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Vizzle - Visual learning lessons for IEP progress monitoring. ConversationBuilder™ - Autism Apps. Touch and Learn - Emotions App Review. Learn Emotions and Feelings -Adjectives for Kids by ELF Learning. ‎Articulation Station Pro on the App Store. "Little Bee Speech has created a real gem.

‎Articulation Station Pro on the App Store

Articulation Station Pro is by far the best articulation app out there. It's a must have app in the SLP toolbox! " -Renena Joy, SLP Learn how to pronounce and practice the consonantal sounds in the English language with 8 fantastic and engaging articulation activities in the most comprehensive articulation app on the App Store! Created by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Articulation Station Pro is a full featured articulation application to help children as well as adults learn to speak and pronounce their sounds more clearly. With activities at the WORD, PHRASE, SENTENCE and STORY levels your kids will love practicing their sounds and forget they are actually "working" on their articulation.

Each of the 22 sound programs target sounds in the initial, medial and final positions of words, sentences and stories. Creating Social Stories for Students with Autism & Behavior Disorders. Social stories topped my to-do list yesterday.

Creating Social Stories for Students with Autism & Behavior Disorders

I needed one for arguing, another social story for bathroom etiquette, and a final social story for hallway behavior. Although social stories are a huge part of some of our students’ daily school life, I’ve never had an “official” training on writing social stories and neither have any of my colleges.

To help other teachers in the same boat, here is my quick guide to creating social stories for students with autism or behavior problems. What are social stories? With St. March is National Nutrition Month, and it’s important to teach students the... ‎Birdhouse – for Special Education Teachers on the App Store. Helping you take more control of your classroom organization The classroom can be a very busy place.

‎Birdhouse – for Special Education Teachers on the App Store

The Birdhouse student documentation app was designed to help you stay organized, be more efficient, and free you up to have time to focus on what matters- being a remarkable teacher for your students! With our easy-to-use mobile and web-based app, you can record, retrieve, and share streamlined digital notes, anywhere, at anytime! The top-rated Birdhouse for Autism, Special Needs, and Epilepsy apps have helped tens of thousands of families, healthcare providers, and others serving the special needs community. ‎Skill Champ on the App Store. Now great for parents, educators, and therapists!

‎Skill Champ on the App Store

Download all 10 skills + all 10 themes + access all printable curriculum - no in-app purchasing required. Skill Champ uses your child's interests to teach new skills. Quickly customize any of the 10 lessons with your child's favorite theme - so you can use sailboats to teach numbers or train signs to teach colors! Skill Champ covers a range of early academic skills: Picture Matching, Letters, Numbers, Colors, Put In, 1:1 Put On, Big & Little, Happy & Sad, A/B Patterns, and Shape Puzzles.

Every Skill Champ lesson is based on best practice autism strategies and includes a printable curriculum so that your child can practice the skills on AND off the iPad! ‎Kid in Story Book Maker Lite on the App Store. Create and share customized picture storybooks with photos of your child or others as the main character!

‎Kid in Story Book Maker Lite on the App Store

Created by award-winning app designers, Kid in Story Book Maker makes it easy and fun to create visual stories to support learning, social modeling, and early literacy for all children. “Kid in Story. Finally a GREAT Social Story App!” Shannon Rosa, Squidalicious “An excellent app if you are looking for more creative freedom in your child’s learning experiences.” 5 Stars – “I am impressed and found it difficult to write this review without saying ‘It’s so easy and fun!’ “By involving the child in making the social story, the child receives an in-depth social skills session and then the book can be sent to the child's parent or caregiver via email or Dropbox for ongoing reinforcement of the skills. Featured in App Store: Education: Play.Learn.Discovery., Special Education: Life Skills, and Accessibility: Learning & Literacy Add your child’s photo into the story template background. Common Sense. Home.

BrainPOP Jr. Rufus Robot - Home. The Sounding Out Machine - Assistive Reading Device - best ... FizzBrain Apps. ‎Visual Schedule Planner on the App Store. Proloquo2Go. Unique Learning System. Math Games for Kids Online. Many researchers have proved that kids learn better and faster if they actively engage themselves with the math they are learning.

Math Games for Kids Online

Learning through textbooks or flash cards do not provide the required level of active learning. Math games have the ability to put kids’ mind on higher active mode. The math games provide an atmosphere where kids can: think, discuss and share their ideas with othersdevelop the confidence to speak their mindswork cooperativelydevelop curiosity and interest in mathgain confidence to solve math problems in the real world One important advantage of learning math through games is that it provides an immediate assessment to the student, teacher, and parents. Math games strengthen the understanding of kids who are already good at Math and provide support to the kids who are in need.

The table below displays the common core math standards along with the grades. Counting & Cardinality When kids enter kindergarten, they have very limited experience with numbers. Geometry. Epic!: Read Amazing Children's Books Online - Unlimited Access to the Best Books and Learning Videos For Kids 12 and Under. News-2-You. Blogger. Adapting for Autism. Best Buddies International - Home. Mike says