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Alstef. Sentag Drowning Detection - Home. Estimote Beacons — real world context for your apps. Image stitching enhances part inspection. <a href="/content/vsd/en/index.html">Home</a><a href="/content/vsd/en/boards-software.html">Boards & Software</a> Image stitching enhances part inspection In the manufacture of electronic connectors for the automotive industry, multiple metal pins are fused into plastic housings using many production steps.

Image stitching enhances part inspection

To ensure the correct placement of the connector pins within these housings, companies such as Tyco International (Princeton, NJ, USA; often use machine-vision systems to check the final product before it is packed and shipped. “Often,” says Bradley Weber, director of international application engineering at PPT Vision (Eden Prairie, MN, USA;, these connectors are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The awkward dimensions can prove challenging when these parts must be automatically inspected.” [Native Advertisement] Bucher Emhart Glass. Home. METTLER TOLEDO - Lab Balances, Titration, RAININ Technology, Particle Characterization, pH, Scales, Checkweighing, Dimensioning, Weighing - METTLER TOLEDO. SEWIO – UWB Ranging Evaluation and Development Kit. Features Precise wireless distance measurementCommunication Range up to 50m*Ranging precision typically 30cm*Unaffected by light conditions, weather or vibrationCOM (USB) for measurement and configuration compliant with IEEE 802.15.4a UWB PHYUWB PHY Data Rate 110/850/6800 kbpsWide ecosystem of extension modules such as Wi-Fi, sensors, LCDJTAG programmer/debugger includedSource code in C includes Two Way Ranging project for Code Composer Studio * Distance measurement accuracy and range depends on power level, antennas, proximity objects, radio channel number and other details.

SEWIO – UWB Ranging Evaluation and Development Kit

The accuracy might be further improved by crystal & antenna delay calibration process and data filtering. Package Content 1x UWB Tag (preloaded firmware)1x UWB Anchor (preloaded firmware)1x Li-ion USB Battery 2200mAh2x USB Micro cablesAccess to source code Getting Started. Indurad -  indurad Radar Solutions: Positioning, Collision Avoidance, Volumetric Scan. Xtralis: Early Warning Safety and Security Solutions from Xtralis - Xtralis, VESDA, ADPRO, aspirating smoke detection, perimeter security, smoke detection, life safety. Gooee. Fleet Tracking Solutions. The Enterprise Solution for Distracted Driving. Electronic paper solutions. Cold Chain Technology. Welcome to Store Electronic Systems. Kickstarter. Thermal Technology for Intelligent Buildings. Innovative Infrastructure: Smart Bridges. There are over 600,000 bridges in the United States and almost 13% have some sort of structural damage.

Innovative Infrastructure: Smart Bridges

Most bridges still require field methods to assess this damage, including visual inspection, dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing, and ultrasonic techniques. These field methods can miss structural problems or fail to catch them in time to prevent a catastrophe. In the case of the Minneapolis steel truss bridge that collapsed in 2007, resulting in 13 lives lost, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) ruled that 16 of the gusset plates that connected the trusses failed. Smart bridge technologies are being implemented in the redesign, providing more efficient and real-time monitoring and inspection. Smart Bridges in Action This tragedy may have been prevented had the bridge been equipped with a network of smart bridge sensors providing continuous monitoring of various properties.

Project Case Study: St. The St. 3D Printing Electronics Laser Additive Manufacturing Systems. Smart Buildings. Echelon’s smart building solution delivers a suite of tools and product offerings for OEMs, building owners, specification writers, integrators, and energy management application developers.

Smart Buildings

The solution enables building professionals to integrate the world’s leading devices, applications, and building automation standards (LonWorks and BACnet), to architect energy-efficient buildings that are grid-aware and can respond dynamically to emerging grid requirements. Echelon Smart Transceivers (for OEMS) Our free-topology twisted pair smart transceivers have been embedded in millions building automation devices such as sensors, thermostats, motion detectors, air handlers, and chillers. Echelon SmartServer Controller (for OEMs and System Integrators) Echelon’s SmartServer building controller — a system manager and field controller integral to any smart building installation. Echelon’s OpenLNS Operating System (for Software Developers and System Integrators) InteliLIGHT® - remote street lighting management. InteliLIGHT® - remote street lighting management.