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WPML - The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

WPML - The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

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Checkfront Booking Plugin Checkfront is an Online Booking System that allows businesses to manage their rental inventories, centralize reservations, and process online payments. This plugin connects your WordPress site to your Checkfront account, and provides a powerful real-time booking interface - right within your existing WordPress site. Features include Display real time availability, take reservations, bookings and process payments online within your website.SSL support keeps the customer on your website while making payment.Seamlessly blends in with your existing WordPress theme design.Multi-currency, multi-gateway payment processing including Paypal and, and SagePay & dozens more.Further integration with Salesforce, Zoho, Google Apps, Xero and many, many more.Support for short codes, or custom theme pages in WordPress. Checkfront integrates seamlessly into WordPress and does not force customers off to an external website to process bookings or view availability.

CoSchedule — WordPress Plugins CoSchedule is the all in one editorial calendar for content marketing and social scheduling! It keeps you and your team insanely organized and is the first (and only) editorial calendar to integrate with WordPress. Collaborate, schedule, and automate all of your content marketing and social media with CoSchedule. Take control of your content strategy and consolidate your tools into one content marketing editorial calendar with CoSchedule. Start your 14 Day Free Trial Today >>> Easily Plan all Your Content in One Editorial Calendar 3 Ways to Quell Overload Too many tasks, too many people, too much stuff. Whether fueled by the roles they want to play or a multitude of obligations, most people are overloaded. Companies and leaders are waking up to the fact that a relentless focus on doing more and being more is not sustainable. Burnout is both a personal problem and an organizational liability. What can be done?

The Events Calendar Create and manage your calendar of events with ease. Get professional-level quality and features backed by a team you can trust. The Events Calendar will help take your site to the next level. Google XML Sitemaps This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. With such a sitemap, it's much easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently. The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content. Supported since over 9 years and rated as the best WordPress plugin, it will do exactly what it's supposed to do - providing a complete XML sitemap for search engines.

Genesis Translations — WordPress Plugins This plugin translates the Genesis Framework into one of the available languages. No need to fuss about with your functions.php file or uploading .mo and .po files. Just install this plugin et voilá! If you're curious about the status of your translations you can check out the translations here: and if you'd like the improve your language you will need to register here first. Check to see which languages are currently supported and how far along the translations are.

8 Under-Used Blog Post Structures to Try Today – and 24 Inspiring Examples - Zen Optimise Once you’ve mastered a few basic types of blog posts, it’s easy to get stuck producing the same type of content day after day and week after week. It’s a great idea to occasionally throw in something a bit different. Here are eight fantastic structures you can use to craft attention-grabbing blog posts (and to stand out from fellow bloggers in your field). Why not pick one to try this week? Structure #1: “How I … and how you can too” Although this format might sound similar to a “how to” post, it won’t necessarily result in a step-by-step guide.

How to Fix the Internal Server Error in WordPress If you have been surfing the web for more than a year, then you probably have seen the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error at least a few times. Internal Server Error is one of the common WordPress errors that can put a WordPress beginner in panic mode. Panic is the worst reaction you can have. Take a deep breath and know that others before you have had this issue as well. We have fixed errors like the internal server error, error establishing database connection, white screen of death, and others many times for our users. We can assure you that they are all fixable.

6 Must have Guest Blogging Plugins for Wordpress Blogs Do you own a WordPress blog and want to start guest blogging activities on it? But don’t know how to go about it and if there are any Guest blogging plugins which could make things easier for you. There are some guest blogging plugin available which will make all of tasks associated with guest blogging quite easier without wasting much of your valuable time. Today I’m going to share list of 6 must have guest blogging plugins for WordPress blog owners. These plugins will be really handy for those WordPress blog owners who are opening up guest blogging opportunities on their blogs for the first time and for those who are getting too many guest blogging requests on their blogs and are finding it hard to manage all of these things, as lots of their valuable time was spend in doing the similar stuff on and on.

Multilingual SEO for WordPress Sites The process of promoting your website or blog is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and when it’s happening on a multilingual site, is called multilingual SEO. In this post I show you the right tools to make multilingual SEO in your WordPress website WordPress does not offer a simple solution for building multilingual websites. There are different ways to do it: using a translation plugin in a single WordPress installation, such as WPML or Polylang, or using WordPress Multisite environment with a multilingual network plugin, such as Multilingual Press (See article:How To Make A Multilingual WordPress Site: Best Translation Plugins). Whichever option you have chosen, you should implement a multilingual SEO strategy. Let’s see how you can optimize your multilingual WordPress site for search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu), in different languages.

We’re About to Start Seeing More Early Deaths from Diabetes Photo by Rodrigo Vaz via Getty A Tribe Called Quest's Malik Taylor, aka Phife Dawg, died on Wednesday at age 45 from complications of diabetes. Phife was known for being a pioneer of hip-hop, and, to a much lesser extent, as having a sweet tooth. (A few bars into the 1991 track "Buggin Out," he notes, I drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr. Pepper.)

25+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2014 Every WordPress developer has a toolkit of plugins they can’t live without that usually includes solutions for caching, security and adding other improvements that build on WordPress core. That’s the great thing about WordPress – in the WordPress Plugin Repository alone there are more than 30,000 plugins that build on core, allowing you to bend the software to your will. But with so many free and premium plugins available, how do you sort the good from the bad? GRAND FlAGallery - Best Photo Gallery Grand Flagallery - powerfull media gallery content plugin. Easy interface for handling photos, image galleries, audio and video galleries. Now You can upload and manage your images and photo galleries, anywhere Download new application for iPhone With this gallery plugin you can easy upload images, create music and video playlists, create photo gallery, group pictures in photo slideshow and add descriptions for each image, mp3 or video - Grand Flagallery is the smart choice when showing the best of your product or describing in brief any event. Grand Flagallery can easily beautify your site with photo gallery, mp3 player, video player, banner rotator, nivo slider or nice slideshow widgets. SEO optimized, compatibility with Google Reader, FeedBerner, etc.

The Best 10 WordPress Translation Plugins for Going Multilingual Even if you’ve done everything right when it comes to content, optimization, responsiveness, SEO, and marketing, you might still be missing out on a lot of potential site visitors due to the simple fact that not everyone in the world speaks the same language. The good news is that if you do decide to take the necessary steps to make your content intelligible to a wider audience, you don’t need to drop some major dollars to make it happen. WordPress is blessed with a range of excellent plugins to help you create and handle multilingual content and we’ll step you through ten of the best options in this article. Before we begin, let’s consider why you might want to offer your site in multiple languages in the first place. Is It Worth Offering Multiple Languages on Your Site?