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XMind - Social Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

XMind - Social Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

Bounce – share/discuss things from a website Online Mind Mapping - MindMeister List of mind mapping software From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Concept mapping and mind mapping software is used to create diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas, or other pieces of information. It has been suggested that the mind mapping technique can improve learning and study efficiency up to 15% over conventional note-taking.[1] Many software packages and websites allow creating or otherwise supporting mind maps. File format[edit] Using a standard file format allows interchange of files between various programs. Free and open-source[edit] The following tools comply with the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) definition of free software. Freeware[edit] The following is a list of notable concept mapping and mind mapping applications which are freeware and available at no cost. Proprietary software[edit] The table below lists pieces of proprietary commercial software that allow creating mind and concept maps. See also[edit] References[edit]

WikiSummarizer WikiSummarizer is a Web-based application specializing in automatic summarization of Wikipedia articles. Automatic summarization is the creation of a shortened version of a text by a computer program. The result is a summary that presents the most important points of the original text. A summary is a shorter version of the original information. WikiSummarizer automatically summarizes the Wikipedia articles. The blending of visualization with summarization, knowledge browsing, mind mapping provides you with a wide range of means to explore relevant content. All the summaries are stored in the WikiSummarizer knowledge base. In fact when we are summarizing, we are zipping through the whole content, homing in on the important chunks. With the ability to summarize web pages everybody can become an instant speed reader. You instantly see what the web page is about. You get more done in less time. The summarization helps with answering such questions as: The key benefits are: Yes.

Best Online Collaboration Tools 2011 Updated weekly Open Source Groupware Scripts Collaborative software (also referred to as groupware or workgroup support systems) is software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals. Collaborative software is the basis for computer supported cooperative work. Collabtive 1.2 Main improvements in Collabtive 1.2 are security-related, so everyone should update! Achievo 1.4.5 Achievo is a flexible web-based free project management tool for small to medium businesses. WebCollab 3.10 WebCollab is a collaborative web-based system for projects and project management; WebCollab is easy to use, and encourages users to work together. phpCollab 2.5 Project management and collaboration over the internet. Feng Office 2.0.0 Feng Office is an Open Source Collaboration Platform that enables you to manage your projects and business services, collaborate with your team and your customers and organize and share documents and files. Tine 2.0 2009-11 SaltOS 3.1-4941

Mind Map Software - Visualize Your Ideas with Mind Maps - Downlo Create great-looking mind maps, and more in minutes. Download Our Mind Mapping Software FREE! Take a second and watch this quick video on how you can use mind maps to brainstorm ideas and plan projects with SmartDraw: "This is the most intuitive mind-mapping software I have used. Heather Englebretson What is a Mind Map? In its simplest form, a mind map is the product of brainstorming on paper. Organizing ideas Planning projects Decision making Mind Mapping Example Top reasons SmartDraw is the ideal mind mapping software: Automatic Formatting Click simple commands and SmartDraw builds your mind map for you, automatically, so you can focus on your ideas, not aligning boxes and connecting lines. Free Support Got a question? Discover the power of SmartDraw's mind mapping software today.

How to make a flowchart - Engwiki From Engwiki How to make a flowchart flowchart Flowcharts are great method of portraying processes or tasks which can be completed in a finite number of steps. Proper research is key to a good flowchart (and everything else, for that matter) so make sure you use trusted sources. While preparing your flowchart think about how would you explain your topic to a naive robot, one which can only understand simple sentences and language constructs (‘if this than do that otherwise do something else’), or how would you explain it to a small child with short attention span — try to engage your readers into the topic as much as possible. If you're having hard time understanding what the topic is all about, see if you can understand the same topic in your native tongue or ask your colleagues, student assistant and professor for help. External links Introduction to flowcharts Dictionaries Online tools Gilffy — an online flowchart designing tool Written by Josip Lisec

Mind Mapping Software - Productivity, Planning, Learning, Commun Welcome to TheBrain Know more. Map your mind. There's a lot of connections in your head, but unfortunately sometimes they don't last. Find anything. With TheBrain you're never more than a few seconds away from any piece of digital information. Get more done. Take control by visualizing all your open loops, tasks, and ideas in your Brain. Visual Thinking, Mind Mapping, Design and more