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Membership, policy, and professional development for educators – ASCD

Membership, policy, and professional development for educators – ASCD

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Appraisal Homepage This site is devoted to the Appraisal framework, an approach to exploring, describing and explaining the way language is used to evaluate, to adopt stances, to construct textual personas and to manage interpersonal positionings and relationships. The Appraisal framework is an extension of the linguistic theories of M.A.K Halliday and his colleagues (Systemic Functional Linguistics) and has emerged over a period of almost two decades as a result of work conducted by a group of researchers primarily based in Australia. The materials currently available here represent the second stage of the development of the site. We plan to continue to extend the site by including contributions from many of the people who have been involved in the development of the Appraisal framework or who have applied it in some way to their research. An Introductory Course in Appraisal Analysis These materials provide a step-by-step guide to using Appraisal in critical text analysis.

22 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Classroom Let's start by clearing up a misconception: Rigor isn't unfriendly. Adding it to your class doesn't mean you become boring, a techie, or an overseer of a fun-free zone. In fact, done right, rigor fills your class with Wow!, those epiphanies that bring a smile to student faces and a sense of well-being to their school day. CATESOL 2013 Essay Contest – Winning Essay : KQED Education Amita The CATESOL 2013 conference, Riding the Waves to Success, hosted the adult level essay contest sponsored by Cambridge University Press. Sandra Fernandez, a student in Mai Ackerman’s Essential English Transitions class at Simi Valley Adult School, won the prize of $100.00 dollars worth of Cambridge books and materials with her essay describing how she had ridden the waves that took her from Colombia to her life in the U.S.

Media Literacy at Your Library Learning and Prototyping Report In fall 2017, ALA and the Center for News Literacy (CNL) at Stony Brook University embarked on Media Literacy at Your Library, a prototype project that sought to address the critical need in the field for adult media literacy education, with a focus on news literacy. Over the year that followed, the two organizations worked with teams from five U.S. public libraries to explore the effectiveness of media literacy resources and lead programs for adults in their communities. The goal of the project was to develop media literacy training and complementary resources designed to prepare public library professionals to educate their adult patrons to be informed media consumers. ALA has recently released a Learning and Prototyping Report detailing the activities and findings of Media Literacy at Your Library. Download the Media Literacy at Your Library Learning and Prototyping Report. What have we learned?

20+ helpful professional development resources for teachers As a teacher, we encourage our students to never stop learning. But what about us? Do we try to learn new things or do we stick to the same teaching patterns every day, month, year? In this blog post, I’ll show you some handy website for teachers to develop their teaching skills.

Jokes in English for the ESL/EFL Classroom - Newest Jokes Teachers often use jokes in the ESL/EFL classroom to teach culture, grammar and vocabulary. If you know a joke that works well with ESL/EFL students, please submit the joke. Home | Articles | Lessons | Techniques | Questions | Games | Jokes | Things for Teachers | Links | Activities for ESL Students Newest Jokes | Short Jokes | Riddles | Puns | Long Jokes | Misuse of English Last Submission: May 25, 2011 Please note that our older jokes may be funnier than the new submissions. Early Reading Assessment: A Guiding Tool for Instruction Click the "References" link above to hide these references. Armstrong, Thomas (1994). Multiple intelligences in the classroom. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Balanced Retrieved November 16, 2004, from:

【親子翹翹板】美好前程 American Promise @ 2013年【教育?教育!】國際華人紀錄片影展 美好前程 American Promise美國 USA︱ 2012︱ 135 min︱ Joe BREWSTER, Michèle STEPHENSON 亞洲首映 2013 日舞影展評審團特殊成就獎 Special Jury Award For Achievement in Filmmaking, Sundance Film Festival2013 美國全景紀錄片影展評審團大獎 Grand Jury Award, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Tomorrow's Schools Review As part of the national Education Conversation | Kōrero Mātauranga, the Government is reviewing Tomorrow’s Schools – the name given to the reforms that dramatically changed the governance, management and administration of our schools nearly 30 years ago. After more than 200 meetings with people interested in education, the Independent Taskforce reported its findings to the Minister of Education in November 2018. Their report: Our Schooling Futures, Stronger Together l Whiria Ngā Kura Tūātinitini was released for public consultation on 7 December 2018.

This site shares information on developing professional skills in various fields, notably in teaching. Educators need to develop their skills and find strategies of improving learners' performance. It will therefore be interesting to share and make exchanges on this phenomenon through this site, especially for classroom teachers and policy makers. by roselinendifor Apr 11

Études sur la pédagogie dans le monde entier et tous systèmes confondus. by isabellegignac Jan 30

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