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Archived UFO Case Files-UFO Casebook Files. ਀ 㰀椀渀瀀甀琀 琀礀瀀攀㴀∀栀椀搀搀攀渀∀ 渀愀洀攀㴀∀挀砀∀ 瘀愀氀甀攀㴀∀瀀愀爀琀渀攀爀ⴀ瀀甀戀ⴀ㜀㔀㄀㠀㜀㐀㜀㐀㄀㔀㄀㤀㔀㘀㄀㈀㨀瀀搀搀瘀最挀ⴀ㜀㌀㜀㘀∀ ⼀㸀 ਀ 㰀椀洀最 猀爀挀㴀∀栀琀琀瀀㨀⼀⼀眀眀眀⸀最漀漀最氀攀⸀挀漀洀⼀椀洀愀最攀猀⼀瀀漀眀攀爀攀搀戀礀开琀爀愀渀猀瀀愀爀攀渀琀⼀瀀漀眀攀爀攀搀戀礀开 ⸀最椀昀∀ 愀氀琀㴀∀䜀漀漀最氀攀∀ ⼀㸀 ਀㰀℀开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开开℀㸀 ਀ ਀㰀吀愀戀氀攀 眀椀搀琀栀㴀㄀ ─∀ 䈀漀爀搀攀爀㴀∀ ∀ 挀攀氀氀瀀愀搀搀椀渀最㴀∀ ∀ 挀攀氀氀猀瀀愀挀椀渀最㴀∀㐀∀㸀 ਀㰀琀搀㸀㰀搀椀瘀 猀琀礀氀攀㴀∀洀愀爀最椀渀ⴀ氀攀昀琀㨀 ㄀ 瀀砀㬀∀㸀 ਀㰀昀漀渀琀 猀椀稀攀㴀∀㈀∀ 挀漀氀漀爀㴀∀眀栀椀琀攀∀㸀 This page contains many of the most significant cases in UFO history.

Archived UFO Case Files-UFO Casebook Files

Opinions or theories drawn about these cases are the product of the individual author or organization. 10 More Ancient Alien Mysteries. Mysteries According to many archaeologists, ancient astronaut theorists and main stream scientists, Earth was visited in the past by extra terrestrials with superior knowledge, forever changing the course of human history.

10 More Ancient Alien Mysteries

What if it were all true? Many questions, theories and research has been brought up about this topic. Richard Dolan - 12 Government Documents that Take UFOs Seriously. The Solway Firth Photo, 1964,(Spaceman) UFO Casebook Files. On 24th May 1964, Jim Templeton, a fireman from Carlisle in the North of England, took his young daughter out to the marches overlooking the Solway Firth to take some photographs.

The Solway Firth Photo, 1964,(Spaceman) UFO Casebook Files

Nothing untoward happened, although both he and his wife noticed an unusual aura in the atmosphere. There was a kind of electric charge in the air, though no storm came. Even nearby cows seemed upset by it. Some days later Mr Templeton got his photographs processed by the chemist, who said that it was a pity that the man who had walked past had spoilt the best shot of Elizabeth holding a bunch of flowers. Jim was puzzled. Ovni-600x378.jpg (600×378) STS 75 UFO Depth. Meet EBE, the First Captured Alien. UFO DOCUMETARY I Know What I Saw 2011. UFO mainstream news coverage MASS SIGHTINGS WORLDWIDE what is going on?! Area 51 Front Gate. The road to the front gate is long and dusty, but good enough to travel at the rated speed (45 MPH) most of its length.

Area 51 Front Gate

This view is from route 375 looking down Groom Road. The puffs of smoke are the dust trails from vehicles going down the road. The two most important Alien Messages! [Decoded] I.

The two most important Alien Messages! [Decoded]

The Chilbolton 'Arecibo message' Formation A Paul Vigay (RIP) article - addition... I. Evidence of Aliens? - I Believe in UFOs: Danny Dyer - Highlight - BBC Three.