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Tripod camping stool

Tripod camping stool
In honor of this month’s outdoor theme, why don’t we build an old-fashioned camping stool? First of all, have you seen modern folding-tripod stools? They are ugly as sin, and your grandpa would be ASHAMED if you bought one. With the help of some hefty dowels, a little hardware and a piece of leather or heavy canvas, you’ll be sitting by the campfire in style. Also, the materials will only set you back about $25. — Matt See the full how-to after the jump! Materials three 1 1/8” Birch hardwood dowels (enough for three 24” pieces)one brass 2.75” boltone 1.5” eye-hole bolttwo brass acorn nutsthree brass washersthree brass finishing washersthree brass 1” wood screws (big enough not to slip through the finishing washer)finish (I used Osmo PolyX-Oil)leather or other heavy material for the seat Tools sandercenter-finder (optional, but helps)drillscrewdriversmall socket wrench to fit acorn nutsragsknife Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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Miniatures in a Jar Let’s make this awesome little waterless snow globe shall we? It would make a sweet addition to your holiday decor and it’s a little reminiscent of Narnia, isn’t it?*Pssst… if you like this project, be sure to check out my miniature winter scene in a book, and my wee garden in a teacup. I found this little streetlamp miniature at the dollar store alongside some train tracks and accessories. solid perfume pocket watch locket Try as I might, I cannot seem to grasp even the most basic of feminine beauty rituals. I’m constantly struggling to master rudimentary hair and makeup techniques, and my one-time foray into the “subtle” art of perfume left everyone in the room with burning nostrils. This DIY solid perfume locket from artisanal perfumer Mandy Aftel is something I can definitely stand behind, though.

Plastic Soda Bottle Lid Capsule A couple of months ago I stumbled upon a discussion board that talked about and showed a small, lightweight reusable container made out of the necks and lids of two plastic soda bottles. I haven’t been able to find that same post ever since, but remember enough about it to want to give it a shot for myself. How to Make a Plastic Soda Bottle Lid Capsule I started with two identical plastic soda bottles to make sure that they would match in size. I cut the necks of the bottles off using a small hacksaw making sure that I kept the large flange that would be used to glue the two necks together later. I used a vice to hold the bottles still while I cut through them. Glitter glassware so it’s washable! I’m a sucker for glitter. It just makes everything so much prettier and glassware is no exception! The question is…how to wash glitter? To see what I use for glittering Click Here .

faux french windows A couple weeks ago, Daniel submitted a living room redesign, and it was a huge hit, especially the work he did to transform the plain windows into this beautiful paned version. Daniel was kind enough to offer a tutorial on how to recreate the wooden panes. As it turns out, with just a little patience and precision, you can have these windows in no time! Here’s the scoop from the designer himself. Thanks for sharing, Daniel! — Kate

A teacup, streetlamp and a bench. I’m sure you’ve all seen a miniature garden or two out there. If not, then you really should Google ‘fairy garden’ or ‘miniature garden’. There are even books on fairy gardening. Really. These sweet, adorable little scenes can capture the imagination, and make you wish you were wee enough to jump into them! before & after: bohemian chic nursery One of the joys of working for D*S is our loyal readership. We love seeing repeat submitters over the years because it means we get to follow their lives a little bit: first home, first office, first nursery, and so forth; it’s kind of like being part of the family. We’re longtime fans of designer Justina Blakeney’s style: it’s bohemian, feminine, earthy, effortless and so much fun. We’ve posted a few of her projects before, and now she’s sharing her brand new nursery with us.

Handmade Father's Day Gift: How to Make a Bicycle Handlebar Bag Here’s the Father’s Day DIY I think I’m most excited about, an upcycled handlebar bag. I’ve been in love with bike accessories lately, they make me want to pedal everywhere I go. Plus they are great gifts for kids, grads, retirees, and just about everyone in between. So I thought I’d try making a couple of my own. Reflective straps…to show Dad you care. The bag is made from a water bottle and a used sock (wash it well!) chunky finger-knit pillow My knitting skills are pretty basic, but I’ve been wanting to expand them, especially for home projects. After a failed attempt at a blanket last winter, I hung up my needles and haven’t really returned to knitting since. This simple knit pillow tutorial is just the kind of project to pull me back, even in the warmer months. Anne Weil of Flax and Twine created an easy-to-follow tutorial for finger knitting, but then decided to make this chunky striped knit pillow DIY as an example of how to use the finger knits.