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10 sites pour trouver de la musique libre de droit

10 sites pour trouver de la musique libre de droit

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Top 15 Marketing Automation Blogs to Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns Recently, I put together some stats about the marketing automation industry in 2014. One of the trends that jumped out from all the data is that companies are in desperate need of marketers who understand how to make the most out of marketing automation technology. But with just 3% adoption in non-tech industries, there aren’t many marketers out there who have extensive experience using marketing automation yet. Fortunately, those who do are pretty good about sharing their knowledge with the rest of us. (After all, that’s what inbound marketing is all about, right?) So if you’re struggling to get your marketing automation system off the ground, or still deciding whether or not it’s even worth investing in marketing automation software, check out these 15 blogs to help guide your way.

WeVideo - Video Editor & Maker "KineMaster brings powerful video editing to Android at last" - TNW( *** KineMaster has been featured by Google Play in more than 150 countries!! *** Are you looking for a professional-grade video editing app for your Android device? Collection History The David Rumsey Map Collection was started over 25 years ago and contains more than 150,000 maps. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century maps of North and South America, although it also has maps of the World, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The collection includes atlases, wall maps, globes, school geographies, pocket maps, books of exploration, maritime charts, and a variety of cartographic materials including pocket, wall, children's, and manuscript maps. Items range in date from about 1700 to 1950s.

The British Library's "Sounds" Archive Presents 80,000 Free Audio Recordings: World & Classical Music, Interviews, Nature Sounds & More Online archives, galleries, and libraries offer Vegas-sized buffets for the senses (well two of them, anyway). All the art and photography your eyes can take in, all the music and spoken word recordings your ears can handle. But perhaps you’re still missing something?

How Improv Can Open Up the Mind to Learning in the Classroom and Beyond By Linda Flanagan Long before Amy Poehler became famous for her comic roles as Hillary Clinton on “Saturday Night Live,” and as indefatigable bureaucrat Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation,” she was a college freshman looking for something to do outside class. During her first week on campus, she auditioned for the school’s improvisational theater group, “My Mother’s Fleabag,” and discovered a passion. “Everyone was getting to act and be funny and write and direct and edit all at the same time,” she writes in her memoir, Yes, Please.

8 Best Marketing Automation Blogs to Follow When I was first introduced to marketing automation several years ago, I was surprised by the lack of blogs and communities dedicated to sharing marketing automation campaign ideas and helping marketers learn from one another. This was the primary reason we decided to create Marketing Automation Insider. Fortunately, there are now many great blogs on marketing automation – mostly run by the vendors. Below are eight of the best blogs, in my opinion, to learn about marketing automation. #1 Infusionsoft’s Blog While Infusionsoft’s content is relatively basic and aimed at entry-level marketers, they do feature a lot of interesting case studies written by Infusionsoft users and consultants. Adobe Premiere Clip – Android апликације на Google Play-у Premiere Clip is a free video editor that makes it fast and fun to create quality videos that can be easily shared - or easily opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for extra polish. “A gateway into the full feature set and power behind Premiere Pro.” – Melissa Stoneburner, AUTOMATIC VIDEO CREATIONSimply choose a soundtrack and select the pace — Clip artfully sets your images to the beat of the music.

65 Free Charlie Chaplin Films Online A few things to know about Charlie Chaplin. He starred in over 80 films, reeling off most during the silent film era. In 1914 alone, he acted in 40 films, then another 15 in 1915. By the 1920s, Chaplin had emerged as the first larger-than-life movie star and director, if not the most recognizable person in the world. The film icon died on Christmas Day in 1977, and we’re commemorating this just-passed anniversary by highlighting 65 Chaplin films available on the web. Above, you will find a Chaplin mini-film festival that brings together four movies shot in 1917: The Adventurer, The Cure, Easy Street and The Immigrant. Rare Video Captures 29-Year-Old Luciano Pavarotti in One of His Earliest Recorded Performances (1964) Sometimes it’s hard to believe that certain entertainers did not arrive fully formed with their famous look already part of the act. It’s still weird to me, for example, to see very early George Carlin, looking like a nephew to the button-down comedy of Bob Newhart. You might get the same shock seeing this very early—possibly the first, but not verified—televised appearance of master tenor Luciano Pavarotti. In this archived clip from Soviet television, the future opera superstar looks more like comedian Jackie Gleason than the bearded, iconic figure he would become.

25 Fun Ways to use QR Codes for Teaching and Learning I’ve culled a bunch of ideas from different teachers who have shared their approaches to using this simple but powerful construct in the classroom. Once your students are equipped with a device that can read QR codes and they know how to scan them, you’re ready to use ideas like these in your classroom! If you’re not already familiar with it, scroll down to the bottom of the article to learn how to easily create QR codes, and find QR Code readers. Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas! The Beginner's Guide to Email Segmentation & Personalization In the last 5 years, email has been pronounced dead half a dozen times, if not more. The truth is that email is very much alive and, for most optimizers, it’s far from being on its proverbial deathbed. How can there be such a divided opinion?

Création de vidéo pédagogique avec un smartphone et un PC Upload Lydie BASTIN Loading... Working... ► Play all 13 Great Resources for Finding Free Public Domain Books April 27, 2014 We all love to cuddle up with a good book and read a chapter or two before we fall asleep. That was before the massive uptake of ebooks and the widespread of ebook readers and tablets. Now that life becomes excessively digitized, digital reading is virtually the norm. The importance of digital reading, not only for us but for our students as well , is well documented in the education research literature. As Malloy and Gambrell (2006) pointed out, the future is already here: " Many elementary students are already adept at searching and surfing, using reading and spelling in ways not explicitly taught. Reading online is not only something that many students do in their leisure time but is also a skill they will need to develop as they learn to research and create in their middle school years and beyond. " (p. 482).

Kraftwerk’s First Concert Now Online: The Beginning of the Endlessly Influential Band (1970) “No, I have not shorted out or fallen in love with a cyborg,” insisted Robert Christgau in his review of Kraftwerk’s 1977 album Trans-Europe Express, which he credited with “a simple-minded air of mock-serious fascination with melody and repetition” and textures that “sound like parodies by some cosmic schoolboy of every lush synthesizer surge that’s ever stuck in your gullet — yet also work the way those surges are supposed to work.” To electronic music fans, Kraftwerk now have a status even beyond that of the grand old men of the tradition, but continue to tour the world enthusiastically (with their own detached, biomechanical interpretation of enthusiasm), performing the deliberately technological, sometimes startlingly jagged, sometimes startlingly rhythmic music they invented. The world got their first taste of it, in an early experimental form, a few short years before successful and relatively mainstream Kraftwerk records like Trans-Europe Express or Autobahn came along. Mr.