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Here’s Why “Jobs President” Donald Trump Needs the Arts. So how do the economic benefits of culture play out, exactly?

Here’s Why “Jobs President” Donald Trump Needs the Arts

Mr. Sheppard said the answer is not entirely clear, and notes the impact of arts investment ranges widely across different cities. But he cited several hypotheses, including culture’s role in the broader tourism industry, which reels in out-of-town dollars and employs local residents. When the U.S. Government Paid the Working Class to Be Artists. Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Willem de Kooning, and Mark Rothko are best-known as pioneers of Abstract Expressionism.

When the U.S. Government Paid the Working Class to Be Artists

But all four were also among thousands of artists and other creatives employed by the government through the Works Progress Administration (WPA) between the years of 1935 and 1943. That the arts would be funded significantly by the federal government—never mind that it would actively employ artists—may well raise an eyebrow today. But working under a subdivision of the WPA known as the Federal Art Project, these artists got to work to help the country recover from the Great Depression, as part of President Franklin D.

For Facebook, As India Goes, So Goes the World? Facebook announced earlier this year that it now has 100 million active users in India, making that market second only to the U.S. in size.

For Facebook, As India Goes, So Goes the World?

It's on pace to become the single-largest market as early as the end of 2014--and a startling 84% of Indian users access the platform entirely or mostly via mobile phone. SAND WARS. Why The Security Bug Heartbleed Has A Catchy Logo. You’ve probably never heard of CVE-2014-0160.

Why The Security Bug Heartbleed Has A Catchy Logo

But you probably have heard of the Heartbleed bug, the "catastrophic" security hole that was revealed in half a million websites earlier this week. Top 20 things scientists need to know about policy-making. When scientists moan about how little politicians know about science, I usually get annoyed. Such grouching is almost always counterproductive and more often than not betrays how little scientists know about the UK's governance structures, processes, culture and history.

So when the Guardian reported on a Nature article that listed 20 things that politicians should know about science, I started reading it with apprehension, half expecting my head to explode within a few paragraphs. Facebook Is Reportedly Buying A Drone Manufacturer. “The ten most important ways of manipulating the public, as catalogued by Noam Chomsky” [SEE ALSO “Noam Chomsky, a fearless critic of the wealthy elite that governs the United States, has compiled a list of the ten most common strategies for using the media to manipulate the people of America.

“The ten most important ways of manipulating the public, as catalogued by Noam Chomsky”

In the past our communications media have created or destroyed social movements, justified wars, tempered financial crises, and encouraged or destroyed some other ideological currents. Stratégies de Manipulation. Doctrina del Shock, Noam Chomsky y Las 10 estrategias básicas de manipulación mediática ¡Difunde! Italy's Luxury Companies Step Up to Restore Monuments. It would be hard to imagine a bigger confluence of luxe brands assembling to help preserve Italy’s cultural treasures.

Italy's Luxury Companies Step Up to Restore Monuments

First there was the fashion house Fendi, personified for the occasion by its creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, dressed in a high-collared shirt, dark glasses, and fingerless lace gloves. Un drone para Ciudad Bolívar / EL Espectador. Un nuevo plan de vigilancia para la ciudad fue presentado discretamente en las instalaciones del colegio Gran Colombia, en la localidad de Ciudad Bolívar.

Un drone para Ciudad Bolívar / EL Espectador

Este viernes, el alcalde Gustavo Petro tomó un control remoto y puso sobre una mesa de colegio lo que parecía un helicóptero de juguete. En sus manos tenía el primer dron (móvil aéreo autónomo) que se utilizará en la ciudad para el control de multitudes, de fronteras y de tránsito. Este artefacto, de 1,5 metros de diámetro y 3 de envergadura, sobrevolará Ciudad Bolívar durante 90 días como prueba piloto. Estos productos lo pueden defender contra los tragos 'envenenados' There are known knowns. "There are known knowns" is a phrase from a response United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gave to a question at a US Department of Defense News Briefing in February 2002 about the lack of evidence linking the government of Iraq with the supply of weapons of mass destruction to terrorist groups.[1]

There are known knowns

Is This Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s Instagram Feed? Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad is no stranger to Twitter.

Is This Syrian Dictator Bashar Al-Assad’s Instagram Feed?

Slavoj Zizek - ¿Por qué ser feliz cuando se puede estar interesado? Reflexiones de Repronto » Capítulo 35: “Contracultura” Desde siempre, he estado atraído por la palabra Contracultura.

Reflexiones de Repronto » Capítulo 35: “Contracultura”

Kit Yamoyo entrepreneur abandons award-winning design concept. News: the creator of an anti-diarrhoea pack for the developing world that was named product design of the year for the way it fits inside Coca-Cola crates has admitted that "hardly any" kits have been shipped this way, and has dropped the strategy in favour of more conventional packaging and distribution. "Putting the kits in the crates has turned out not to be the key innovation," admitted social entrepreneur Simon Berry in a radio interview broadcast last weekend. Berry, founder of the ColaLife charity and the brains behind the Kit Yamoyo medicine pack, conceded that despite winning the Design Museum's Product of the Year award last April for his idea, the strategy of piggybacking on Coca-Cola's distribution network to get the remedy to remote villages hadn't worked.

Instead, he said he is now focussing on creating a "value chain" to incentivise distributors and retailers across Africa. Tumin. Pedro Albizu Campos. En la Universidad de Vermont estudió ciencias, especializándose en el campo de la ingeniería química, y en Harvard estudió leyes. En Boston se solidarizó con las luchas de liberación nacional de Irlanda y de la India. Hizo amigos entre los independentistas de ambas naciones, entre ellos se encontraban Subhas Chandra Bose, líder nacionalista indio que acompañaría a Mahatma Gandhi en su gesta libertadora, y Éamon de Valera, político irlandés que posteriormente sería presidente del país tras la independencia.

Durante la Primera Guerra Mundial (1914-1918) sirvió en el Ejército de los Estados Unidos. En 1921 terminó su carrera universitaria y regresó a Puerto Rico para trabajar como abogado, pero sin aceptar rendir sus servicios a las corporaciones existentes en el país. Consideró que era su deber orientar a los puertorriqueños en cuanto a lo que entendía que era la conveniencia de terminar con su condición colonial.

El valor más permanente en el hombre es el valor.