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Tomates sans eau ni pesticide : cette méthode fascine les biologistes

Tomates sans eau ni pesticide : cette méthode fascine les biologistes

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Fantasy Name Generator By Samuel Stoddard - Version 1.5 One of the perks of creating fantasy stories -- whether by writing a story or game or by role-playing -- is you get to make up the names. Some people relish the task while others are frustrated by it. Some like it but can't seem to create names that are diverse enough. Permaculture and Food Forest Gardens- Native Plant Talk Series Jayme Melrose began the discussion by outlining her premises, guiding theories and values of permaculture. She then discussed the importance and nature of ecological gardening, of permaculture, and the idea of a food forest. From there she moved into explaining some patterns and processes, and native Nova Scotian plants that would be useful in food forest garden in our region.

Precarious Labor: A Feminist Viewpoint by Silvia Federici (get the PDF) Precarious work is a central concept in movement discussions of the capitalist reorganization of work and class relations in today’s global economy. Silvia Federici analyzes the potential and limits of this concept as an analytic and organizational tool. page corner bookmarks This project comes to you at the request of Twitterer @GCcapitalM. I used to believe that a person could never have too many books, or too many bookmarks. Then I moved into an apartment slightly larger than some people’s closets (and much smaller than many people’s garages) and all these beliefs got turned on their naïeve little heads. But what a person can always look for more of is really cool unique bookmarks. 17 Apart: How To: Make Apple Vinegar From Scratch When you go out and pick two bushels of apples you better have a plan for using them up — especially in a timely manner! Lets recap: first we shared our homemade natural dog treat recipe, then we showed you our process in making fruit leather; both of which made for a lot of leftover apple peels and cores, so we decided to try our hand at making our own apple vinegar. This all came about while gathering inspiration over on A Sonoma Garden for making our own natural fruit roll-ups — we stumbled across this additional how-to on how to make your own apple vinegar using 3 basic ingredients and a dash of patience, ha. We followed this tutorial word for word and are now well into the process of making our very own apple vinegar. The steps were really quite simple and again, this is a recipe that requires little to no measuring — the amount of apples used really isn't important. We also found 4 smaller jars which turned out to be the perfect size to have on hand for gifts over the holidays.

9 Amazing Projects Made in Microsoft Excel It's easy to underestimate the power of Excel. Many associate the Microsoft tool with headaches from crunching numbers and tedious charts. But there's more to the spreadsheet-making program than you think. Whether it's an impressive map visualization or aesthetically pleasing works of art, Excel shows that beautiful graphics don't always require fancy software. We rounded up nine creative projects you won't believe were made in Microsoft Excel. How to make a bamboo polytunnel We used a local renewable material, caña (like bamboo). You could use anything long and bendy – we would like to try it with hazel next time we are further north. The only items we paid for are the plastic and string (pita string made from fibres of the giant succulent Agave plant).

Political Origins of Environmental Degradation and the Environmental Origins of Axial Religions - P2P Foundation * Book: Ecological Revolution: The Political Origins of Environmental Degradation and the Environmental Origins of Axial Religions; China, Japan, Europe. by Mark D. Whitaker "Most argue environmental movements are a novel feature of world politics. I argue that they are a durable feature of a degradative political economy. Past or present, environmental politics became expressed in religious change movements as oppositions to state environmental degradation using discourses available. Ecological Revolution describes characteristics why our historical states collapse and because of these characteristics are opposed predictably by religio-ecological movements.

Temperate Climate Permaculture: Permaculture Plants: Plantain Plantain is a weed I would welcome. Common Plantain (Plantago major) Common Name: Plantain Scientific Name: Plantago species Family: Plantaginaceae (the Plantain family) Common Species:

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