: An Exercise for Real Improvement in 33 days | Figure & Gesture DrawingFigure Simply sitting down and banging out a few gesture drawings every day is a great way to stay in drawing shape, but it will rarely propel you to a new level of artistic achievement. If your goal is to simply “get better,” your progress is likely to be slow and demoralizing. Studies show that people who get to be top in their field, from artists to computer programmers to Olympians, nearly all engage in focused practice on a regular basis. This means that every time they practice, they have a goal in mind. They don’t say to themselves “Be a better gymnast,” they think instead, “Add an inch to my long jump.” Practice that has a clearly defined goal helps your brain to notice the specific information that you need to help you get to that goal. Step 1: Identify what you’d like to be better at, and be specific. “I want to be a better artist” is far too vague. Step 2: Try to break this goal down into smaller goals. My goal to improve my faces has a number of smaller problems I’d like to address:

Mental Andy Flickr : Creative Commons Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license. Here are some recently added bits and pieces: Attribution License » 89719302 photos (See more) Attribution-NoDerivs License » 23681496 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License » 110543413 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial License » 60520198 photos (See more) Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License » 128800338 photos (See more) Attribution-ShareAlike License » 46552376 photos (See more) Public Domain Dedication (CC0) » 3593706 photos (See more) Public Domain Mark » 9757731 photos (See more) "Creative Commons is a non-profit that offers an alternative to full copyright." Briefly... Attribution means: You let others copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work - and derivative works based upon it - but only if they give you credit. Add a Creative Commons license to your photostream.

Fit Andy Nobrow Nobrow has moved and improved for all you stragglers out there! click here to see our snazzy new home Hi Everyone, firstly, I’m sorry it has been such a long time since our last post - you see, between designing, editing, proofreading, printing, and the construction we have had going on in our office the last few weeks, we have had no time to keep all you lovely people up to date! What we at Nobrow are particularly excited about these days is that WE ARE OPENING UP A at our premises on 62 Great Eastern street! A little while ago, we asked New Jersey based artist Micah Lidberg to start working on a book for us based on his spectacularly intricate drawings of long extinct creatures. From Kingston graduate Rose Blake comes a tale of the origin of her most understandable phobia of that nefarious airbourne vermin - the pigeon.

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