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Moodle Drupal Integration

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Moodle & drupal. Moodle Integration. Integration of the Moodle Learning Management System with Drupal.

Moodle Integration

Drupal 6 Release The Drupal 6 version 2 releases include major functionality changes compared to previous versions. Help. Downloads. Moodle 1.8.3/Drupal 5.6 Integration - Successfull. Hi Friend, I found out some problem to follow your instruction first 1: version problem, so i have changed your like this ; $Id:,v 1.4 2008/09/07 03:39:57 walkah Exp $ name = Moodle description = "Limited iframe and SSO integration with Moodle.

Moodle 1.8.3/Drupal 5.6 Integration - Successfull

" core = 6.x ; Information added by packaging script on 2008-08-19 version = "6.x-1.x-dev" core = "6.x" project = "moodle" datestamp = "1220789337" Second 1: warning: Missing argument 1 for moodle_menu() in /opt/lampp/htdocs/project/drupal/sites/all/modules/moodle/moodle.module on line 17. Moodle Block for Drupal 6.x now with real SSO.