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BrainPOP Jr. - K-3 Educational Movies, Quizzes, Lessons, and More!

BrainPOP Jr. - K-3 Educational Movies, Quizzes, Lessons, and More!

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Chesterbrook Elementary School - Websites Fitness Challenge: Disclaimer: Some of the links on this webpage take you outside of the Chesterbrook ES Website and Fairfax County Public Schools. Some of these sites may contain advertisements or other links. Please supervise your child to avoid any inappropriate use. Chesterbrook is not responsible for any inappropriate use. We have provided these links because we feel they may be useful to students, families, and teachers. Famous People Lesson Activities Interactive lessons plans have taken another leap forward with the new, easy-to-use tools available in Notebook 10 collaborative learning software—the latest software update from SMART Technologies. Teachers can easily design dynamic lesson activities using Notebook 10 software and deliver those lessons on their SMART Board interactive whiteboards. Notebook 10 software now includes new and improved features such as the Table tool to create tables quickly and easily, the Magic Pen to magnify objects, Object Animation, and Shape Recognition. Click here to access our growing archive of standards-based lesson activities across the curriculum, including Math and Science, Earth Day, and Back-to-School. In order to view these lesson activities, please download the interactive viewer here.

Analogy Game Sorry, this is a flash-based game that requires Adobe Flash Player. Many of these games will run on mobile devices with VocabularySpellingCity apps. For Apple devices Available for Android Learn More about! Teaching spelling and vocabulary is easy with VocabularySpellingCity! 6th Grade Math Games Are you looking for free 6th grade math games? These fun games offer an opportunity for kids to enjoy themselves while reviewing important math concepts. Here are some important 6th grade math topics: Factors and Multiples

How to Play Crumple & Shoot I learned how to play Crumple and Shoot from Doris Gannon, a reading teacher I worked with in my first job, and since then I’ve passed it on to more people than I can remember. It works with students from elementary school through college, and I’ve never had a group who didn’t eventually beg me to play it. Plus, it’s so easy, you could literally start playing it the minute you finish reading these instructions. The only real requirement is that your students need to be able to write easily, so it might not work as well with very young students. Cool Math Games NaviPaw Cool Math Games Whole Number Operations

Moderna språk Lagaholmsskolan Learn about the origins of EnglishWhat do you know about the origins of English?English shares many words with …..Which language?English is a member of which group ?How was the /sk/ sound in Swedish developed into English?

10 Sites and Apps for Vocabulary and Spelling Practice - Best of 2016 As I usually do during this week, I'm taking some time off to relax, ski, and work on some long-term projects for the next year. This week I will be re-publishing the most popular posts of 2016. Last night I watched the conclusion of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Danielson or Marzano? Mullica Township Sample Teacher Evaluation Form Samples We were given permission to share these examples with workshop participants. For further distribution please seek permission directly from Mullica Township School District. Stockton Teacher Education Program & the Danielson Framework For more information on how the Danielson Framework is used as part of the student teaching experience you can go to Stockton’s website under “Teacher Education”. The form below is a sample form based on Danielson’s four domians used by all college supervisors when conducting formal observations of their assigned student teachers.

IllinoisASA - Danielson Workshop Files Danielson Components 2a through 3d in separate documents. Evaluators can use these to share with teachers following informal and formal observations for the teacher to self rate and the evaluator to rate. The two parties then discuss in a reflective conversation the results of informal reflective rating. Additional Forms for Teacher Evaluators To Use When Observing Teachers Successful Inclusion: 7 Valuable Tips You Need to Know - Autism Classroom Resources I haven’t talked much about successful inclusion of students with ASD in general education classrooms. As we finish up the 10 Steps to a Well-Run Classroom, I want to talk about how we include our students from self-contained classrooms into general education classrooms. Our students need a chance to interact with typical peers. They also need the opportunity to learn from models with more advanced skills. It’s about so much more than just accommodations and modifications.