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Flickr Slideshow Generator

Flickr Slideshow Generator
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SwfObj WordPress Plugin » The SwfObj WordPress Plugin simplifies embedding Flash objects in WordPress posts and pages using SwfObject 2.2. For more information on SwfObject, visit the SwfObject wiki. SwfObj enables you to embed Flash objects with a simple shortcode. While the shortcode can be as basic as [swfobj src="flashcontent.swf"], it also allows for more advanced settings. [swfobj src="flashcontent.swf" height="200" width="600"][swfobj src="flashcontent.swf" allowfullscreen="true"] A list of current attributes is outlined below. Attributes The following attributes are currently available for use in the shortcode. src: REQUIRED ATTRIBUTE. Requirements This plugin requires WordPress version 2.5 or higher as it is dependent on built in shortcode support. Roadmap Here are the features I am either currently implementing or hope to be implementing soon. Feel free download the plugin and give it a try.

CrossSlide CrossSlide is a jQuery plugin implementing in 2kB 1 of Javascript code some common slide-show animations, traditionally only available via Adobe Flash™ or other proprietary plugins. CrossSlide builds upon jQuery's animation facility, so it is as portable across browsers as jQuery itself (that is, a lot!) Internally CrossSlide does not rely on lookup tables, building instead a "chain" of functions. Each function starts a linear phase of the animation through jQuery, setting the next function in the chain as a complete callback. After all the functions are prepared and the animation is started, no other calculations are made. This setup reduces runtime overhead to the absolute minimum, making CrossSlide the most optimized implementation of these effects. CrossSlide can create a few different effects, depending on how it's called. Static cross-fade The simplest effect, a cross-fade between static pictures is just as simple to set up: Slide and cross-fade Here is the jQuery code to set it up:

TOP 30 Wordpress Plugins in Blogosphere « Staska.Net Is there any blogger blogging about blogging that hasn’t posted a list of his favorite plugins yet? Well, since I’m now in it too, I might as well do it. But you won’t find a list of my favorite plugins here. I did much better! The list is based on the Lists of favorite WordPress plugins , made by Lorelle last month. So I went through all those lists and compiled a spreadsheet of the mentioned plugins to see which of them were the most used in blogosphere. The first place among WordPress plugins goes to Akismet . 34 out of 48 bloggers are using this plugin. So there you have it. 30 most popular plugins in the blogosphere! Karoliukai internetu

EklaBlog - Accueil - News - Créer un blog gratuitement et en tou Sxipper All good things come to an end, and that time has come for Sxipper Sxipper's servers will may cease operations April 15, 2011 April 21, 2011 June 30, 2011 (see update). Your current Sxipper add-on will continue to operate in a limited fashion, but it will not be able to learn new forms or update form maps, nor will you receive emails to disposable email addresses. How can I get my passwords that Sxipper has stored? Sxipper has always stored your passwords in the Firefox password store. Why won't Firefox be able to use all my passwords? Sxipper was a little smarter about how to use passwords on some sites than the fox was. You can export any persona data by going to Preferences | Sxipper | Form Fill | [Export] No. We looked at numerous homes for Sxipper, but could not find a suitable one. Many Sxipper users do not want to lose their loyal companion and have expressed their opinions at .

Widgets WordPress Widgets WordPress Widgets add content and features to your Sidebars. Examples are the default widgets that come with WordPress; for post categories, tag clouds, navigation, search, etc. Plugins will often add their own widgets. Widgets were originally designed to provide a simple and easy-to-use way of giving design and structure control of the WordPress Theme to the user, which is now available on properly "widgetized" WordPress Themes to include the header, footer, and elsewhere in the WordPress design and structure. Example of the WordPress Widget Panel Widgets require no code experience or expertise. Some WordPress Widgets offer customization and options such as forms to fill out, includes or excludes of data and information, optional images, and other customization features. The Widgets SubPanel explains how to use the various Widgets that come delivered with WordPress. Plugins that come bundled with widgets can be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Installing Widgets