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Hi This pearl is for unique unusual things. Here you will find interesting things you might not find in any of the other pearls. Happy Pearling

All-electric Tron Lightcycle hits the streets. All-Electric Lightcycle (Screenshot from Parker Brothers video) Image Gallery (6 images) Practicality tends to take a back seat when you combine sci-fi cult status with custom chopper building - and there's no room for a pillion passenger on the Lightcycle.

All-electric Tron Lightcycle hits the streets

We first spied Parker Brothers Choppers Lightcycle project last year when it surfaced in gas-powered form, now the company has released video of a fully-electric version of the neon-packing two-wheeler in action. The electric motor may be quieter, but this one's still guaranteed to turn heads. View all The Lightcycle is based on the conveyance from 2010's Tron: Legacy and in its latest real-world form it has undergone extensive body reworking as well as getting a 96 volt electric motor and lithium ion battery pack. There's no word yet on pricing or availability of All Electric Lightcycle, but the Suzuki V-twin driven model is still being sold through Hammacher Schlemmer for an asking price of US$55K.

Source: Parker Brothers Choppers. Lawless Rocket electric drag bike does quarter mile in 6.94 seconds, breaks 200 mph speed barrier. The Lawless Electric Rocket drag bike recently achieved a National Electric Drag Racing Association record run of 6.94 seconds at 201.37 mph over a quarter mile from a standing start Image Gallery (11 images) Top motorcycle drag racer Larry "Spiderman" McBride has entered the record books once again by piloting the Lawless Electric Rocket to a National Electric Drag Racing Association record run of 6.94 seconds at 201.37 mph (324 km/h) over a quarter mile (402 meters) from a standing start.

Lawless Rocket electric drag bike does quarter mile in 6.94 seconds, breaks 200 mph speed barrier

While the electric drag bike looks monstrous when posing for the cameras, it's simply jaw-dropping when on the move – as you can see from the video after the jump. View all It's not the first time that the Rocket has broken records at the Virginia Motorsports Park near Petersburg, VA. Shawn Lawless told us that the ultimate goal is to get under six seconds and over 255 mph (410 km/h).

Source: NEDRA. Trippy $#*! to Blow Your Mind. Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter? 2012. Hitchcock's Definition of Happiness. Newton's Pendulum - The Spangler Effect Season 01 Episode 04. Aliens exist says buzz aldrin. The wonderful and amazing stuff. Luxurious Air Conditioned MonoTracer Bike 250 kph Speed. Peraves MonoTracer. Unknown Choppers- Frantom-E and Frantom-R enclosed motorcycle concepts.

Orbitwheel Instructions.

Looks interesting. Though some people give this a bad review. I would wonder about durability of the device.If you decide to try them make shure you get them from a place where you can return them for the almost $80 bucks it takes to buy them if you find them unsuitable, or just don't like them. – timepeaces

Hover Board. How to Turn a Sphere Inside Out. Sphere Inside out Part - I. Sphere Inside out Part - II. The Klein Bottle. The Adventures of the Klein Bottle. Some appreciation for Klein Bottles. Round Klein Bottle (Small) Acme Klein Bottle. Acme's Wine Bottle Klein Bottle. Acme's Wine Bottle Klein Bottle After 5 years of experimentation, I'm delighted to offer the Acme Klein Bottle Wine Bottle.

Acme's Wine Bottle Klein Bottle

Yes, you can store wine in it, and pour wine into and out of it. But no, it's not very practical as a wine carafe. The chimerical Wine Bottle Klein Bottle is now reality! As impractical as it is elegant. The Wine Bottle Klein Bottle is difficult to fill with wine, because of vapor-lock. I've made the Wine Bottle Klein Bottle in two different shapes. Not only are these difficult to fill and empty, but cleaning them is a real challenge. I've designed these to balance with or without contents. Again, these are about the most impractical Wine Bottle / Caraffes ever made. Photo below shows the short-handled variety: The short handled Wine Bottle Klein Bottle below: notice the handworked glass pouring spout!