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10 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Contest [Infographic] — Ad Squad. Facebook contests are a fantastic way to promote your business online.

10 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Contest [Infographic] — Ad Squad

Whether a fan wins or not, all of your fans will be happy with you and your brand because you gave them the opportunity to become winners and made them feel special. Happy fans are also likely to come back to your page in the future and share their positive experiences with friends, family and others in their many online and offline social networks. Every free word-of-mouth referral represents a level of success that many business owners simply can’t duplicate with traditional brand awareness campaigns. Even offline promotional events aren’t always as successful since they can be intrusive or interfere too drastically with fan schedules. 5 Tactics for Getting More Likes on Facebook - AddThis Academy. Remember the phrase in high school, “It’s not a popularity contest”?

5 Tactics for Getting More Likes on Facebook - AddThis Academy

Well, when it comes to marketing your product on social media, it actually is. Brand awareness and brand loyalty have a strong positive association with purchase intention. In fact, 53% of Americans who follow 12 or more brands on social media tend to stay more loyal to those brands. Therefore, getting more likes on Facebook correlates to your customer acquisition and retention.

And here’s the kicker—it’s not just about getting likes on your Facebook page. Getting more likes on your posts actually increases the number of people who will see them. Affinity score measures how connected someone is to your page—in other words, how often are they interacting with your page and the content you post.Edge weight is how popular the specific post is overall (measured off of the aggregate amount of likes, comments and shares).Time decay is based on how old the post is. 1. Infographic: Facebook Page Checklist for Page Admins. Regularly reviewing or “auditing” your Facebook page is an important part of successful social media marketing.

Infographic: Facebook Page Checklist for Page Admins

11 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Facts You Don't Already Know. Over 1.5 billion people regularly use Facebook.

11 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Facts You Don't Already Know

And as the social network has grown, the rate at which Facebook shares news, and releases new features and products has accelerated. It can be a little hard to keep up sometimes. With this in mind, I’d love to share 11 Facebook tips, tricks, and facts with you. This post will give you plenty of great stuff to help you get the most out of and better understand Facebook. From why you get shown certain ads and which types of posts get the most engagement, to how closely connected you everyone else on the planet and much, much more. Let’s go! 1. Have you ever seen a random ad appear in your timeline and wondered why Facebook is showing it to you? It probably has something to do with your Advert Preferences – a selection of topics Facebook believes you’re interested in based on your profile, Pages you like or engage with, ads you click on and apps and websites you use. Then select Adverts, and click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Ads based on my preferences’: 2.

11 Facebook Tips, Tricks and Facts You Don't Already Know. 13 Killer Facebook Contest Ideas. Your Facebook Page: 11 Key Tips to Increase Engagement + Following. A fantastic Facebook Page will funnel in new customers, drive sales, and become an important asset to a business.

Your Facebook Page: 11 Key Tips to Increase Engagement + Following

When done correctly, it'll bolster your brand, help your SEO, and expand your target audience reach. Your Page needs more followers, right? Followers who are better engaged with your posts? Of course, that’s the idea. User incentive for content interaction requires a mix of creative magic and strategic messaging.

Let’s jumpstart that creative energy of yours. These 11 essential tips, paired with some useful examples and screenshots, will put your goals within much easier reach: 11) Directly Incite User Activity Ask unique, interesting questions and people will often respond. You need people to interact with your posts, so ask them to via a status update, but it make it fun and worthwhile. A working formula I’ve observed in many Pages is the “do A or do B” proposal. The question should preferably relate to your company.

Here’s another great one: Adlibs. 10) Sweepstakes & Contests. 17 Tips for Successful Facebook Contests : Social Media Examiner. 6 Facebook Photo Contests You Can Copy. Photo contests are a brilliant way to engage your fans on Facebook and grow your email list.

6 Facebook Photo Contests You Can Copy

Using Heyo’s photo contest template, it’s never been easier to create beautiful, mobile-optimized photo contests with absolutely NO coding necessary. Read on to see 6 photo contests you can copy today! 1. One Man One Man received 104,962 free impressions and 454 entries through their photo contest. One Dad is celebrating Fathers Day in New Zealand with a photo contest where the winner will get featured on the One Man home page. Link to live campaign: (if the contest has ended, we also included screenshots below). 2. 122,000 impressions and 116 entries from couples looking to win a wedding in Jamaica.