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La Villa Albertine dévoile ses 80 premiers résidents. Sharing Debugger. Facebook Image Recognition - What Facebook Can See In Photographs. Social Roulette. Facebook Time Machine: How Much Time Have You Wasted? Facebook will celebrate its 10th birthday next week.

Facebook Time Machine: How Much Time Have You Wasted?

Created in a dorm room by Mark Zuckerberg and a few friends, came to life on Feb. 4, 2004. In its decade of existence, the social network has attracted 1.1 billion users, and all their pokes, wall posts, baby photos and engagement announcements add up to a whole lot of time. Use TIME’s calculator to see just how many days of your life have been lost to this ten-year-old. Methodology Facebook doesn’t publicize data on exactly how often a user logs in, though you can bet that they’ve got that information. Manage your likes. Fonicle - Make a Book of your Facebook Updates - Facebook Journal.

How to Delete All Facebook Messages In One Click [Quicktip] Deleting messages on Facebook is not as easy as deleting your email, as Facebook intends to keep your conversation history in Messages and Facebook Chat intact. To delete messages on Facebook, you will need to open the individual message, go to options and start selecting the message you want to delete. If you have many messages, the process can be very time-consuming. Otherwise, you can simply remove the messages from the message list, but doing this will not remove the message permanently. Instead it will be archived, and will reappear when the person sends you a new message. Here’s where we bring in some help i.e.

Friendsheet. 40+ Apps & Tools To Customize Your Facebook Pages. Facebook now has over 800 million active users around the world.

40+ Apps & Tools To Customize Your Facebook Pages

If it were a country, it would be the third largest in the world (right behind China and India), and more than twice the size of the United States. So it’s pretty much vital for anyone trying to promote a product, service, event, or cause to create a Facebook page. While other social networks (Google+ among them) are making gains, Facebook is still the largest and most popular out there, and that’s unlikely to change in the immediate future (and besides, Google+ doesn’t even allow brand pages yet). One of the biggest mistakes brands make when creating Facebook pages is to just use the default tabs and default content.

They post nothing but self-promotional updates and have no realy ways of interacting with their fans. The answer to this common problem is to make use of all the custom content applications and tabs available for Facebook pages. More related posts: Customizable Tabs First Impression. Iframe apps provide a solution to add custom tabs on facebook fan page. OpenGraph et Likemastr. L’existence d’une marque, sur le web et dans l’imagination de ses clients, ne se réduit pas à son nom et son logo.

OpenGraph et Likemastr

Pourquoi alors les marques devraient-elles ne capter et n’adresser des communautés que sous ce nom global, via leur Page Facebook ? Le bouton “J’aime” introduit par Facebook permet de faire de chaque url un objet social que les visiteurs vont pouvoir partager sur leur Mur et de la part de qui ils pourront recevoir des publications dans leur fil d’actualité facebook. Likemastr permet de gérer, manuellement via un back-office en ligne, ou programmatiquement via des APIs, un vaste univers d’objets sociaux (pensez, tous les produits en vente sur En particulier : Publier vers un objet donné ou un groupe d’objets réunis par un même “tag”. Identifier sur une période donnée et dans un groupe donné les objets ayant reçu le plus de nouveaux “j’aime”. Contactez-nous pour que nous travaillions ensemble sur la définition stratégique et le déploiement technique de votre ADN social. Applications Facebook pour vos Pages.

PostPlanner - Schedule Facebook posts without leaving Facebook. Hyper Alerts - The best way to get email alerts. Momentus Media's Community Health Score. Fanpage Karma: Monitor Facebook Marketing - Statistics & Reports Tool. Analyze your Facebook page. Pages Analyzer par Mediaventilo, bien plus que Facebook insights pour les community manager. ─ The Tool for Google+ Statistics - Get your Free Analysis & see the most popular people at Google+ Test CircleCount PRO now! ─ The Tool for Google+ Statistics - Get your Free Analysis & see the most popular people at Google+

NEW: Get Your Facebook Analysis Please give us your permission In the following screen you will be asked to give us the permission to know who you are. You have additional two points which you can define: Show on your profile on Google+ that you are using Tell us who is in your circles (we will get to know only the profiles but not the names of your circles). With your permission you have the chance to use our additional features as listed below, without any costs. Your Profile Open your profile page at and check what everyone can find out about you here. Dashboard In your dashboard you will find your very own statistics and for example find out when to post in Google+ to get the most comments, +1's or reshares.

Settings Check your settings so that your statistics in the dashboard are shown correctly. Custom Ranking.