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WordPress Plugin Framework | View the repository on GitHub or download the source. This is an OOP framework for developing WordPress plugins. The main class uses the Singleton pattern to make sure that only one instance of the plugin is ever created. I have included blank methods for activation, deactivation, and registering scripts and styles. The base class sets up the text domain for internationalization and localization. Just drop your i18n and l10n files into the lang directory. I have included a blank uninstall file that is setup to make sure it can only be called from the WordPress dashboard. All custom plugin functionality should be started in the run_plugin() method. Instantiating Objects When instantiating an object such as Custom_Post_Type or Taxonomy save it to the proper array property on the main class. $this->custom_post_types[ 'new_custom_post_type' ] = Custom_Post_Type( $plural_post_type_name, $capabilities, $support, $menu_icon ) Custom Post Types Taxonomies Terms $new_taxonomy->add_terms( $terms ); Pages View

40 Tiny Web-Based Apps & Tools for Web Designers In this post we have collected a varied assortment of tiny web-based apps and tools that have been built with the purpose of solving a specific solution and act as precious time-savers for web designers. They are those tools that may not be very well known, are not the most powerful of apps, but are really useful and do serve their purpose extremely well. You will find apps that will help you to create icon-fonts, calculators for working out an elements width in % from PXs, apps that will allow you to create beautiful typography, tools for validating and sorting your CSS, super-simple editors, resources for quick reference, sprite generators, PSD validators, Base64 converters… and much, much more. Get ready to start bookmarking… Daturi – An app for converting images to Base64. px-em – A PX to EM calculator. PSD Validator – Tool to find out how well your PSD files are structured. Create CSS3 – A super-simple CSS3 generator. SassMe – An app for visualizing SASS color functions. SVGeneration.

WP-Quick-Pages WordPress plugin that lets you quickly create blank pages with hierarchies. Useful if you use WordPress as a CMS for simple sites that make use of pages. This plugin will add a submenu item called "WP Quick Pages" underneath "Pages" section of your admin area. On this age you can quickly enter pages, one per line, like this: About the Plugin FAQ Links Examples Contact When you're finished click the Create these pages button. The cool part is you can quickly show hierarchies as well: About the Plugin - Donate - Open Source -- Github -- Help Develop FAQ Links Examples - Example one -Example two Contact The example is probably pretty obvious, but the parent of the page is dictated by the number of hyphens in front of the title. If you find yourself working on sites where the structure gets decided upon before the content is necessarily ready (ahem) then you may find this useful.

Outils 78 ressources en ligne Haut de page Visual Studio Code Visual Studio Code est un éditeur de code source récemment lancé par Microsoft,…, le générateur de template HTML5 Alsacréations est fier de vous annoncer la naissance de, notre nouvel… Rendu par défaut des éléments HTML Outil conçu par Julien Royer, permettant d'observer les différences de rendu par… MobileHTML5 MobileHTML est un tableau de compatibilité récapitulatif à destination des plate-formes… ReformedApp Chronophage, redondant et fastidieux... Coder vos formulaires à la main vous… Initializr Initializr vous permet de générer un template HTML5 basé sur HTML5 Boilerplate.… HTML5Please HTML5Please est un récapitulatif clair et bien organisé listant les différentes… HTML5 Boilerplate HTML5 Boilerplate est un gabarit HTML5 et CSS3 contenant toutes les bonnes pratiques… HTML5Rocks Diaporama des nouveautés HTML5, tutoriels pas à pas, et exemples en ligne. Haut de page Accessibilité Haut de page Développement Web

10 Useful WordPress Loop Hacks The loop is a very important aspect of WordPress blogs. In fact, the loop is what allows you to get posts from your WordPress database and print them on the screen. A set of useful and user-friendly functions, the loop is incredibly powerful. With it, you can get a single post, a list of posts ordered by date, title or category, a list of posts written by a specific author and much more. In this article, we’ll show you 10 useful things you can do with the WordPress loop to make your blog even more powerful than it is right now. You may be interested in the following related posts: 1. Image source: Shutterstock The problem. The solution. <? Code explanation. As a result, the “WHERE” clause contained in the filter_where() function is added to the end of the SQL query contained in the post_where() function, which means that the loop will return posts published only between the two dates specified in the filter_where() function. Source 2. The problem. The solution. Code explanation. 3. <? 4. 5. <?

The Font Identifier: 12 Top Picks That Will Speed Up Your Workflow Designers have a need for relevant fonts in all creative mediums. Both print and digital design follow a similar track when choosing and composing typography. But there’s always the nuance of actually choosing which font to use. While on the search for a terrific typeface it’s all-too-common to bump into a great font that’s also hard to identify. Thankfully in our modern high-tech era there are plenty of font identifier tools which can help. The following resources are meant for designers and developers who often need to identify a particular font. Using a Font Identifier The two distinct methods of font identification are image-based and text-based recognition. When using a font identifier make sure that you have a high-quality sample of the font. Another handy trick is to single out just a few letters. Overall just have some patience and be willing to try out a few different tools if necessary. Checking Fonts from an Image WhatTheFont WhatFontIs FontEdge Web Font Typography Type Sample Quora

How To Make Twenty Fourteen (Or Any Other WP Theme!) Super In a recent review of WordPress’ latest default theme, WPMU DEV’s Chris Knowles called Twenty Fourteen a “flawed beauty.” In that article, Chris recommended a number of potential improvements, and together we’ve put together this ultimate guide to addressing those flaws. And what’s more, these tips and techniques can be used in practically any WordPress theme. So, break out the cape, fire up your favorite editor, and give Twenty Fourteen a superhero makeover. Featured Plugin - WordPress Facebook Plugin Would you like to add Facebook comments, registration, 'Like' buttons and autoposting to your WP site? Find out more In this article, we are going to build a child theme that implements the improvements that Chris recommended in his review of Twenty Fourteen, namely: And to make your life even easier we’ve given you two paths to glory: 1. Still here? Before We Begin : Create a Child Theme As we know, if we want to customize a theme, then it’s essential to use a child theme. 1. What’s The Problem?

How to Improve Your 404 Page Template in WordPress 404 errors are not good for user experience. We showed you how to get email alerts for 404 errors on your site so that you can quickly fix them. In this article, we will show you how to improve your 404 page template in WordPress, so you can create a more useful 404 page that actually help users. How Most WordPress 404 Page Looks Like? 404 page is often the most neglected page on most sites. This 404 page in WordPress is handled by a template file called 404.php. If your configuration is really messed up, then the 404 page would look like this: Neither of the above 404 pages are really useful. When a user lands on a 404 page, they’re already frustrated. You need to help the user find the right page. This can be done by showing them other sections of your sites they can visit, give them a way to contact you, etc. How to Create a Custom 404 Page in WordPress First thing we need to do is start by creating a custom 404 page template. Display Most Popular Posts on 404 Page