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Two Billion Miles: interactive video story

Two Billion Miles: interactive video story

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Karen Karen is a life coach and she’s happy to help you work through a few things in your life. You interact with Karen through an app. When you begin, she asks you some questions about your outlook on the world to get an understanding of you. In fact, her questions are drawn from psychological profiling questionnaires. She – and the software – are profiling you and she gives you advice based on your answers. Over the next week you have calls with Karen once or twice a day. World Migration The GLOBAL MIGRATION FLOWS interactive app tracks migrants around the world. This application is now being hosted by It is endlessly fascinating to explore where we're from. The underlying data for the map was published by the UN DESA in 2015. Using the app: Choose whether you want to access information about migrants leaving a country (Outward) or migrants entering a country (Inward).

How a radio producer and a filmmaker made an interactive documentary on the Confederate battle flag – Storybench The Confederate battle flag is a symbol that has long outlived the Civil War. Logan Jaffe, a multimedia producer for WBEZ’s Curious City (See Storybench coverage of that public radio news experiment here) set out to investigate reactions to the flag, a deeply emotional flashpoint for Americans. Envisioning the project as multimedia and web-based, she teamed up with filmmaker Zachary Sigelko and illustrator Jenna Blazevich. is the result. It was released in May and combines mini-documentaries with photos, data, testimonials, a timeline, Twitter posts, and text to tie it all together. Storybench asked Jaffe to explain the making of Battle Flag.

Alastair McClymont: Beware ignorant debate on motivated migrants Alastair McClymont is a specialist immigration lawyer living in Auckland Just who are the migrants supposedly stealing our houses and jobs? There have been plenty of knee-jerk reactions recently about the appropriate number of migrants that New Zealand can absorb each year. There has also been evidence of much ignorance on the subject. POINTS OF VIEW About The basis for this documentary project is video footage from B’Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories. In 2007, B'Tselem began giving Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza video cameras as well as basic training in shooting and editing. Their hope was that the resulting video would allow Palestinians themselves to not only document the infringement of their rights, but also to present their the anger, pain, joy, and hope of their daily lives to both Israelis and to the international public. Points of View aims to increase exposure to B’tslem’s important and unique project through the creation of a map based interactive documentary that both situates the footage in its location of origin and creates new narrative threads of meaning from the stories that emerge. Viewers can browse the clips randomly, or follow pre-determined video trails that are connected via events and tags.

Operation Ajax “One of the coolest media experiences I’ve seen on the iPad.” New York Times “You can just see the story. You can dig down deeper and see the actual CIA documents. You can identify with people in it. And you can learn about a fledgeling democracy.” Explore Shoreditch is an interactive documentary created to prototype this emerging genre. The need for content on hardware such as the iPad will only grow as it further establishes itself as a mainstream device. But customers will not want to settle with content that exists in other media.

Avatar Secrets: An Interactive Documentary for the iPad Toronto, ON [September 26, 2013] — Social Media Week will provide the backdrop later today for the premiere of the trailer to Avatar Secrets, a groundbreaking POV documentary for the iPad written, directed and produced by Ramona Pringle. A digital project in form and content, Avatar Secrets explores the complexities of human connection in the wired world, examining the evolving nature of community, relationships, empathy and interdependence in the real world, and in the digital frontier. Avatar Secrets is produced by Ramona Pringle Productions in association with TVO and financed with the assistance of the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) and the Bell Fund. It launches Spring 2014.

Sara is Missing by saraismissing Also available on You found a phone belonging to a missing person. What would you do? Sara has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and your only lead is her mobile phone. Search for clues by investigating Sara's personal messages, notes, emails, pictures and videos while trying to piece together her final days. Jumpstarting a new existence in an emerging city. Everyday life in a refugee camp. Refugee Republic is an interactive transmedia documentary about everyday life in Domiz Camp, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq. The aim of the makers, artist Jan Rothuizen, multimedia journalist Martijn van Tol, photographer Dirk Jan Visser and webdeveloper Aart Jan van der Linden, is to enrich the existing image of refugee camps by building an anatomical sketch of everyday life in the camp, through a combination of drawings, film, photography, sound and text to create a sensory experience. The interactive documentary, produced by Submarine Channel and De Volkskrant, premiered at the Amsterdam documentary festival IDFA on 20 November 2014.