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Continuous Integration

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Technology Podcast - Fresh Air and Fresh Perspectives for Developers - Continuous Delivery in AAA Games - Sea of Thieves with Rare Games' Jafar Soltani. Rare. News > Staff.


Automated Testing for League of Legends. Hi, I’m Jim ‘Anodoin’ Merrill, and I work on test automation efforts for League of Legends, focused specifically on the in-game experience.

Automated Testing for League of Legends

I currently serve as the tech captain to the Build Verification System Development (BVS-Dev) team. In large part, our team builds tools for automated testing and helps teams write better tests. Layers of Test Automation. Also referred to as the Test Automation Pyramid The intention of this post is to get across the idea that your testing strategy should include many layers of testing.

Layers of Test Automation

Layers of Test Automation. The Forgotten Layer of the Test Automation Pyramid. Even before the ascendancy of agile methodologies like Scrum, we knew we should automate our tests.

The Forgotten Layer of the Test Automation Pyramid

But we didn’t. Automated tests were considered expensive to write and were often written months, or in some cases years, after a feature had been programmed. One reason teams found it difficult to write tests sooner was because they were automating at the wrong level. An effective test automation strategy calls for automating tests at three different levels, as shown in the figure below, which depicts the test automation pyramid. At the base of the test automation pyramid is unit testing. Automated user interface testing is placed at the top of the test automation pyramid because we want to do as little of it as possible. All applications are made up of various services. Thinking Inside the Container. Containers have taken over the world, and I, for one, welcome our new containerized overlords.

Thinking Inside the Container

They do, however, present interesting challenges for me and my fellow Rioters on the Pipeline Engineering team. My name is Maxfield Stewart, and I'm an engineer here at Riot. My team focuses on build pipelines—everything from code check-in to the artifacts we deploy, and sometimes beyond. Software Builds at EA: The 5000' View. A couple of days ago this tweet by John Carmack popped up.

Software Builds at EA: The 5000' View

In case the link ever goes away, he says, "Dealing with all the implicit state in the filesys and environment is probably going to be key to eventually making build systems not suck. " At EA we have spent a lot of time developing build systems that don't suck. They're not perfect but as we develop applications and games targeting platforms from Android to Xbox, plus everything in between, they work incredibly well for us. Framework. Spinroot. [Current Tool Version: 2.13 -- 26 October 2007] See also static.html for an overview of currently available static analyzers.


Uno is a simple tool for source code analysis, written in 2001. It has two main goals: George Dinwiddie's blog » How easy is it for your programmers to fix problems? A programmer, writing some new code, looks into some existing code that she needs to use.

George Dinwiddie's blog » How easy is it for your programmers to fix problems?

Something doesn’t look quite right. DevOps Kata - Single Line of Code - devopsy. Code Kata is an attempt to bring this element of practice to software development.

DevOps Kata - Single Line of Code - devopsy

A kata is an exercise in karate where you repeat a form many, many times, making little improvements in each. The intent behind code kata is similar. Since DevOps is a broad topic, it can be difficult to determine if a team has enough skills and is doing enough knowledge sharing to keep the Bus Factor low. Unit testing part 1 – Unit tests by the book. If you are a developer, I assume you have heard about unit tests.

Unit testing part 1 – Unit tests by the book

Most of you probably even wrote one in your life. But how many of you have ever considered what make a unit test a good unit test? Unit test frameworks are just (fairly) simple runners that invoke a list of methods, one after another. But the code that is actually going to be executed in that method is none of the frameworks concern. What is Jidoka ? Jidoka is a Japanese term used for automation and being widely used in Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Concept is to authorize the machine owner (operator) and in any case if a problem occurs on flow line, operator can stop the flow line.

Ultimately defective pieces will not move to the next station. This concept minimizes the defects, over production and minimizes wastes. Also its focus is to understand the causes of problems and then taking preventive action to reduce them.History of Jidoka is back in early 1900’s, when first loom was stopped due to breakage of thread. Otug mailing list archive for March 99: (OTUG) RE: Incredible XP. Meta Build Systems. This is a story about my search for a hassle-free cross-platform open source (meta-/meta-meta-) build system. For our open source Bullet physics engine, I’ve been distributing the source code in a way that should make it as easy as possible to build out-of-the box. This means that for all supported platforms, the user (a developer who downloaded the Bullet SDK) should be able to download and unzip the zipfile or tarball on his machine, and get started as soon as possible.

It should be hassle-free for the user but also for me, so I rather don’t manual updating too many files for each release. Aside from all the different platforms, we need to also support various compilers, compiler settings and integrated developer environments (IDEs). Common platforms are Windows, Mac OSX, iPhone, Linux as well as PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Here are a couple of build systems and modifications that I tried or considered to try: Visual Studio project files. What is continuous integration (CI)? - Definition from What is continuous integration (CI)? Continuous integration (CI) is a software engineering practice in which isolated changes are immediately tested and reported on when they are added to a larger code base. The goal of CI is to provide rapid feedback so that if a defect is introduced into the code base, it can be identified and corrected as soon as possible.

Continuous integration software tools can be used to automate the testing and build a document trail. Continuous Integration. Pitfalls In Automation. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. Invariably, when we start talking about quality assurance and testing it’s not long before the talk turns to automation. Chrome_Release_Cycle_12_16_2010.