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21 Beautiful Examples of Big Images in Web Design Big images can certainly create a big impact in a design, and I believe this is why more and more websites are starting to use big images to deliver nice and beautiful visuals to their viewers. Something that is good about this trend is that designers are using images combined with clean and minimal designs, layouts where images take the center stage and everything else complements it. It’s also important that when using huge images, designers optimize them the best they can to deliver a good user experience, which is great. Today we gathered some beautiful examples of websites using big images and you will see that from full screen photos to header images and more, there are several ways to incorporate images in your website. Theme Trust Seed Spot Karma Geckoboard Kyle Thacker Tiny Factory Do Kin Data Driven London Sawyer Maker Lab evoluted Cedric Marteau Escape Flight Pi’s Epic Journey Rosebud 84.Paris Soft Facade Eva Black Design Jardan kvadrat The Prince Ink About the Author Related Posts 370 shares

jQuery Quicksand plugin Quicksand Reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Activity Monitor 348 KB Address Book1904 KB Finder 1337 KB Front Row 401 KB Google Pokémon 12875 KB iCal 5273 KB iChat 5437 KB Interface Builder 2764 KB iTuna 17612 KB Keychain Access 972 KB Network Utility 245 KB Sync 3788 KB TextEdit 1669 KB Demo seems sluggish? Isn’t it cool? Download Version 1.4 Demos & Docs Fork on GitHub Powered by jQuery – Made by @razorjack from agilope, icons design by Artua Design by @riddle favico.js - Make a use of your favicon Badges Animate your favicon with animated badges. You can customize type of animation, position, background color and text color. Slide animation Fade animation Pop animation Pop & fade animation Without animation Position Shape setting Custom font support Color settings Images / Video / Webcam Create icon on the go from images, videos or even a webcam stream Regular image to icon var favicon=new Favico(); var image=document.getElementById('imageId'); favicon.image(image); HTML5 Video to icon var favicon=new Favico(); var video=document.getElementById('videoId');; //stop'stop'); Webcam video to icon This is only for fun but it works :) Works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera var favicon=new Favico();; //stop'stop'); Badge options Bower bower install favico.js Check out also Tinycon, Notify Better or favicon.js. Roadmap More options (Badge position, animations,...) License All code is open source and dual licensed under GPL and MIT.

AmplifyJS - A Component Library for jQuery 30 Beautiful Landing Pages Optimized for Converting Visitors into Users Landing pages are web pages that primarily serve to convince site visitors to take an action (such as signing up for an account, buying a product, etc.) For inspiration, have a look at these 30 beautiful and well-designed landing pages. The landing pages featured in this showcase provide potential users with compelling information and calls-to-action about the featured product or service. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. Resources on Optimizing Landing Pages If you’re looking to improve the performance of your landing pages in terms of converting your site visitors into users, check out the articles listed below:

jQuery Masonry Offline.js – Handle your users losing their internet connection like a pro What is Offline.js? Offline.js is a library to automatically alert your users when they've lost internet connectivity, like Gmail. It captures AJAX requests which were made while the connection was down, and remakes them when it's back up, so your app reacts perfectly. It has a number of beautiful themes and requires no configuration. Install The easiest way to add Offline to your site is with Eager. Click Install to see a live preview of Offline on your website. Download Offline.js Pick a Theme Indicator Themes Submit a theme! Documentation HubSpot

jQuery Async Project page » Asynchronous button Instead of using the .click() jQuery function, use the .async() to make your button visibly wait. The action can either succeed of fail, triggering a different animation on the button. Test asynchronous user action Action succeeds Action failed Embed the params in the HTML attributes If your javascript is bundled and minified, you cannot easily pass a page parameter like a user id to the javascript function. jQuery async does that for you by reading the async-params attribute of your button in a JSON format and deliver it in your code Test embedded params Different triggers You can bind .async() on a different trigger than the usual "click" event In this example the async is binded to the "change" event so once you have typed in the postal code and you leave the input, the function is triggered: