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Make your own fabric prints using the sun

Make your own fabric prints using the sun
The folks who make Inkodye sent over a sample the other day. Inkodye is light-sensitive dye for textiles or any natural fibers, including wood and raw leather. It acts like the Sunprint paper you might have used as a kid, only you can brush this dye on anything you want and it comes in lots of colors. Like orange, of course. For my first test of this magical stuff, I planned to make a safety pin print on fabric. Something quick and easy in case it was a flop. I wrapped cardboard with a piece of old plastic tablecloth to make a waterproof surface. Then I poured a little Inkodye onto a paper plate, and with a foam brush, I painted it onto the fabric. As soon as I was done brushing on the dye, I scrambled to arrange some safety pins on top of the fabric. Outside the back door, I placed the board in direct sunlight. To keep the dye under the pins from developing, I immediately rinsed the fabric under the faucet and then washed it out with laundry detergent.

hand-carved stamps: 50 of my favorite I’ve been thinking about written letters a lot lately and how much I love them as an excuse to use stamps. I’m a bit of a stamp hoarder (thankfully I can hide them at my office now), so I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite hand-carved examples on Etsy. There are some pretty decent stamp sellers on Etsy right now, so there is a TON to choose from here (organized into groups: love, symbols and shapes, nature and random). My favorites are kinda quirky, but hopefully there will be something here for everyone. Who doesn’t love getting real mail with a little stamp on the seal? It’s the best. Two images above: Memi The Rainbow at Etsy Image above: TC Witchcraft Factory at Etsy Image above: Doodlebug Design on Etsy 46 more favorite stamps continue after the jump . . . Both stamps above: Doodlebug Design on Etsy Image above: Happie Stamps at Etsy Image above: This Is Just To Say at Etsy Three images above: Creatiate at Etsy Three images above: This Is Just To Say at Etsy Wa! great post!

belt- Autumn Bloom Belt As I mentioned yesterday, I LOVE autumn. Yesterday autumn got its own wreath and today it's getting its own belt. I'm going to show you how to make this belt and these fun flowers. When I made it I envisioned wearing it with a cute brown tunic, but I still haven't found or made one yet. Until then this dress will give you the idea. Let's get started. Cut your grograin ribbon to be the correct length. Find the center of the ribbon. To make the flower cut the felt lengthwise in about a one inch strip. Cut slits in the strip as shown. Do this down the entire length of the strip. Start rolling the strips like a cinnamon roll. When you're done your flower will look like this, front and back. On to the petal. Fold one part over the other (as shown) and glue it. Head into your closet and see what matches your new belt! Thank you to all of you who have been enjoying our Loopdeeou headband blow out sale. Have a lovely day.

The Next Bird: Bleach-ness Tere is nothing more disappointing than "ruining" a good article of clothing with something like bleach. There is also nothing more satisfying than finding a crafty solution! Unfortunately for my favorite leggings they got a splash of bleach on them. My Solution - more bleach and a little awesomeness. I used a bleach pen that you can find in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store or Target. Place a piece of foil, paper bag, or something thick between the layers of your piece. Then just throw them in the wash and you have your one-of-a-kind finished product! I also did a shirt even though it didn't have any bleach on it before. The possibilities are endless, think about how many things you can bleach. ** Something to note: I've had a bunch of questions about this project where the material is "bleached" but the stain doesn't stay. Have anything in mind to bleach?

shirt- restyle hip cinched I saw this: And I made this: All you need is: a shirt(t-shirt would even work), a piece of fabric, a ribbon, and a sewing machine. 1. find a shirt and turn it inside out. 2. lay your ribbon down, then cut a piece of fabric big enough to cover your ribbon. 3. pin the piece of fabric over the ribbon. 4. sew on the fabric, making three long stitches, between the ribbon and on each side. 5. cinch and tie and your all done! Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper It was purely by accident that I figured out this method of transferring a printed image. It is simple to do and you don't need any special paper or products! If you can print it from your computer then you can transfer it to a fabric or wood surface. Now, this project I am about to show you is not very exciting, but it will give you the idea of how the transfer is here it goes. I decided to cover my old and dirty mouse pad that looked like this: I used canvas and cut a piece a bit larger that than the mouse pad. Then I cut a piece of "Heat n Bond" the same size as the canvas and, following the instructions, adhered it to the back of my fabric. I then centered the mouse pad onto the back of the canvas and, again, using my iron, adhered the canvas to the top of the mouse pad. I cut a piece of macramae jute and secured it to the edge of the pad using hot glue. So, now you know how I covered the mouse pad...onto how to do the transfer. Trim the excess freezer paper using sissors. Lesa

Hanging Chains Headband DIY « THE YESSTYLIST – Asian Fashion Blog – brought to you by While browsing Topshop last week, I came across this fun hanging chains headband and thought that with Coachella right around the corner, an easy DIY for something similar would be fun. I used an old plastic zig zag stretch comb headband I’ve had for years because it was the most logical choice to hang chains from but you can use an elastic band in a similar way. The chains disappear a little in my blonde hair but they would stand out nicely against brunette locks {they would also look great on a shorter cut as well}. If you’re super crafty, add a feather or bead/charm to the bottom of a few chains. What You’ll Need… * Circular headband * Chains: fine, thick, gold, silver, rose gold… use a variety of colors and sizes or all the same… choose chains that are lighter in weight. * Jump rings {for small chains only} * Beading pliers Steps… * Prepare your chains. * Using the extra loose chain links or jump rings for small chains, attach one chain to each section of your plastic headband. Voila!

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scarf-Slasher Scarf by Jill of Lune Vintage Hi! It's Jill from Lune Vintage. I'm here to share a simple 1970s inspired scarf with you today! Materials & ToolsLength of Jersey Material (with a bit of stretch). A recycled t-shirt will work well if the content is 5% to 10% lycra or spandex. Sharp Fabric Scissors Step 1: Cut your jersey into a long rectangular strip. Step 2: Fold your fabric accordion style, beginning at one end, zig zagging back and forth until you can align the edge of the other end with the stack. Step 3: Firmly hold the folds in place so they don't slip, and cut even slits along one on the long sides of the stack with nice sharp fabric scissors (paper ones won't be sharp enough for this clean cut). Step 4: Here's the fun and important finishing move! Enjoy your Slasher scarf! Thanks so much, Jill!

DIY Stenciled Pillow {with fabric paint and vinyl) After revealing my little boys’ airplane room, I had several inquiries asking for tutorials on various things in the room so I’m going to try to take you through a few of them. I’m going to start with how to stencil a design on a pillow using fabric paint and vinyl. The cool thing is, you can stencil ANYTHING! Pillows, rugs, furniture, wood, canvas, anything! You will need: Item to stencil a design on (I used muslin fabric found at Hobby Lobby) Vinyl cutter (Silhouette or Cricut) Vinyl Fabric paint (I used Tulip brand fabric paint) Stencil brush or sponge brush First, you’ll take your fabric, or whatever you’re stenciling and place a “negative space” vinyl over top. Next, you’ll take a sponge brush and lightly dab fabric paint into the empty space. Repeat until you’ve got the area covered really well. Let it dry and voila! Tada! See the full bedroom reveal post here. I used freezer paper instead of vinyl to stencil the airplane. Happy Stenciling, Related

scarf- Fox Scarf with Free Pattern I’d like to introduce to my little friend here, Frédéric. He took one foggy afternoon to whip up and has been lazily resting on my shoulders ever since. He is made from the finest of flannels and the coziest minky, and boy is he toasty. Want to make a Frédéric of your own? The best thing about this pattern is that you can make a variety of different animal scarves with it: raccoon, wolf, or skunk perhaps? Round out the snout and ears to make it a bear or panda. Keep reading for the full DIY Fox Scarf tutorial and pattern… DIY Fox Scarf with Free Pattern Begin by downloading the Fox Scarf Pattern. You can make the fox scarf body as long as you want, just use the pattern to shape the head and tail. Sew just the face together on the inside and flip right-side out. Cut out the ears, sew and turn right-side out. Place them where the pattern ear line is and zig-zag stitch them down to the flannel fabric only. Here they are popped up. Do the same for the legs. Pin the arms and legs to each other.

DIY American Flag Shorts on What I Wore How to Sew a Vintage Style High-Waist Bikini I think vintage high-waist bikinis are classy, comfy and cute! But, they cost quite a lot of money if you buy them in the store (and they're hard to find also) - and there's no guarantee they'll fit you properly. It's very simple and inexpensive to sew them yourself at home! Once you get the sizing right - you can make lots of different styles. I made four bottoms and one top - in my spare time over a couple days. I'll guide you through the process here! I tried to get a variety of photos so you could really see how the fit was - I didn't do the best job in photographing myself - but I tried! If you have any questions, please ask.

» Blog Archive » Stamp Carving tutorial- Tutorial Sellos de goma English I love to carve stamps! is one of my favorite crafts. Thank you for encouraging to put together this tutorial. To hand carve your own stamps you will need List of materials: 1.- Carving tools you can find online here. 2. 3. 4. 5.- An exacto knife to trim the excess around your stamp design. 6.- Inkpad Step by step instructions 1 and 2- Trace the size of your eraser on paper, so you know how big your drawing can be. 3. 4 and 5 .- Place the drawing on top of your eraser upside down. 6. 7 and 8. 9,10, 11 .- With the carving tool, very carefully start carving the eraser. 12.- When the stamp is carved, stamp it on ink.check if you need to make any corrections. 13.- Your stamp is ready! Fun things to make with stamps Here are some things I made using my stamps. I bought these simple craft paper products and embellished them with my stamps and washi tape, so popular this days. Thank you Cards Notepads Postcards Notebooks A special stamp book Some cute tags Besides everything you make is unique! xo, Ishtar

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