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What is Packery? Packery is a JavaScript layout library that uses a bin-packing algorithm. This is a fancy way of saying “it fills empty gaps.” Packery layouts can be intelligently ordered or organically wild. Elements can be stamped in place, fit in an ideal spot, or dragged around. Install

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clueTip Plugin Demo clueTip Plugin Demo Below are quite a few examples of how you can add a clueTip to your page, using a wide range of options. Keep in mind that there is nothing magical about the HTML markup. You can use any jQuery selector you want to attach your clueTips. For example, if you want to attach clueTips to all links with a class of "peanuts," you would simply write in your jQuery code: $('a.peanuts').cluetip();.

Isotope · masonry masonry is the default layout mode. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall. masonry uses the same code from the Masonry library. columnWidth Aligns items to a horizontal grid. We recommend setting columnWidth. 21 Beautiful Examples of Big Images in Web Design Big images can certainly create a big impact in a design, and I believe this is why more and more websites are starting to use big images to deliver nice and beautiful visuals to their viewers. Something that is good about this trend is that designers are using images combined with clean and minimal designs, layouts where images take the center stage and everything else complements it. It’s also important that when using huge images, designers optimize them the best they can to deliver a good user experience, which is great. Today we gathered some beautiful examples of websites using big images and you will see that from full screen photos to header images and more, there are several ways to incorporate images in your website. Theme Trust Seed Spot

jQuery Quicksand plugin Quicksand Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Activity Monitor 348 KB Address Book1904 KB Finder 1337 KB Front Row 401 KB Google Pokémon 12875 KB iCal 5273 KB iChat 5437 KB Interface Builder 2764 KB iTuna 17612 KB Keychain Access 972 KB Network Utility 245 KB Sync 3788 KB TextEdit 1669 KB jQuery NailThumb experience how useful it is in dynamic web applications, where you can face any shape or size. What it's useful for? Basically any media gallery But imagine you want to use avatars in your web applications: with this plugin you can avoid to develop a functionality that enable your user to load avatars of the right height and width, and still you'll be able to present them nicely in the size/sizes your layout need.

Hands-on Scala.js Writing client-side web applications in Scala var x = 0.0type Graph = (String, Double => Double) val graphs = Seq[Graph]( ("red", sin), ("green", x => abs(x % 4 - 2) - 1), ("blue", x => sin(x/12) * sin(x)) ).zipWithIndex dom.setInterval(() => { x = (x + 1) % w; if (x == 0) clear() for (((color, f), i) <- graphs) { val offset = h / 3 * (i + 0.5) val y = f(x / w * 75) * h / 30 brush.fillStyle = color brush.fillRect(x, y + offset, 3, 3) } }, 20) Scala.js is a compiler that compiles Scala source code to equivalent Javascript code. That lets you write Scala code that you can run in a web browser, or other environments (Chrome plugins, Node.js, etc.) where Javascript is supported. This book is an introduction to Scala.js, which aims to get you from knowing-nothing about it to being relatively proficient.

30 Beautiful Landing Pages Optimized for Converting Visitors into Users Landing pages are web pages that primarily serve to convince site visitors to take an action (such as signing up for an account, buying a product, etc.) For inspiration, have a look at these 30 beautiful and well-designed landing pages. The landing pages featured in this showcase provide potential users with compelling information and calls-to-action about the featured product or service. 1.

Making a Beautiful HTML5 Portfolio Martin Angelov In today’s tutorial we will be making a beautiful HTML5 portfolio powered by jQuery and the Quicksand plugin. You can use it to showcase your latest work and it is fully customizable, so potentially you could expand it to do much more.