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An introduction to Negative Drawing with Mike Sibley. The tools you will require are simple: Paper – preferably plate finish or at least smoothPencils – 6B, 2B, HB, H, and 2H (I use 2mm clutch pencils but any will do)Kneaded eraser or Blu-Tack (preferably the latter) Negative Drawing.

An introduction to Negative Drawing with Mike Sibley

DRAWING GRASS (Negative Drawing techniques)at MIKE SIBLEY FINE ART. What do you see when you look at this picture on the right?

DRAWING GRASS (Negative Drawing techniques)at MIKE SIBLEY FINE ART

Do you see an ancient black drinking cup? Maybe an ebony candlestick holder? These are the positive images. Or do you see two white faces both looking at each other? Think of these faces as the areas or what I call "White Space". Shaun Freeman. Carlos Baena. Home News About Contact Animation Feature Work Personal Work Misc Work Live Action Narrative Music. Schoolism. Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students. My Learning Log. Project 3 Tone and form Research 3 Odilon Redon Technical Investigation of Odilon Redon’s noirs and pastels Noirs (note early use of oiled charcoal and resin based fixatives that yellow the ground) During this period Redon worked exclusively in black using a combination of chalk, conte, inks and charcoal to achieve the depth of his blacks Landscape, 1868.

My Learning Log

Various charcoals, with black chalk and black conte crayon, wiping, stumping and erasing, on cream wove paper altered to a golden tone; 53.6 x 75.5 cm. Tree, c. 1875. Pastels Figure Holding a Winged Head, c. 1876. Small Bust of a Young Girl, 1884. Beatrice, 1885. Materials Guide. Pens For those starting out with their sketching, pens are a good way to getb etter faster.

Materials Guide

Using a pen makes you commit to the lines you are throwing down. To become a great athlete it requires practice and training…don’t fool yourself, its the same thing here. There is no such thing as a “magic pen,” there is only the designer who has worked it out so much that he/she produces their own magic. Here are some pens that have proven to be great for a variety of different styles and lineweights. Before you read on, know that this is by no means a comprehensive list. If you’re interested in trying out some new pens, check out Basic Ballpoint Pen.


Designing a Character’s Lifespan. In this tutorial you'll learn how to create a character that spans a lifetime.

Designing a Character’s Lifespan

We'll learn the features that define the various life phases of a character. We'll look at lines of action, shapes, and characteristics that define: childhood, teen, adulthood, maturity, and old age. Step 1 - Childhood Line Of Action. Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Cartoon Hands. The human hand is probably one of the hardest things to learn how to draw, since it can take many forms and, thus, express varied emotions.

Cartoon Fundamentals: How to Draw Cartoon Hands

In cartoon it is no different. You need to be able to draw hands in different angles, which are dynamic and attractive in the eyes of the viewer. Don't underestimate the power of a well drawn cartoon hand - it can save your art from the monotony! Several times I have been asked by some people in the comments of my tutorials how do I draw characters in many poses and different expressions. The case is that, with practice, you begin to develop your own drawing style and without that other people know it, you begin to use some shortcuts in your art.

The fact is that doing this with hands is very difficult! The hand consists of several different bones, particularly the fingers, which means that they have different sizes and could bend in different directions. Starting from the back of the hands, let's draw the following simple semi circle: Excellent! Babe Lab : Pinup Research & Development: Card Trick. When drawing girls, it's all too easy to default to a "standard" (often standing) pose.

Babe Lab : Pinup Research & Development: Card Trick

The following trick is loosely based on a compositional tool Andrew Loomis wrote of : informal subdivision. The gist of informal subdivision is that the canvas is cut up in an orderly-yet-random fashion, giving you a variety of spaces and angles to work with as you draw. You needn't adhere to the lines; they're just a guide. Card Trick ™ ® © makes use of this principle, but twice, with two "cards" overlapping each other as foreground and background.

Keeping roughly to the borders of your cards, draw half of the body onto one, and the other half onto the other. Tutorial: Silhouettes and Drawing Clarity. Storyboard Drawing Tutorial: Line of Action. 6 drawing tips from leading illustrators - Tutorials. Inkygoodness’ creative director Lisa Hassell asks six of her favourite illustrators to tell us how to get the most from drawing with real pens and pencils Am I Collective Pencil line work (such as above) can be a great tool for creating tone through manipulating pattern and texture.

6 drawing tips from leading illustrators - Tutorials

Radiant Dreamer » How to Draw Better Line Art. Do you want to draw better lines?

Radiant Dreamer » How to Draw Better Line Art

Ever wonder how other artists’ characters look so dynamic, yet your own characters look a bit static? Drawing line art isn’t as simple as simply laying down some lines. There are a few critical areas that you should keep in mind while drawing, which I will cover here. And since not everyone has a tablet, I’ve made this tutorial applicable to pencil & paper artists, and will show you how to properly scan your line art into the computer.

(note, all the images are clickable to view at 100% resolution) The first, and absolutely most important thing to learn about drawing lines is line quality. The line on the left is when you draw multiple little lines to form a single line. 6 Tips to help you draw better. I can’t say that I’m the best artist out there, but I can certainly draw better than when I started this sketch blog.

6 Tips to help you draw better

I’ve read a lot of advice about getting better at drawing over the years. Some advice has been very helpful and some advice just hasn’t worked for me. I want to share just a couple of tips that have helped me improve, particularly over the last four or five years. 1.