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º Flash PAINT º Online Painting Tool ©

º Flash PAINT º Online Painting Tool ©

flauntR flauntR flauntR is a free online suite of digital photoediting tools that provides a range of features that are typically only been available in expensive photoediting software. RIA Application build on Adobe Flex The FlauntR RIA (Rich Internet Application) application has been widely cited as an example of intuitive user interface design and use of cutting edge technology. The FlauntR interface engineered using Adobe Flex, Flash and J2EE technologies has been featured on and the Yahoo Gallery among others. Social Network Integration and Facebook Application flauntR features extensive and indepth integrations with over 16 social networks and Web2.0 applications including Facebook, Bebo, Flickr, Picasa, Open Social among others.flauntR is available as an application on Facebook, Bebo and will also be integrating with a range of other sites.

Articles - SXC 10% OFF For a limited time, get 10% off any credit pack. Just copy and paste the following promo code and enter it in the "Promo Code" field in your cart when you check out. Start browsing What is iStockphoto? MugTug Darkroom: online Photoshop in HTML5 - Webdesigner Magazine Op 19 april vindt de eerste editie van Codee plaats, een evenement voor internetprofessionals die zich bezig houden met code en design. Codee is een initiatief van Pixelpillow en Joël Cox en – Lees verder Webdesigner 54 staat bol van de CSS. We leren je 25 onmisbare technieken om mooie en functionele verbeteringen aan je site te doen. Weg met die overbodige scripts en afbeeldingen! We nemen – Lees verder Best Color Tools For Web Designers Determining the core color for a web project could be easy but finding the right alternatives to match the core can sometimes be difficult. That’s where the color tools play its roles. Color tools help you determine matching color or even suggest sets of matching color palette when you are totally clueless.

Fotografix / l.madhavan What's New Try the new Fotografix Try the preview version of Fotografix 2 to see how image adjustments are easier with the new user interface and faster with the new graphics engine. Learn more and download Roozz brings Fotografix to the browser Roozz is a browser plugin that enables a number of applications, including Fotografix, to be run directly within your browser. graphic-organizers Mautone, P. D. & Mayer, R. (2007). Cognitive aids for guiding graph comprehension. Journal of Educational Psychology, 99, 640-652. Problem/PurposeThe researchers in this study examined how three different types of graphic organizers improved student comprehension of scientific graphs compared to students that were not exposed to graphic organizers at all. Mautone and Mayer examined the effects of signaling, concrete, and structural graphic organizers on students’ generation of causal and relational statements.

How 21st Century Thinking Is Different How 21st Century Thinking Is Just Different by Terry Heick This content is proudly sponsored by The Institute for the Habits of Mind, promoting the development of personal thinking habits in 21st century learners. In an era dominated by constant information and the desire to be social, should the tone of thinking for students be different? After all, this is the world of Google. In this world full of information abundance, our minds are constantly challenged to react to data, and often in a way that doesn’t just observe, but interprets.

Story Map The Story Map interactive includes a set of graphic organizers designed to assist teachers and students in prewriting and postreading activities. The organizers are intended to focus on the key elements of character, setting, conflict, and resolution development. Students can develop multiple characters, for example, in preparation for writing their own fiction, or they may reflect on and further develop characters from stories they have read. After completing individual sections or the entire organizer, students have the ability to print out their final versions for feedback and assessment. The versatility of this tool allows it to be used in multiple contexts. Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson