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Charlotte - Temporary Tattoos Tutorial

Charlotte - Temporary Tattoos Tutorial
Hey everybody! If you ever thought about doing a tattoo, but you don’t really want it to be something permanent, this is the perfect tutorial for you!I’m going to show you how to do temporary tattoos. They’re fun, quick and easy to do! So first of, what do you need? Pencil (3B/4B/5B/6B), scissor, tracing paper;

Bentwood Rings This is my first Instructable, so I hope that I do not forget anything. I was commissioned by a close friend to make a set of rings for a surprise engagement and a set for wedding bands. I started off with solid wood blanks and a drill press. How To Make Your Own Nail Polish In Any Color Pregnancy insomnia can be a little bit of a blessing (depending on how you look at it). Sometimes when I can't sleep I randomly get these ideas that just pop into my head. I quickly jot them down into my phone and revisit them when I am coherent in the morning. I would say only 30-40 % of them actually turn out like I imagined. Take this little project for example. One Step Forward: A Strong Vocabulary Equals Safer Insults Let us consider the ways that you can insult and confuse people at the same time. Having a strong vocabulary means that you have more than one word at your disposal for just such moments as those when you wish to really put someone down properly. Try some of these alternatives: Call your brother-in-law a bromidic addle-pate instead of boring dolt. He might be flattered, or he might have (very well) hidden depths.

Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom: Feature Friday- Faux Metal Wall Art Looking for the Faux Metal Wall Art? Since this project was originally published on The Sitcom in December 2010, it has been my most popular project by far. Who knew that a bunch of toilet paper tubes and an idea would become so big? baby onesie cupcake tutorial {and a sweet giveaway} Need a cute baby shower idea? Here's a fun way to package those baby essentials--make some cupcakes! For this project you'll need: 4 receiving blankets4 onesies4 medium rubber bands4 medium rubber bands4 coffee filtersthin coordinating ribbonscissorsa bakery cupcake box (I found mine at Packaging Specialties) First, fold the receiving blankets down until you have a 3" strip.

Studio Quality Product Photography With a $12 Set Up Handmadeology’s resident product photography pro Mariano, has put together a $12 product photography set up that will help you achieve studio quality product photography . Anderson Soap Company is one of the most successful Etsy sellers with LOADS of sales! This photography demo uses his liquid soap as the photography example. Look at his Etsy shop to observe the consistency in picture styles that creates a cohesive photo theme of all his products.

elm street life: DIY: Bow clutch sewing tutorial. And fiiiinally... the tutorial you've been waiting for. This is my first real sewing tutorial - which scares me a bit, because I've never actually taken a sewing class, so I don't know all the terminology. What I do know is that I've learned to sew lots of things by reading tutorials, so hopefully I can make this simple enough that even you beginners can feel confident making a bag. And yes, a bag with a zipper!

easy stretchy baby headband tutorial Hee hee! Isn't this the cutest picture ever? I love this little sweetie. I also have a new niece coming in September, so I'm making all things girlie these days. When I found out my sister-in-law wanted to make some hair clips and headbands, I promised her a few tutorials. This one is perfect for Little Lizard King's hair bow tutorial yesterday, and my rosette tutorial coming up next week.

DIY Wrap Bracelet - Honestly WTF You should all know by now that we are all about stacking bracelets on our wrists. The more, the better. In fact . . . the most, the best! With that being said, we’ll show you how to master a version of the ever so popular wrap bracelet. It’s so simple and addicting, you’ll soon be churning out these wristlets with your eyes closed. "hip" cover up for girls I think these are a brilliant idea. They're perfect for hiding underwear and muffin tops that are often visible with today's lose-rise jeans, without having to wear a t-shirt or tank. Unfortunately, these hip cover ups are for grown woman. Anyone with a tween daughter will know that younger girls could use this too.

How to Make a Button Bracelet What a great way to use up extra buttons that seem to find their way into the junk drawer. Each button in your collection is so unique... you may even find a few vintage gems. You can learn how to make a button bracelet in just a few easy steps. Tie Baby (tank top) There’s nothing like the perfect summer tank to get you through the dark days of January. As the pioneer project on the site, Tie Baby is a refreshingly easy no-sew design. That’s right, just grab your scissors and get busy. Finish it off with a knot at each shoulder for some double trouble. Decoupage Ring I had an old ring that needed to come out of the bottom of my jewelry box, and with a little bit of decoupage varnish, I was able to give it a face lift. Decoupage is cheap and easy, requiring few supplies. What You'll Need

Halloween Costumes and a Trick-or-Treat Tote! Need last-minute costume ideas? Beyond sticking a load of Peeps all over a black T-shirt (you’re a “chick magnet,” get it?), or drawing a zigzag black line across a yellow T-shirt (Charlie Brown!), or grabbing a buddy with a red T-shirt to be a Dr. Suess-ian “Thing 1″ and “Thing 2,” there