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Widgetbox › World's best place to find and make web widgets

Widgetbox › World's best place to find and make web widgets

Community-powered support for Feedly preview link doesn't work on some feeds The "preview" option often doesn't work for me. Where clicking on the link on top of an article, only the black bar shows up, and no cont... Habits Are The New Viral: Why Startups Must Be Behavior Experts Editor’s Note: This guest post is written by Nir Eyal, a founder of two startups and an advisor to several Bay Area incubators. Nir blogs about technology and behavior design at Face it; you’re hooked.

Web Widgets <p style="background-color:#ffff90;padding: 0em .5em 0em .5em;font-size:.9em"><strong>Warning:</strong> Your browser does not support JavaScript &#8211; RANDOM.ORG may not work as expected</p> Do you own an iOS or Android device? Check out our new app! This page shows the various widgets that are available for use with the true random number service RANDOM.ORG. They allow you to put some of RANDOM.ORG's functionality on your own site. Integer Widget

7 Chrome Extensions to Make You More Efficient Grace Nasri is the managing editor at FindTheBest, a data-driven comparison engine. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications including Forbes, The Huffington Post, Reuters, VentureBeat, and SemanticWeb. You can read her articles at or follow her @GraceNasri. This summer, Google Chrome became the world’s most popular web browser, with about one third of the global market share, according to StatCounter. Chrome’s market dominance is largely due to its speed, security, and flexible address bar, which can be used as a range of tools including a calculator, a currency converter, and a movie guide. In addition to these built-in core benefits, Chrome’s large cache of extensions is another great perk.

Help - group chat Help: group chat Put a group chat on a web page First, you need to make a group. You can automatically add it to your Facebook, Blogger or many other social networks, or manually paste the group HTML code into your own web site (somewhere that allows custom HTML code). Moderation controls As a group owner, you can delete messages by clicking on the delete button SearchPlaces Firefox Extension If you are here looking for any of my add-ons (SyncPlaces, SortPlaces, CheckPlaces or SearchPlaces) then I'm sad to inform you that these are no longer available. Unfortunately I do not have the time or the motivation to continue to support these in light of the organisation that Mozilla has become. Apparently spending 1000's of hours promoting their products and providing add-ons to fill the gaps in their product and repair bookmarks destroyed by Firefox Sync, counts for little and does not deserve any flexibility or support from them. Whatever they may claim, add-on developers are actually second-class citizens that are seen as obstructing the development of Firefox.

Why Wesabe Lost to Mint - Marc Hedlund's blog A number of people have asked and speculated about why the company I co-founded, Wesabe, shut down earlier this summer. Some of the claims or guesses about it are just factually wrong; others seem misinformed to me; others seem to have some truth. I thought I’d add my own opinion. In November 2006, Wesabe launched as a site to help people manage their personal finances. We certainly weren’t the first to try to tackle this problem through a web app, but we were the first of a new wave of companies that came out in the months that followed, characterized but what some would call a Web 2.0 approach to the problem.

Web widget Widgets often take the form of on-screen device such as clocks, event countdowns, auction-tickers, stock market tickers, flight arrival information, daily weather etc.. Widget[edit] A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into third party sites by any user on a page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog,[1] or profile on a social media site. How to: find ANYTHING on the Internet Photo by Dullhunk Tips, tricks and resources to help you find that digital needle in the huge cyber-haystack. Learning to navigate the World Wide Web effectively is an important skill, and there are lots of different ways for you to find the information you are looking for. Whilst the following list of tips and websites is by no means exhaustive – and we’ve missed out on some massive topics except travel, which deserve a post in their own right – they should be enough to get you started. Using Google Operator Hacks One of the things I love about Google is its clean layout – just type your query and hit enter.

Boosting Your Willpower - Healthy Living Center Do you feel overwhelmed by too many goals? Learn a step-by-step approach to feel motivated and achieve your objectives. Sometimes willpower is a lot like the television remote control — hard to find just when you want it most. Whether you're trying to lose weight, stop smoking, get to the gym regularly, win a promotion or pay off some debts, developing your sense of willpower is an important part of changing any behavior. We all know that breaking a bad habit or establishing a new, healthy one can be difficult, but persistence pays off.

Aggregators: the good ones vs. the looters News aggregators have grown into all shapes and forms. Some are truly helping the producers of original content but others simply amount to mere electronic ransack. My daily media routine starts on Techmeme. It is a pure aggregator — actually an aggrefilter, as coined by Dan Farber, at the time editor-in-chief of Cnet, who recommended it. This little site combines simple concept and sophisticated execution. Web Widgets - What Are Web Widgets - How Can I Use A Web Widget? A web widget (commonly referred to simply as a 'widget') is a small program that you can easily put on your website, blog, or personalized start page. A common example of a widget that most of us run across almost every day are those Google advertisements. These ads are produced by placing a small piece of code on the web page. The hard part -- choosing an advertisement that matches the content and displaying that ad -- is done by Google.

SOPA Emergency IP list: So if these bastards in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown # News # Social media Turn on your iPod and learn - MBAs Guide, Postgraduate Warwick is among a number of pioneering institutions that are transferring their teaching from the lecture hall to the media player in your pocket. The courses and research material of the business school's professors have found a new home in the iTunes University, a free education area within the Apple iTunes online music and video store. Warwick, Stanford, MIT, Oxford and University College London are signing up to provide mobile learning in the form of educational audio and video files, or podcasts, that will play on a computer, music player and now your phone. So students can study at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want. Not only does this sit well with a millennial generation who have grown up with digital libraries and Wi-Fi hotspots, new research suggests that university students who learn by downloading a podcast lecture achieve significantly higher exam results than those who attend the lecture in person.

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