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Ateismo e religioni comparate

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INFOGRAPHIC: A Huge Map Of The World's Religions. The history of all religions explained in one fascinating graphic. Mythology-tree-of-descent.jpg (JPEG Image, 1633 × 909 pixels) - Scaled (62%) World Religions Tree. - Your Guide To The Gods. The Culture of Cults. The Culture of Cults Contents Summary Preliminary Definitions Cult Mind Control Outline of a Cult Persuasion Process Marketing a Cult Belief System Religious Freedom & Moral Independence The Quasi - Religious Spectrum Religious Freedom & Moral Independence Organisations and their Belief Systems The Nature of Personal Belief Free Will, Free Choice, and Personal Belief The Hermeneutics of Personal Belief Hierarchical, Bi-polar Belief Systems Hierarchies and the Politics of Personal Belief (and why Christianity didn't start as a cult)

The Culture of Cults

Vexen Crabtree's Websites: Page Index. Vexen Crabtree's Websites: Religions:

Vexen Crabtree's Websites: Page Index

Playful, analytic explorations. Le religioni in Italia / Massimo Introvigne – PierLuigi Zoccatelli (sotto la direzione di) AUTRES RELIGIONS (Thèmes) Spiritualité et Religions. RELIGION. Franco La Cecla. Il Cerchio delle ripetizioni felici. Cult Help and Information. Religion & Spirituality Free Audio. Why Is Religion Natural? Feature Pascal Boyer Skeptical Inquirer Volume 28.2, March / April 2004 Is religious belief a mere leap into irrationality as many skeptics assume?

Why Is Religion Natural?

Why a Loving God would Damn All Other Faiths To Hell. What’s a seeker of Truth supposed to do with two competing facts that leave as much room for compromise, Sam Harris says, “as a coin toss?”

Why a Loving God would Damn All Other Faiths To Hell

The New Testament says Jesus is the actual, real son of God, and anyone who doesn’t believe that will spend eternity in Hell. The Koran says Jesus is not the son of God, and anyone who believes he is will spend eternity in Hell. (A Buddhist would consider the whole discussion odd.) This, all by itself, is a good reason to wonder how plausible it is that there’s a God with a capital “G” in the first place. Which makes more sense to you? Disbelieve it or Not, Ancient History Suggests That Atheism is as Natural to Humans as Religion. People in the ancient world did not always believe in the gods, a new study suggests – casting doubt on the idea that religious belief is a “default setting” for humans.

Disbelieve it or Not, Ancient History Suggests That Atheism is as Natural to Humans as Religion

“Early societies were far more capable than many since of containing atheism within the spectrum of what they considered normal – Tim Whitmarsh” Despite being written out of large parts of history, atheists thrived in the polytheistic societies of the ancient world – raising considerable doubts about whether humans really are “wired” for religion – a new study suggests. The claim is the central proposition of a new book by Tim Whitmarsh, Professor of Greek Culture and a Fellow of St John’s College, University of Cambridge. In it, he suggests that atheism – which is typically seen as a modern phenomenon – was not just common in ancient Greece and pre-Christian Rome, but probably flourished more in those societies than in most civilizations since. Battling the gods cover. ( History of the Ancient Aryans. Iran is the ancient name of Persia, and it is derived from the root "Arya" or Aryan, the Indo-European branch of peoples who settled in that land.

History of the Ancient Aryans

The Aryans of ancient Iran were Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, ie. Pantheism for Dummies (I mean “Dittoheads”) –Part 1 of 2. Finger Pointing at the Moon For Dummies Oh, Rush.

Pantheism for Dummies (I mean “Dittoheads”) –Part 1 of 2

You’ve done it again. One could build a fairly comprehensive dictionary just by taking the definitions you give to words that you don’t understand, and writing the opposite. World Religions & Beliefs. THEOLOGY/WORLD RELIGIONS/SYMBOLS. Les Religions. Religous Study. History/Myths/Religion. Religions. Religion, Mythology and Ethos.

Dogma. Arabian, Hindi & Persian (pre Iraq & Iran) Understanding Hinduism. I am not going to start my article by defining the term Hinduism or by characterising who is an Hindu.

Understanding Hinduism

That would make very lousy reading. So I am going to explain Hinduism in a way I am trying to understand world religions. I think there are three important aspects in understanding any religion. Origin and Evolution. Scriptures and Scholars ( Saints and Preachers ). I think explaining the first two aspects of Hinduism is straight forward.But to convince a new learner about the third takes some effort. Origin and Evalution. Secret Symbolism of Ganesha in Hinduism. "Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Suryakotee Sama Prabha Nirvighnam kuru mey Deva, Sarva kaaryeshu Sarvadaa" Ganesha, the son of Parvati is celebrated in India as one of the most generous and kind hearted, among a pantheon of Gods, Goddesses and other deities that are worshiped in India.

Secret Symbolism of Ganesha in Hinduism

The countless number of Gods of India perhaps signifies a time when a huge number of humans living on Earth were aware of their true divine nature, hence were considered Gods. Portail:Hindouisme. Portail:Jaïnisme. Le Jaïnisme est fondé sur des enseignements venus de la nuit des temps, et provenant de divers Tirthankara (« passeurs de gué ») dont le dernier pour notre ère, Mahavira (599-527 av J-C), est souvent considéré comme le plus grand des professeurs de sa foi.


Mahavira est mentionné dans les écrits bouddhiques et hindouistes, mais jamais comme fondateur d'un mouvement shramanique, et le Jaïnisme n'est pas mentionné comme une religion nouvelle. La Tradition Jaïna précise que Mahavira n'est que le dernier des 24 Tirthankara , le premier étant Rsabhanath, considéré comme le précurseur de la civilisation humaine. De nombreuses preuves historiques permettent d'affirmer l'existence du 23ème guide spirituel, Parshvanath (877-777 av J-C).

De même, les historiens attestent celle du 22ème, Neminath, que la tradition considère comme le cousin de Krishna, huitième incarnation ou avatar de Vishnou. Portail:Sikhisme. Confucianism - Understanding Religion in Late-Imperial China. Confucianism is perhaps the most well-known of the textual traditions in China. The classical Confucian texts became key to the orthodox state ideology of the Chinese dynasties, and these texts, though they were mastered only by a scholarly elite, in fact penetrated society deeply. Through the interpretation of the scholar Dong Zhongshu, who lived during the Han dynasty from around 179-104 BCE, Confucianism became strongly linked to the cosmic framework of traditional Chinese thought, as the Confucian ideals of ritual and social hierarchy came to be elaborated in terms of cosmic principles such as yin and yang.

Confucianism. The philosopher Confucius (or Kongzi, c. 551 to c. 479 BCE) is the recognized founder of Confucianism, also referred to as the Ru-jia doctrine or School of Literati as it is known by Western scholars. World Religions. Religion, Mythology and Ethos. Major Religions. Jewish Philosophy. Sefer Yitzirah. How religion has evolved. Not perfectly accurate, but definitely interesting. Religion. Religion / Atheism. Atheist, Gnostic, Theist, Agnostic. Too many times I have informed someone that I am an atheist, only to have them reply, “Oh, but how could you know that God doesn’t exist? You’re taking a faith position!” Many headaches later, we finally come to an agreement over the definitions of these words. This arrangement is an attempt to clarify and classify these words, so that their rogue meanings no longer confuse and muddle religious debate. To begin with, here are the four key terms arranged on a graph with their opposites across from them.

An atheist at Christmas. Christmas is inevitably a rather problematic time for atheists. Does one sour the mood, somewhere between the turkey and the pudding, and overtly declare the entire festivity is built on the naivety and, if one's feeling particularly spiky, the blatant stupidity of one's ancestors? Or does one simply fill up the stocking, sing Away In A Manger and go with the occasion in a spirit of politeness? In this area, I wasn't reared for compromise. I was brought up in a devoutly atheistic household, by a father who made Richard Dawkins look open-minded on the matter of there perhaps being a supreme being. Religion and the Lack of It. General Paganism. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Pagan Roots.

Paganism 101. {*style:<u><b> Paganism 101 Some Qs and As </b></u>*} {*style:<b> </b>*} The major world religions. The information provided below is intended to provide a short introduction to the major world religions as defined classically. Difference Between Islam and Buddhism.

Islam vs Buddhism. The Big Religion Comparison Chart: Compare World Religions. World religions. Religions : bonnes blagues et grandes peurs. Facts on the world's religions. Multidisciplinary View of the Religious, Spiritual and Esoteric Phenomena. Atheism. List of Catholic Heresies and Human Traditions. ADOPTED and PERPETUATED by the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE COURSE OF 1600 YEARS (Compiled by Rev. Stephen L. Religion/Atheism. Religion. Religion. Comparative Religions. Religious Dissection Comparative study of religions. Atheism. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Atheism and Myths. Atheism.