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Watch Dogs WeAreData. Ubisoft Launches We are Data Website for Watch Dogs - Watch Dogs. By Stephanie Tang Life is like a video game...

Ubisoft Launches We are Data Website for Watch Dogs - Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s upcoming action-adventure stealth sandbox set for release on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. Set in alternate reality Chicago, Illinois, the player controls Aidan Pearce (voiced by Noam Jenkins) who can hack into electronic devices linked to the city’s central operating system (CtOS). In the game universe, the Northeast blackout of 2003 was caused by a hacker, which prompted the development of CtOS. This system illustrates the concept of the inter-connectivity of data and the world’s increasing reliance on technology by controlling almost every piece of technology in the city and containing information on all citizens.

To help illustrate their point and drive it home, Ubisoft launched a website, Watch Dog’s We are Data, showing us exactly how different the Watch Dogs universe is to ours. Not very different after all. Watch Dogs now has a hyper-connected experiential website called WeareData. Watch Dogs has a new experiential website available called WeareData which was designed to “gather and graph the publicly available data that govern people’s lives in a single location.”

Watch Dogs now has a hyper-connected experiential website called WeareData

WeareData is initially available for the cities of Berlin, London and Paris, and like the game itself, information is at the heart of WeareData. “With WeareData, visitors will discover that much of the hyper-connected world imagined in Watch Dogs already is a reality, and that everything and everyone is truly connected,” reads the description. Watch Dogs WeAreData website lets you creep. Watch Dogs website maps your unprotected social data. WeareData -- a promotional website for Ubisoft's Watch Dogs game -- gathers urban and unprotected personal information to create an interactive real-time map of European cities.

Watch Dogs website maps your unprotected social data

Offering detailed data on London, Paris and Berlin the site pulls up a 3D map which can be investigated as it continually pulls fresh information from publicly available sources such as unprotected social media accounts. The game's fictitious version of Chicago is a fully realised smart city run by an overbearing Central Operating System (CTOS) that uses data to control the city and manage potential problems like traffic, crime and power distribution. Watch_Dogs WeAreData. Watch Dogs - Digital Shadow. H_ide by Watch_Dogs. Watchdogs Watchdogs With H_IDE by WATCH_DOGS, disappear from the network.

H_ide by Watch_Dogs

_Download the app © 2014 Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. BETC Paris and Ubisoft launch WeareData, a hyper-connected experiential website - Campaign Brief UK. 'Digital Shadow' Exposes Exactly How Much Facebook Knows About You. In the upcoming video game, Watch Dogs, you play a criminal hacker who exploits a city-wide surveillance network to "inflict your own brand of justice.

'Digital Shadow' Exposes Exactly How Much Facebook Knows About You

" And to show that maybe this futuristic tech nightmare is closer than you might realize, Ubisoft (the game's maker) created a promotion called Digital Shadow, that's actually one of the best ways to determine exactly what you are sharing online right now. Creepy New Website Shows Just How Much Facebook Knows About You. WeareData Making Of [UK] Startup Datacoup Will Pay You $8 a Month If Your Feed It Data from Facebook, Twitter, and Your Credit Card. A startup called Datacoup is far from the only tech company hoping to get rich by selling insights mined from your personal data.

Startup Datacoup Will Pay You $8 a Month If Your Feed It Data from Facebook, Twitter, and Your Credit Card

But it may be the only one offering to give you money for that information. Datacoup is running a beta trial in which people get $8 a month in return for access to a combination of their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, and the feed of transactions from a credit or debit card. The New York City-based startup plans to make money by charging companies for access to trends found in that information, after it has been removed of personally identifying details. Most people already trade their personal data every day. By typing into Google’s search box, or using a grocery store loyalty card, they get a free service or discount in return for letting marketers glean prized traces of their behavior. Hogan says that almost 1,500 people have signed up during the beta trial, and that within a few months the service will be open to everyone. The New Gold Mine: Your Personal Information & Tracking Data Online - WSJ. Tools To Measure And Visualise Digital Footprints.

Here are some tools to capture and visualise digital activity.

Tools To Measure And Visualise Digital Footprints

With some tips and thoughts around how to use them. I’m often asked to research and analyse digital activity for business owners who want to know how: their brand is perceived on the social web – Who’s saying what, where and whyto create a social media report frameworkto benchmark against the competition. What’s working for them, what’s not … and more. It’s AMAZING what you can find out with some VERY simple to use free tools. The cloud conundrum: who actually owns your data? Think about your online activity over the last week.

The cloud conundrum: who actually owns your data?

Chances are you sent a few emails via Gmail, moved some new family photos to an online storage service, perhaps creates some new posts for your blog, and updated your Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Add to this the fact that your online data could be stored in several different countries, and it becomes impossible to state that you own all the data you have created. Dino Wilkinson, a partner with international legal practice Norton Rose Fulbright told TechRadar: "Under English law, there are no property rights in data as such – although this has not necessarily prevented individuals and businesses from treating data as property. Brian Grimmer Founder & CEO Present Group.

“Every great and just struggle you care to mention, has been necessitated in order to address a wholesale abuse of power.”

Brian Grimmer Founder & CEO Present Group

For years I have considered the interrelationship between power and strength. We so often hear the term ‘an abuse of power’ but never have I heard the term ‘an abuse of strength’ before. In recent history, one of the most visual and striking examples of these two forces of nature facing off against one another, was the instance of “Tank Man”. When a lone figure in Beijing, temporarily stopped the advance of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, in what is widely considered one of the iconic images of the 20th century.

Tiananmen Square – Power Meets Strength The anonymous man who stood in front of a column of tanks that morning after the Chinese military had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests by force, achieved widespread international recognition.