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Tips, Tools and Techniques for Marketers Around the Globe

Tips, Tools and Techniques for Marketers Around the Globe
In Go Mobile, the book I’ve written with Jeanne Hopkins from HubSpot, we review a list of the 14 most powerful words in marketing so that readers can use them in their mobile marketing campaigns. This post gives you a sneak peak at the list that’s included in the book. Enjoy. Have you ever bought a product that you didn’t really need? You know the kind — they’re often found in the aisle displays at Lowe’s, WalMart or Barnes & Noble. You grab it off the shelf, pay for it, then get home and say, “Why did I just buy something I didn’t really need?” Or, you may have been told about a deadline to buy concert tickets, join a health club or even buy a car for 0% interest. What’s up with that? This week, I’ll be posting blogs on this very topic. Below, you’ll find the 14 most powerful and effective words in marketing. I’ll cover this entire topic in depth when I speak at the SXSW conference. FreeNowYouSaveMoneyEasyGuaranteeHealthResultsNewLoveDiscoveryProvenSafety

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A VC: Marketing You asked for it Arnold and 84 others (so far). So I'm gonna talk about marketing. I believe that marketing is what you do when your product or service sucks or when you make so much profit on every marginal customer that it would be crazy to not spend a bit of that profit acquiring more of them (coke, zynga, bud, viagra). A very experienced and successful entrepreneur came into our office a week ago to pitch his latest company. At the end of his pitch he showed us some numbers. Tips, Tools and Techniques for Marketers Around the Globe Not too long ago, a friend of mine named Ken Robbins who runs Response Mine Interactive told me there are only three things people are interested in paying money for — Love, Weight Loss and Getting Rich. He was simplifying things a bit. After all, Ken’s company sells plenty of things that don’t have to do with love, weight loss or getting rich. But his point was a good one — that humans function in very basic, very instinctive ways.

Class Of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager. Here at Demandforce, we love seeing and celebrating your ideas! And more than that, we love to hear from YOU. We want to bridge the gap between us and you, so that’s why we’re offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a trip to San Francisco, sightsee in this amazing city, visit Demandforce headquarters and share your ideas with us! 6 winners, and a guest of their choice will be flown out to San Francisco, California on March 12-14th, 2014, where they will stay in Union Square, spend a day at Demandforce, have dinner with the team, and explore the lovely City by the Bay! For contest rules, and how to enter, please visit our post in the Generation Demandforce Community here.

25 ECommerce SEO Tips - For Boosting Traffic and Sales What the owners of ecommerce websites don’t understand about ecommerce SEO definitely hurts them. Here are twenty-five useful ideas for increasing organic search engine traffic for your ecommerce site. 1. Keep your products close to home. When it comes to SEO, your homepage is one of the most important assets you have.

25 Essential Facts About Social Media 3.8K Flares Twitter 225 Facebook 20 Google+ 15 LinkedIn 3.5K inShare3,487 Pin It Share 2 2 Buffer 14 3.8K Flares × Not long ago, we published two very popular posts called 25 Essential Facts About Mobile Marketing and 25 Amazing Facts About Mobile Marketing. Those two posts went kinda viral around the globe, so we decided to offer up a similar post, only this time it’s about social media. (A special shout-out goes to Cory Gadis with Mobilize Worldwide who collected these facts for us.) Ready?

Ocean Marketing: How to self-destruct your company with just a few measly emails [update] Update: A representative for the Avenger Controller (a new one, obviously) has released an official statement regarding Ocean Marketing’s involvement with their product and the actions of Paul Christoforo. Original story: Strap yourself in, you’re about to witness the most outlandlish PR blunder in video gaming history. And trust me, there have been many… From VentureBeat Customers don’t just get irritated when you screw up cross-channel personalization. They jump ship.

Shepard-Risset Glissando What you’ll be hearing is a fluid audio loop that sounds as thought it is getting lower and lower—like a balloon slowly deflating but never becoming flat. How It Works If you’re anything like HighLab, you too were totally amazed by the Shepard Tone. For this reason, we’re going to hang out a bit with Shepard’s cohort, the famed French electric music composer Jean-Claude Risset, and have ourselves more mind-boggling good times listening to this related audio high, the Shepard-Risset Glissando. Blyth, Inc. Increases Fiscal Year 2012 Outlook Due to Strong Sales and Profit Growth at ViSalus Sciences - Sep 6, 2011 GREENWICH, Conn., Sept. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Blyth, Inc. (NYSE: BTH), a leading multi-channel designer and marketer of home fragrance and home decor, as well as health and wellness products, today commented on its outlook for fiscal year 2012. Earnings Per Share are expected to be $2.23 to $2.43 and include a loss of approximately $0.80 per share for discontinued operations arising from the sale of Midwest-CBK and the exit of Boca Java, as well as $0.27 per share for charges related to the ViSalus equity incentive plan.

SEO Google Search Links 50 Search engine optimization (SEO) Google Search Link List SEO Google Search Links Search Engine Optimization Blogs: The world of SEO is constantly changing because search engines constantly change their algorithms. These sites offer news, information, and tips about SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Research: 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs Have Absolutely Zero Social Media Presence 248 Flares Twitter 158 Facebook 35 Google+ 5 LinkedIn 26 inShare26 Pin It Share 1 1 Buffer 23 248 Flares × Not long ago, the folks at Domo conducted research with to evaluate the extent to which top business leaders are embracing social media. Their findings were rather interesting.

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